Did The California Gun Registration Website Crash To Prevent Compliance?


Anti-gunners have a reputation for being unyielding and uncompromising on their positions, which is sad because they like to hold themselves up as the rational side in the gun control debate, and that simply isn’t the case.

It’s worse, though, when gun control advocates have control of the legal system to enforce what they want. And, the way that they go about it, you might think that they actually make compliance difficult simply so they can harass gun owners some more (hat tip to here for the lead). Molly Prince gives an example of this on June 30th of this year (2018):

As the deadline looms for California gun owners to register their firearms that have been re-classified as “assault weapons,” the registration system has been crashing, preventing compliance with the law if the site is not fixed.

But wait, it gets better. The State of California is demanding compliance or stiff legal penalties, but their site keeps crashing, making it difficult, if not impossible, for gun owners to comply with the law. So, what does the state do? Again, from Prince:


The State of California Department of Justice acknowledged the issues processing applications. Rather than extending the deadline, the Office of the Attorney General advised troubleshooting.

That’s right, they are suggesting that the person who can’t register through the state’s website should troubleshoot their own computer and internet connection. It’s the same type of thing as telling your friend to restart their cell phone so that they can call you when the problem is that your cell phone batter is dead. It’s simply not going to work because the problem isn’t with their cell phone.

This is such convoluted logic on the part of the State of California that it can make you think that the state is deliberately trying to make it difficult to register your firearms so that they can harass you and arrest you later.

And maybe that is exactly the point. They aren’t known for being friendly to gun owners, after all.

This is just another example of stupid gun control logic and government bureaucracy in action.



  1. I registered, after 3 weeks of frustration.
    The application was, I believe, deliberately filled with “booby-traps” to frustrate the filer. These traps, coupled with the fact that the application be restarted from scratch each time an error was made, was extremely frustrating.
    Example: If, in supplying an address, you used “St.”, the application would crash. Why” Who knows?
    Also, the deliberate blocking of any possibility of “getting a leg up” on the application, was a clear indication of a) the incompetence of the programmer or b) the intention to deliberately frustrate the applicant.
    One local gun store warned me about the application, offering to fill the form out for me for $25. I should have taken them up on it.
    On the plus side, inquiries regarding problems were usually answered within 24 hours (although the answers were often ambivalent or incoherent).

  2. Screw cal. And thier damn stupid politians, don’t abide by cal. Law they don’t abide by fed law.

  3. The liberal socialist democrats in the people’s republik of Kalifornia are using the ways of the natzis did before killing 6 million Jews and 7 million others. Any excuse is another opportunity. Keep your guns and ammo close. Stay alert.

  4. Possibly their system crash or crashes were not intentional, possibly it goes the other way. In either case, it appears that the problem might lie in and with the system, and those who designed it. This is othrwise describeable as the usual legislative-bureaucratic screw-up, something that has come to typify California.

  5. A system designed to control the citizens, huh? Well, it’s California, after all! If I lived there, and nobody knew I had whatever, I don’t think I’d volunteer that information, just in case the beloved administration decided I was not to be trusted with my Second Amendment Rights! I just don’t get it… why can’t these Progressive Liberal Socialists see that what they want is not sustainable, and that the Second Amendment makes all the others possible! The Second is the guarantee for the rest of the Constitution! Oh, well, I’ll continue the fight from Texas, and bemoan all the people with California plates on their cars that are moving here…MOLON LABE’

  6. It just proves that there’s a thin line between the nuts and flakes in CA! Let’s just hope for more waterfront property after CA gets sucked into to ocean. What really sux is that there are good people out there being dragged down with the bad.

  7. The Democrats running this left wing hate group in California have violated the Second Amendment. Registration will result in confiscation!

  8. If you have a “ghost gun,” and don’t register it, you can keep your gun! (At least Obama gave the gun owners a template) Gather your ammunition and learn how to reload.

    Sight in your weapons in Nevada, or Arizona, hunker down, and prepare for the invasion.
    \Remember”: Don’t let state officials into your house, without a signed warrant and Attachment “B,” that lays out the “legal” basis for the warrant.

    • Reloading components might well be next on the list of things to be made unlawful in California. RCBS, how long before you are legislated or “red taped” out of business or out of California?

  9. nobody would of known if the website crashed if nobody used it. Commifornia needs a big f you. Going after legal American Citizens for gun registration is rediculious when they provide sanctuary to undocumented, non-vetted illegal aliens. All of whom are criminals…..ALL are guilty of breaking and entry. How many are smuggling in drugs and weapons. How many are gang affiliated or cartel. How many am i paying for to support when i pay taxes? But legal gun owners will be in big trouble if they dont register their guns. Are you freakin kidding me??? Build your own stuff. Vote those a-holes out. Make you voice heard. Dont conform to tryanny Otherwise give up, put your panies on and get used to listening to mariaci music, drugs, rape and all the other crap those influences are “trying to escape from” . While your out gunned, without security and have to pay for it. Dont conform to tryanny. III.

  10. Most of the mentally unstable,perverts,dummycraps,dopers, insane females, liberals, communists, pedophiles,, & those with the IQ of a fence post moved west to the People’s Republic of Kalifornia ( except for true American Patriots) . Unless they could swim,they are there trying to undo what our Founding Fathers regarded as Sacred! Maybe Diane fienstein will take a swim & be a nasty meal for a shark 🦈 nah, the poor shark 🦈 would get sick & die!!!! MAGA

  11. The same thing happened with the obummercare website. People ended up paying stupid fines because they didn’t register to get insurance or had a lapse in coverage. I changed jobs last year, and got fined 1100 dollars for not getting it quick enough. Thank God President Trump is getting rid of the mandate.

  12. California goes after decent, honest citizens who own guns! California lets convicted criminals and crazies run loose! No wonder California is a national joke! The people running California are pro-criminal!

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