Introducing the world’s CHEAPEST AR-15 silencer!


Silencers still require a $200 tax stamp to buy which sucks.

Especially when you figure most silencers cost at a minimum of $400 to well over $1,000!

Hopefully, the new laws trying to get passed will make silencers legal to buy with no tax stamp and no NFA restrictions…


But even now the silencer market is one of the fastest growing segments of firearms related businesses. That has led to a lot of innovation.

And now we’re FINALLY seeing some cheaper-priced silencers. This one costs less than the $200 tax stamp! Check it out:

Introducing The $199 AR-15 Silencer – The “Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 56 Po’Boy Suppressor”

Now for less than the cost of the $200 tax stamp you have to pay to FedGov to acquire it, you can get a silencer for your AR-15 for just $199.

That’s a pretty good deal. Sounds perfect for the first-timer who isn’t going to do a LOT of silenced shooting but just wants to have it for plinking.

For the low price, you might think it’s crap… but check this out…

I’m no silencer expert by any means. But in this video below, the guys from Black Ace run multiple magazines on full-auto through the silencer testing it out. Then you can see some of the decibal level testing showing how quiet it makes the AR-15. This looks very promising…

Here’s complete specs from the company’s Facebook page:

Pro Series 56 Po’Boy Suppressor

Features & Specs:

-134 Db tested with an average of 33 Db reduction on a 16″ barrel AR platform rifle in 5.56

-4130 Chromoly steel exterior wall/ 316 stainless interior. Incorporates dual wall integrity and highly corrosive resistant interior wall

-High heat graphite air cooled cerakote finish that withstands up to 2000 degrees

-Length 8″ Diameter 1.5″ Weight 25Oz

-Reinforced Straight stacked baffle

Our Decibel testing was done following the Mil Standard 1474 Delta. Using a 2017 calibrated Bruel & Kjaer 2209 with a 4136 microphone.

***We also took special care to ensure that we used a standard AR-15 stock wrench pattern to remove the front cap to clean out the interior and baffling after use.**

** Full auto use. The Po’ Boy suppressor is capable of handling sustained full auto fire on both long 16″ and limited short 12″ barrels.

The best part of this Pro Series 56 Po’Boy suppressor is that it is $199 for the customer!!! Less than the stamp tax!

Check it out or buy it at

Silencer Technology Keeps Getting Better. The Free Market Keeps Making Prices Cheaper. What a GREAT Time To Be Alive!

This is truly an exciting time to be alive…

Since the expiration of the Assault Weapon Ban (AWB) in 2004, the AR-15 industry has grown by leaps and bounds…

What we have today is so much better than before.

And because of the free market, prices have never been more affordable…

Now we’re starting to see the same thing in the silencer industry.

If Trump can help get the pro-silencer bills in congress turned into law, and silencers become available with no tax stamp then the market is going to skyrocket even more than it already is!

Exciting times to be sure. Does a super cheap — less than $200 — silencer make you want to buy one anymore than before?

Interested to hear your thoughts…

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  1. I have several ranches that want their ground squirrel populations reduced but don’t allow center fire varmint rifles because of noise. This suppressor would allow me to use my AR or other varmint rifle.

  2. great idea, price is attractive enough for me to strongly consider purchase. Still requires the tax stamp and 3-6 months wait time I presume?

  3. Never considered a Suppressor of any kind because of the price and all the BS involved, but this just might be an eye opener, but it does sound very tempting this time!!

  4. This would be a great addition to anyone’s firearms. It is a great entry-level purchase and will do everyone’s hearing a bunch of good. I don’t understand why the congress critters don’t pass a law to exempt suppressors from the NFA and allow everyone to own them without the stamp….just stupid. Imagine how great it would be to go to the range or like a previous post talked about helping ranchers with predator and other critters without all the noise. This noise is like 2nd hand smoke! No good for anyone. Lets make it go away and get rid of the required fee and stamp!

  5. Suppressor or muffler would be a more accurate term. Let’s not play the silly word games the antis re so fond of.

    • The person who invented gets to name it what ever he a 38 cal bullet isn’t 38 cal
      A silencer was the name of the first patent (H. P. MAXIM SILENCER FOR GUNS Filed Feb. 21, 1921 Patented Feb. 5, 1924.)

