BREAKING: Pictures of The FBI’s New Glock 17M 9mm Finally Revealed!


Early in 2016 it was reported that the FBI awarded Glock an $85 million contract for new handguns as part of its switch back to the 9mm platform that we reported on earlier.

While many thought Sig Sauer had this one all but in the bag with their popular and highly modular P320, the award went (somewhat surprisingly) to Glock.

That’s because none of the current Glock handguns met the FBI’s solicitation requirements. One of the bigger clues about this was the requirement “Finger grooves on the frame are not permitted“, which counts out a standard Generation 4 Glock.


Turns out Glock is making a special handgun to fulfill this contract, it won’t be the Gen 5 Glock, it’s designated “M”.

Pictures from Todd J at Primary and Secondary Forum

As Soldier Systems reports:

Primary and Secondary forum member Todd J has released this info on the G17M from his new equipment training. Indianapolis Police will be the first department to roll out the G17M which was designed specifically for the FBI contract. It is important to note that the upcoming Gen 5 will not have all of these features.

“Currently at our handgun in-service, and the 17M info has been released to the guys here, so I feel comfortable putting it out here.
Changes are:
1. New, “tougher” finish
2. Different rifling
3. Longer RSA
4. Reinforced front RSA notch
5. Smoother trigger (similar to G42/G43)
6. Flared magwell
7. Removed finger grooves
8. Safety plunger is oblong/rectangular instead of round
9. Ambi slide release
10. Magazine well cut out
11. Magazines have a slightly extended front lip.”

This image was posted to the Internet by another member of IPD.”

glock1Pictures from The Firearm Blog

The Firearm Blog had even more pictures …

glock7 glock6 glock5 glock4 glock3 glock2

The Military Arms Channel Pictures

And The Military Arms Channel Facebook page had even more pictures …

glock-17-M-mmac-5 glock-17-M-mmac-4 glock-17-M-mmac-s3 glock-17-M-mmac2 glock-17-m-MAC1

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Glock?

What do you think?

I think it’s pretty cool …

I know a lot of people hate the “finger grooves” on the Gen 4 but like the texture … seems like the texture + no finger grooves was a step in the right direction.

The ambidextrous slide release I’m sure will be helpful for left-handed people.

Glock already registered their Gen 5 trademarks so I’m sure the next gen Glock is in the works, but wonder how much of this will make it to the Gen 5?

The flared magazine — like a magwell to help with easier reloads — is pretty cool too.

What do you think?

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    • seems a lot of things can be brought about through the clinton foundation! i`d personally rather have a sig, but i`d rather have a gun made in U.S.A.

      • I’m not sure what the Clinton foundation comments are all about? FBI has been using Glock handguns since the 1990’s … in fact, approximately 65% of all Police Departments in the U.S. issue Glocks. This is nothing new. The only thing new is the new type of Glock that they are making specifically for the new $85 million FBI contract. The only real American-made competitor is the S&W M&P line …

        • BUY American. If the FBI has to have a specially designed pistol, put it out to bid or make do with what’s available currently on the market by US manufacturers. Let’s face facts, the FBI is an investigating agency, not a street law enforcement agency. The only time they show up is after a bank robbery. I know, I worked the street.

          • Glock has a georgia factory, so a good portion of it’s profits/jobs/etc are here in the U.S.

  1. With all the great gun manufacturers that we have in America, the FBI has to pitch an $85 million contract to Austria? I’ve owned Glocks and thought they were fine firearms, but in this case – tell me it ain’t so!

    • This is what we get with democrats in control. No wonder all the jobs have gone overseas. TRUMP will change that very fast. Sigs are better guns and are made in the USA.

  2. This is so sad. We just give our money to Iran, now to Austria plus too many other things for me to write through my tears. I’ll bet with an objective evaluation, the Sig was a better gun and not nearly so dangerous to the officers.

  3. Glad to see they got away from polygonal rifling. Would preferred the Glock 34, Practical Tactical if I were in the FBI. Not clear on the removal of finger grooves. Maybe they caused problems for people with smaller than average hands? Now what ammunition will they be feeding this Glock 17? I think I would go with a 147 grain +P hollow point.

  4. Well it wouldn’t be my choice as the grip seems long to me. But I don’t get mine free either.

  5. I wonder why they are not buying American made. They always say buy American. Whats up with that. Must be which manufacturers give the biggest kick back. 85 million dollar contract and we take it overseas. Wonderful.

    • As I understand, Glock has manufacturing facilities in this country, correct?? Given that, why the fuss. I think, more interesting, if correct, is Glock going to “conventional” rifling.

