Black Eye Witness DESTROYS Buffalo Shooter Narrative [Video]


You don’t have to be paying much attention to recognize that the legacy media’s narrative about mass shootings tends to go completely one way.

The first part of their standard narrative is that guns are to blame for all gun violence. Not the person pulling the trigger. Guns. Period.

Second, that narrative says that all pro-gun people in the U.S. are white males who are racists. That the shooter in the recent Buffalo, New York mass shooting was a white racist seems to make this shooting fall completely into the the legacy media’s twisted idea of who commits gun crimes.


But an African-American man who was an eyewitness of the shooting absolutely takes apart the legacy media’s narrative about guns and gun violence. You can see that short statement which does so much damage to the media’s narrative in the video below which is queued up to that man’s statement (the 1:05 mark in the video).

Did you catch that? Mr. Lewis (the eyewitness) said, “It’s not the gun. It’s the person with the gun who don’t know how to act.”

Mr. Lewis is right on the money with that comment, and, as Colion Noir notes in the video, you have to wonder, if the legacy media were actually reporting news and were being honest, why aren’t they also reporting that comment from Mr. Lewis?

The rest of this video is worth watching, too, as it is another black man, Colion Noir, absolutely taking apart gun control arguments piece-by-piece covering things such as that the Buffalo shooter chose his shooting location partly because gun laws in the State of New York make it very unlikely that he would encounter armed resistance.

Sadly, the shooter was right about that. There was almost no armed resistance to the shooter, but if there had been, do you think that this would have been a mass shooting that we would have heard about? Probably not because the number of people injured and/or killed would have been much less.

The legacy media doesn’t like to report those shootings nearly as much because a lower death count makes it more difficult to pull the irrational knee-jerk reactions out of anti-2A folks, and those irrational, knee-jerk reactions are what they are counting on using to eventually push a complete gun ban for private citizens in the U.S.



  1. Truth is abhorrent to socialist liberals. They seek to keep people in a state of fear in order to better facilitate their globalist agenda. The same tactic is applied to the bugaboo categories of global warming, the population bomb, peak oil, racism, homosexual grooming, economic status, and any number of other subjects that the left utilizes to divide, subdivide, and isolate factions of society.
    Guns are power. They hate those who have the power to resist their depredations. What do the minions of antifa do when confronted with armed citizens? They call for cops to protect them.

  2. Your are absolutely correct!
    If you don’t have the ability to protect yourself and others wherever you go…then, we will become the victims of lunatics who will without any conscious slaughter us. Push back on any gun control that restricts or removes your God given ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. Stand with the 2nd,
    its the only amendment we have that guarantees we keep and protects our freedoms before we lose our freedoms, our Constitution and our country.

  3. They have stated many times gun restrictions cannot stop gun violence. What stops crime is the ability of every citizen to own a gun to defend themselves against criminals. Restricting, banning, grabbing guns from citizens will only increase crime. It’s has been proven.

  4. Invariably the gun-grabbers will use such as this to intro even MORE gun-laws! No MATTER existing gun-laws were VIOLATED violated, EVER MORE are ‘needed’! AND, only the law-ABIDING will obey, criminals WON’T! THIS, however DOESN’T matter to gun-grabbers!

  5. No doubt OUR Founding People fully understood the God given unalienable Right to defend” ~
    “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” = or it’d be of no effect if not able to do so;
    – Esp. as to tyranny of which they well knew of coming from their British tyrannical enslaving masters on their own soil tolerated for 10yrs after just fighting the French Empire’s attempt to rule the Continent for worldwide control over the British Empires hold when “WE the People” were slaughtered by the 10’s of thousands by savage native tribes in that and ensuing total warfare of American men women & children as stated in the ~
    ” DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ” that went ongoing thru and after 1815’s ending of the “War of 1812”;
    where Andrew Jackson’s defeat of the British by well armed militia was so severe they lost all taste for war with us…
    Hey it is the history of OUR ~
    “Right to have & bear arms = SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

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