The Scariest Doomsday Prepping Manual EVER


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-2-41-06-pmThe government of Lithuania just released another manual to prep it’s citizens for a Russian invasion. No, this isn’t paranoia from watching the movie Red Dawn too many times, it’s for real. Lithuania has been invaded by the Reds before, they want to prepare every citizen to wage brutal resistance in the event of invasion.

Check this out, from CNN: (photos are screen shots from the manual) 

[quote_box_center]It is the third time the Lithuanian government has distributed a handbook of this type to its citizens since the Russian annexation of Crimea.
The last one, published in December 2015, was entitled “Prepare to survive emergencies and war: a cheerful take on serious recommendations.”
It included cartoons of a family with a cat and noted that “while no country is immune to adversities of any nature” it is important not to panic if there is an emergency.
There is nothing cheerful about the latest edition, which details how Lithuanians should spy and inform on the enemy if Russia succeeds in occupying part of the country.
There are also detailed images of Russian-made tanks, grenades, mines and guns and instructions on how to recognize different types. Further instructions cover first aid and surviving in the wild.
There will be 30,000 copies available in schools and libraries and it will also be published online.[/quote_box_center]
Their is almost no way that a tiny nation like Lithuania could defend itself from Russia. It’s greatest deterrent is to convince the Russians that they will never accept occupation. They want Russia to think that occupation will look like Vietnam or Afghanistan not Crimea.
In the spirit of the Minutemen the good people of Poland are joining militias to deter Russian invasion and occupation.

The all-volunteer Rifleman’s Associations are responding to Russia’s build-up by providing military training to regular Polish citizens, not unlike the famous Minuteman militias did during the American Revolution. In effect, the associations are the Polish Minutemen.

Marta Adamczewska, a 20-year-old student joined one of the militias out of a shared sense of concern for her country. She is currently trying out for the elite Riflemen’s Special Forces group. Adamczewska and her fellow militia members spend their weekends engaging in full-scale military training, ranging from standard physical training to mock missions in dark underground tunnels.

“Three quarters of our society are worried about what Russia is doing in Crimea and Ukraine, it’s not just me,” Adamczewska told CNN.

The harder these guys train, the less likely it is that they will ever need to use their training. Putin knows he could easily take over either of these countries, but it would be tough to maintain civil control if everyday citizens fight to the death in resistance.
The traditional militia isn’t antiquated after all. It is currently serving as a strong deterrent to Russian expansionism and aggression.




  1. Our problem is if you do the same thing here, you will be deemed a domestic terrorist by the America hating marxists in charge. Otherwise, they would promote civil defense preparedness like in the 50’s. But — we would also not have 10’s of thousands of muslim-jihadists inside our borders either. We would not have millions of illegals, criminals, drug cartel, sex trade operators either. We would not have ass wipes like obozo or hiterly STATING they could stage an event and blame Russia and start WWIII. It is these traitors who make this sort of training and prepping necessary.

  2. In the 1950’s the county would have mock invasions with mock injuries. The judges the police and firemen took part along with the students of the area schools. The battles were as factual as possible. The people who did not take an active part still were made aware of the training and knew where to go for help. America is facing the problem of instant danger today with ISIS running in all parts of America. I feel there should be a county wide program to allow the citizens to see what the counties have to offer.

  3. Isn’t it a shame that the gun grabbers and liberals don’t appreciate the idea of a militia. But then, the idea of resisting oppressive government is NOT what those who intend to be oppressive would like, would they.?

  4. As a veteran and an OATH KEEPER leader, our #1 goal is to “Reach(the general public), Teach(arms training, civil defense, prepping), Inspire”(our populace to stand up to our Tyrannical, out of control government). American gun owning public are the “new” minutemen for America! We teach INTEL gathering, counter-insurgency training,(yes! counter insurgency training! We never know when Obama will unleash the UN troops on US soil). SECURITY techniques, a 3 pronged approach to COMMUNICATIONS, MEDICAL, FIRST-AID training, ESCAPE and EVASION tactics, and many other things to help people “SURVIVE” when the SHTF! We are NOT anti-government, we ARE for government Accountability and limited government! and most importantly, we are believers in the rights of the people to control our own lives, homes, property, and government agencies-we are veteran’s, police, firefighters, ems, soldier’s, and housewives that love our country and are willing to give our lives to protect our AMERICA!

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