Supposed “School Shooting” Declared a Mistrial


Sometimes it seems that anti-gun politicians and district attorneys who act as their lap dogs have it in for law abiding citizens who carry their own firearms. And the reason that it seems that way is because it’s true.

Take, for example, the case of Arizona resident Steven Jones. Dean Weingarten writes,

Jones and two of his friends were attacked after midnight on Friday, October 9, 2015. Jones was sucker punched and chased toward his car. He retrieved a pistol and went back to aid his friends who were on the ground.

From that point, unfortunately, shots were fired, and one of the attackers was killed.


Now, if this wasn’t a horrible enough experience for Jones to go through (if you’ve ever been in combat, you know how traumatizing it can be to actually shoot someone, even if justified as self-defense), but Jones was smeared by those wanting to use this tragedy as a political maneuver for more gun control. Weingarten continues,

There is a clear political component of the prosecution and trial. The shooting was originally billed as another mass school shooting, with the “victims” lionized. The facts disclosed later, which bolstered the self defense claim of Jones, did not receive near the publicity. If Jones were found to be justified, it removes a reason to oppose Campus Carry.

So, Jones has a traumatic situation that he will have to work through and live with for the rest of his life, and, then, he gets smeared by the prosecutor who want to use Jones as a tool to try to yank guns off of college campuses.

While declaring this trial a mistrial is a good thing and, based on the information which we have, it looks to be the right thing, Jones will unfortunately have to go back to court for another trial in August.

.Just remember, folks, even though you’re the responsible one and you want peace, because you carry, you need to be aware of the potential fallout from using your weapon. Use it wisely.



  1. OF course, the prosecutor WANTED(WANTS) to use Mr. Jones as an EXAMPLE, for ADVANCING his political career!!!!! The main goal of ALL prosecutors is to ADVANCE their careers at the expense of someone like Mr. Jones. They wait in the bushes until a case like this comes and then they pounce!!!! Even when justified, as a self- defense or as SAVING someone, these ANTI gunners, go after LAW ABIDING citizens. I carry to PROTECT my FAMILY or another HELPLESS person(s), in trouble. Case in point, a lady in Tampa attacked about three weeks ago in an Amscot , NO ONE helped or CALLED for help!!!!! NOT ONE person stepped up to the plate, to help this lady, what is WRONG, with people, not EVEN calling the police???!!!! What is WRONG with this prosecutor wanting to put this man in jail, for HELPING his friends????!!!!!! I hope I DON’T have this prosecutor for a friend!!!!!!!

  2. This will happen again ! We saw it happen to lthe Duke Lacrosse players by a race baiting Mike Nifong.
    We saw it happen in Baltimore Where a racist female Prosecutor tried to garner racist support by lynching 6
    police officers.
    And we’ll see it again whenever race and the ambition of these limelight grabbing politicians come together !

  3. The idea of concealed carry is self defense. That appears to be the case in this encounter. In my state of Idaho, such incidents are far from normal, but are treated as self defense. A man shot a person who broke into his house. The bad guy was not armed but did not die. The bad guy sued since he was not armed. The issue never went to court.

  4. I have a ccw and carry. This fact means I might someday in certain circumstances have to use my firearm. For that reason, if for no other, it would be in my best interest to carry liability insurance just in case. So, why don’t I do it?

    • Go to and get all the help you will need. Plus lots of good information about concealed carry, the dos & don’ts. My husband & I did and are very happy and know we will be protected if either one of us has to use our weapons.

  5. The right response to this prosecution, if Jones had the resources, would be to launch a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit against this idiot prosecutor for denying his 2nd amendment right to defend himself and his friends. Turn it around on this sucker and make him pay for another lawyer to defend his ass. See how he likes that!

  6. PRAY that God will take out this DA. He can do it and no matter how the liberals spin and lie, they can’t convict or even indict God.
    Please dear Lord. Give this miscreant justice.

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