  6. I have the gen 4 Lipsey Mdl also glock 21 gen 4 Trooper Mdl What is the Number on the. Rifleing And how long is the Grip. Flared is good .Thicker barrel?Crowned would be good.Amidextrous good.I know the under cut on the trigger guard on gen 4 pressures my index finger when off the trigger Will have it trimmed

  7. What the difference with the rifling is what I want to know second funny it’s and over seas contract do we not make god guns here in America

  8. Amazing. When some of the best firearms are made in the US we send our business elsewhere. I am chief LEO and the total department has 212 officers. We keep track of any firearm problems that occur during qualifications and our practice situations. Using S&W MP40 I can count on one hand the problems we have had in the last five years and they easily could be attributed to an ammo problem or magazine problem. What happened to buy to buy American ? Pisses me off.

  9. The Obama Administration is trying to do away with all businesses in America and take everything overseas. They don’t buy anything American unless it is owned by an elite Marxist globalist crony.

      • I’ve had a .40 Cal Glock 23 for around 30 years and have put many hundreds of rounds through it. Never had one malfunction or misfire and every time my P.D. went to the range I fired Expert! I wear a Distinguished Pistol Expert badge on my Uniform. Much preferred to the Colt .38 I first had followed by a S&W .357 and then both a Glock 17 and a Glock 19. Some are now Manufactured in Georgia too.

  10. Yes, M&P or new Ruger American, looks like some politics as usual going on. Springfield XD’s are also great but made in Croatia, oh well! Ruger American has great reviews, I wonder if they were even in the race!

  11. An Ambi-slide release but not an Ambi-mag release. What’s up with that? The mag release gets used every single mag change. The slide release doesn’t have to be.

  12. M & P Shield, had to believe. What the hell’s wrong with a Sig?, S & W? Shame on the FBI!!!!

  13. Have had a Glock 17 9MM for a couple of years and I love the way it handles. Nothing compares.

  14. What in the hell is this country coming to , why are we not buying American brand products , I thought the government would be buying here at home, just shows you how bad it is ,this country is going to shit quick !!! Hell, I buy American products, like a good American should !!!

  15. that’s one ugly piece of crap…s&w mp9s,the full size rugers,again,just as effective,if not more…etc…what i see here is more political bullchips…the kickback must have been some reward to some democrap…believe it!!!

  16. 90 percent of the reason that Glocks were selected was cost. Sig makes an excellent product but at a higher price. Having served as a police officer and making out budgets on a yearly basis I can tell you that price played a very important part in this decision. The FBI is no different than any other law enforcement agency in regards to costs.

  17. I wonder if there are any plans to make this model available on the retail side? LE should not have a monopoly on this weapon if it’s a better weapon.

  18. Uper reciever and spring assembly just like shield 40 with longer slide to slow action but no reports about accuracy in tight or distance shots to 25 yards. 1st round out with what follow up if life depends on it?

  19. Hillary said Trump was like Hitler but Obama and Hillery both are trying to do exactly what Hitler did in World war 2 take the guns away…..

  20. Interesting they’re going away from the hexagonal barrel. The hex barrels don’t wear out nearly as fast as traditional rifling. Glock will make more money from barrel replacements after they shoot the billions of rounds of ammo the government has purchased.

  21. I have many Glocks just a good service weapon. And not the best on the market. Always had one flaw: no amby.
    mag release. As usual it’s about politics.

    • I have owned a Ruger decocker since 1986. I have put several thousands of rounds through it. It is the most reliable handgun I own .I have a glock smith taures and colt. . I will always keep old reliable P95 ruger.

  22. I sold all of my inventory years ago when I became disabled from an on the job accident. I had to keep my family fed. Now, years later, not having the means, my first choice would be the Glock 17. I’ve held it at gunshops in comparisons to other handguns and find the it fits my grip like they were designed for each other. Possibly the day will come before the necessity to defend my family and myself that I will have enough funds to own one.

    May G-d Bless you responsible gun owners with the pleasure and thankfulness of heart one has as a owner of firearms in our diminishingly free Republic.

    Robert Casey…Shalom

  23. I still don’t like Glocks they are ugly pistols. I’ll take a Ruger or Taurus over Glock any day or even S&W.

  24. The S&W M&P would be my choice. The firearm is very reliable, easy to function, very accurate, and made in the USA. Why do I think S&W should have been the FBI’s firearm? I have one ,and it has never malfunctioned. What more could anyone want.

  25. There are several companies that are good and as competitive as Glock so why send our monies abroad when our guns here are just as good? It is just like our flacky Govt. and FBI to not buy American. Dumb as they and dumb as the come. Ask Hillary she should know.

  26. Glocks for the US market are made in Smyrna, Georgia. So manufacturing will be in the US. This is just another instance of “US owned companies” pricing themselves out of a contract. Sigs are pretty, but pretty isn’t a factor when you are rolling in the mud and have to pull your weapon and shoot someone.

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