Elon Musk TRASHES Media Narrative About Texas Shooter


Elon Musk doesn’t seem to have any problem upsetting people in the mainstream legacy media. After all, if he were concerned about the media’s opinion of him, he wouldn’t have bought Twitter and set to work at firing those censoring conservative political content, such as those who support gun rights and the Second Amendment.

It’s not just Twitter, though, that Musk has been rocking the boat about. Not by a long shot.

Take, for example, the mainstream media narrative about the mall shooter in Allen, Texas a few weeks ago on May 9, 2023. The legacy mainstream media’s narrative about that has been that the shooter was a white supremacist and that, therefore, the shooting was racially motivated against non–whites. Musk had other thoughts about that, calling reports that the shooter was a white supremacist (in spite of the shooter being Hispanic) “a bad psyop” or psychological operation to influence public perception. Propaganda, taken to the next level, in other words. Joseph Mackinnon writes,


Explaining his tweet to Faber, Musk said, “In that particular case … I think it was incorrectly described to be a ‘white supremacist,’ actually.”

Musk noted that the evidence for the white supremacist claim “was some obscure Russian website that no one’s ever heard of, that had no followers, and the company that found this is Bellingcat.”

“Do you know what Bellingcat is? Psy-ops,” said Musk.

The Twitter CEO provided Faber with a summary of his views on the matter, “I’m saying I thought that ascribing it to ‘white supremacy’ was bull****. And that the information for that came from an obscure Russian website and was somehow magically found by Bellingcat, which is a company that does psy-ops.”

Bellingcat is purportedly an open-source intelligence outlet based in the Netherlands, founded in 2014. It has received funds from various sources, including the European Commission, Soros’ Open Society Foundations, and the American government’s National Endowment for Democracy.

Were the reports that the Texas mall shooter was a white supremacist a psy–op? I don’t have a way of knowing that.

What I do know is that the mainstream legacy media has a track record of lying about guns, gun violence, and gun owners, and to call the Hispanic shooter a white supremacist is simply an attempt on their part to try to smear legal gun owners as racists and horrible people with extreme political positions.

In other words, the mainstream legacy media is trying to smear legal gun owners with horrible labels that the mainstream legacy media is, itself, who the label correctly fits.



  1. Kind of a nothing burger since nobody takes Musk seriously anyway. What we NEED is actual responsible journalism.

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