Unheard-Of European Pistol Might Be Your Choice For Your Next Purchase

Image Source: FIME Group

You can be forgiven if you’ve never heard of Rex firearms. Most people in the U.S. aren’t familiar with the company despite being popular in Europe, but that may be about to change.

Rex pistols, made in the Arex factory in Slovenia, are imported solely by the FIME Group of Las Vegas (local dealers can order from FIME), so you may need to search a little, but, if you’re a fan of the double/single action platform, this may be worth looking at. Eve Flanigan writes,

For those familiar with traditional DA/SA design, such as the Sig Sauer P220, the Rex offers a couple of differences. First is 9mm chambering. Modern 9mm defense rounds are, of course, smaller than 45 ACP, but their higher velocity and improved bullet design offer undeniable destructive power. Also, you get higher capacity magazines. The standard model holds 17 rounds. The compact packs 15. A newer tactical model holds 20.

In addition to bigger capacity and the reduced recoil of a 9mm, the Rex adds a thumb-operated safety lever. It can thus be carried in the cocked and locked position, allowing the user to avoid the time and effort associated with its 13-pound double-action trigger pull. Of course, a sturdy holster that shields the trigger guard should be part of wearing or storing the gun in this configuration, keeping in mind there is no mechanical substitute for muzzle and finger discipline.

Additionally, the full-size model weighs in at 29 ounces unloaded. Flanigan reports the pistols has “very little felt recoil.” Interestingly, the grip of this pistol is shaped differently than you might expect, and this has a pleasant benefit. Flanigan writes,


Despite the thickness of the grip, I am able to operate the trigger in double action without much effort, thanks to thoughtful sculpting of the grip that makes it thinner right where the trigger finger lies. That’s not true for every DA/SA pistol, including full-size Sigs. A short and light five-pound pull is found in single-action mode. Trigger reset is good, crisp, and what I consider just long enough to be appropriate for a non-competition handgun.

All-in-all, the Rex pistol appears to be a good, solid, dependable pistol with nice forethought in it’s design to make it as user-friendly as possible. This is a pistol that at least deserves consideration for your next pistol purchase.



  1. No price point on the REX, you suggest them and it, but no price range or info on the dealer other than name, POOR JOB!!!!

    • Prove it. Carry a striker fired pistol vaquero style without an external safety from now on.

      I suppose the trigger safety is for “sissys” also.

  2. So where can I see one ? Would you buy a handgun from a picture ?
    Who owns one ? Anybody I’m familiar with ? Does any organization other than the mafia use them ?
    What is the size, weight, and grip configuration of the various models ?
    Can you safely carry one in a belly band holster ? Have you ever fired one ?
    So many questions !

    • It’s basically an eastern European copy of the Sig P-series pistol, although a very good copy judging from the reviews I’ve read. JandG Sales has them on their website for around $625.

  3. It’s basically an eastern European copy of the Sig P-series, although a very good copy judging from the reviews I’ve read. JandG Sales has them on their website for around $625.

  4. Robert M.
    I don’t even see a MODEL # ?? Am I missing something ??
    Tried looking it up on ctd. the cheapest Rex I found was $730. Is this the New cheap??

  5. I’ve heard of them, no idea as to the street price and have yet to see one in person though the reviews I’ve read have bene pretty positive.

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