  6. Thank You, Alan! “Silencers” can”t even totally “silence” a .22 short. The word is used only by movie-makers, the antis for propaganda, and the totally-unaware.

  7. Go to pyramyd Air threy’ve came alomg way with air guns 50 caliber,hog or dear coyotes,they have 22 cal,1000fps with a good scope shoot all day its air yes they have magazines

  8. I don’t see where a suppresses are quite. A suppressor is NOT a silencer. I have a suppressor on my mosen Nagant and it is not quite. (7.62 x 54). Don’t believe what you hear or see on TV.

  9. Where can I order an AR-15 The “Black Aces Tactical Pro Series 56 Po’Boy Suppressor”
    Can I go to any gun retailer and order this suppressor ? Tax stamp of $200.00 plus $199.00
    Will it fit on an S&W AR-15 with a 16 inch barrel?

  10. This is a gun related website, yet their writers are calling a suppressor a silencer. This makes your staff look very ignorant. Silencers are used by James Bond in the movies. I beat you guys still call magazines “clips”. Hahahahaha

    • Hey Jay,

      1. From Wikipedia: “Both the United States Department of Justice and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive) refer to suppressors as “silencers”.[12] Additionally, Hiram Percy Maxim (the original inventor of the device) marketed them as “Maxim Silencers”.[13] The earliest use of the term “suppressor” to refer to firearm noise reduction is in US Patent 4530417, July 23, 1985 “A suppressor for reducing the muzzle blast of firearms or the like.”.”

      In short, the original inventor of these devices called them a silencer… as well it’s the terminology used in all laws concerning them.

      So, it appears YOU are, in fact, the ignorant one. Isn’t that funny? You could have done a 5 second google search to see if what you THOUGHT you knew was true.

      All that said, I use the term silencer and suppressor interchangeably as does most of the non-ignorant gun community I know.

      And I do not “still” call a magazine a “clip”. Only time I ever did in the past was as an ignorant child.

      • Well put, Caleb.
        Would I be out of line though to say I have 9 firearms that will only except clips for charging the firearm. Six of which are SKS variants, 2 Mosin-Nagants round & hex barrel & 1 Soviet M44 Carbine or Mosin-Nagant M44. I do not have one in the collection yet but the M1 Grand as well is charged with clips. I do have 1 Mosin-Nagant though that excepts magazines but that is something that I have fully modified from butt to muzzle. (btw Jay Archer the words “butt” & “muzzle”, do not refer to your preferred dating method. not judging.) Well, since you asked Jay “muzzle” refers to the far end of the barrel or at the bore on all “guns” b.b., dart, potato, pistol, rifle, shotgun….well you get it, now “butt” that would refer to any kind of long gun or shotgun that is braced and shot from shoulder when safely shooting. Pistols pending how they except cartridges for charging i.e. semi-auto or revolver each have there own name for that referenced end of the firearm. Revolver=grip & Pistol= frame although, grip is excepted for both. Just so you do not have to “AOL it” or I guess “GOGGLE IT” or however kids these days say it. Anyway I hope all that mumbojumbo I just typed is accurate or I will have to punish my own muzzle and butt. Too many beers. Sorry for wasting your time if you are reading this. Ahh $hit, the Doobie Brothers broke up?

        Oh yeah, Guess I should make reference to the article somewhere in this comment/reply for $200 why would someone not purchase one of these suppressors. Now $200 is a realistic number for what they are. I can see maybe up to $400 instead of these companies price gouging for their products. Profit is not a bad word and I have zero knowledge on what expense is incurred for the licensing research, development, manufacturing, and marketing is but… If this suppressor can withstand the heat and pressures at that rate of fire along with providing a significant 33 dB reduction..well then I hope Black Aces Tactical snatches up and takes all the pie away from everyone else.

    • IT should, the one thing with silencers is to always check the manufacturer’s warranty — some will not warranty on the shorter barrels. They usually say something like “rated down to a 10″ barrel for 5.56” or whatever caliber/barrel length.

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