An Amazing Twist For a Man Who was Fired for Bringing a Gun to Work…


Man brings a legal firearm to work, leaves it locked up in his car, goes into workTrigger lock … and is promptly fired by his boss.

We are not sure how his employer found out about this gun, or what they were thinking when they fired him.

Here’s the scoop from The Right to Bear:


… most Americans believe a gun at work is a sign of an unstable person who’ll soon go postal and “will kill everyone.”

That’s more or less what happened to a Mississippi man who was fired for keeping a legally owned gun in his locked car on company property.

When it was discovered he had the gun on the property he was fired for owning the gun. Shortly thereafter the rest of the staff were notified about the termination and were told to report on him if they saw him on the property again.

But then, in an amazing twist of fate, the man sued his former employer, and won…

A unanimous three-judge panel found on Monday that a Mississippi man could sue his former employer after being fired for keeping a gun in a locked vehicle on the job site.

Read the whole story here.

So even if you are a responsible gun owner who has no intention of “going postal” like these “nervous nellie” liberals might think … watch your back if you bring your legal firearm to work.

Hopefully, you’ll be as fortunate as this man was if this happens to you.



  1. Good for this guy and his right to carry……I hope all over the country there is a way to retain your rights by use of the court and be compensated for being discriminated against…..

  2. I’m pleased to hear that this gentleman won his lawsuit, but I wonder about his job. I for one would NOT go back to work for anyone who held the particular idea about weapons that his former boss held. Even if he did get his old job back after a ruling by the court that the firing was unlawful, life would be hell for him on that job. I hope he was sufficiently heeled so that he could go to another job without losing salary or losing large amounts of time. He may have won the suit, but his former boss probably achieved his goal.

    • Sometimes, the difference in quitting and being fired is considerable. I once worked for a sheriff’s office, and a sergeant was fired on a ridiculous charge. He sued the department for wrongful termination and won. The court ordered the department to reinstate him at the same level and pay him the back pay he had lost while the suit was in process. As soon as he was reinstated, he gave his notice, and went through the separation process. He no longer was branded as one who had been fired for cause, had a fairly hefty amount of cash, and found another law enforcement job immediately. To me, just the clearing of the wrongful termination would have been sufficient, but I understood what he had been put through.

  3. Well was he islamic ? Was he a muslem ? Was he on a FBI WATCH LIST ? Did the employer even call the FBI ? Because if not he’s a normal citizen trying to protect himself from all of the above in a stupid gun free zone ,especially the FBI that are obviously not doing their job after the Orlando 53 people incident all killed in a gun free zone ! I’m not finished was he military ? Was he trained in work place violence as a first responder ? Whats his range score ? This employer might need to know all these things for his own safety one day ! I pray he don’t ! Working in such a gun free zone ,to me is tempting God ! I wouldn’t work there in the first place ! All gun free zones are now soft targets for the moola cowards in case this stupid employer doesn’t know ! Where’s the employees safety plan for such an incident ?? Morons we are at war with a cowards that stritigcly picked soft gun free zone targets ! WHERES THE PLAN ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hear guns, guns all the time. When guns deaths are a piker in comparisons to the FDA/Pharmaceutical Payola approved high profit poison drugs that murder over 100,000 people each year and not cure anything. You will never hear about that fact for the scum of the earth the Politicians, Corrupt Bureaucrats and the worse of all the lowest form of life the News Media People for they will not allow the people to know. Why? Payola from the Pharmaceuticals that grease the corrupt Politicians, Bureaucrats and the so called news people palms. How many more murders from these Poison Drugs for great profit are we going to take??? Wake of people it is up to you to call them out for what they are. Scum bags and the lowest form of life on the Planet. I am 87 and refused over and over again the unnecessary prescribed drugs each time I visit a Doctor. When something is prescribed I do my research and found in all cases the drug does noting by murder. I go for the Holistic and found it to cure my problems with out the deadly high profit poison drugs so that the Pharmaceuticals bosses can make lots of profit and grease the palms of your so called representatives. So have a good day swallow your poisons and stay stupid. Chef Robert here in the what is left of the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico after we have been sold out by the most evil the Politicians.

  5. My first question is, did he “share” with his fellow employees that he had a gun in his car? Question #2 was it in plain sight? If either answer is affirmative, it is “too bad/so sad”! There would be no good reason to share that information with anyone at work, not even a “Best Bud”. As a gun owner, he has an obligation to ensure that the weapon is well secured and not visible, so as to avoid just such an issue as he encountered.

  6. Why bring a gun to work and leave it in the car? It is useless there. But I understand why a boss might be nervous. Many bosses today are nervous about some disgruntled employee going off the deep end. and I was in the company cafeteria once when the police opened fire on a criminal outside our doors. we had to duck and run for safety. All were safe.

  7. My take on this issue is, 1. did he have the weapon secured and out of sight? 2. Did he “share” with anyone that he had a weapon in his car? Over the years I have learned that one cannot be too careful about sharing such “information” with a co-worker, “Best Bud” or not. If anyone in that company was looking for that illusive promotion or raise, you can bet that all bets are off! if he was careless enough to have it in plain sight, then it is “too bad, so sad”! He is very fortunate to have prevailed in the courts. Lesson learned!

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