A School System That Allows Guns On Campus?


Here is a controversial topic for you: guns on campus at schools. Anti-gunners will tell you that no one should have guns on campus because we need to protect the children. We would argue that, if someone other than the shooter at Sandy Hook had been armed with a firearm, then the number of people murdered would have been dramatically less. We think that carrying guns on campus is the sensible, common-sense approach.

It finally appears that someone in the education system is paying attention.

Mad River Local Schools, a school district in Riverside, Ohio, has trained thirty-two teachers and staff to have quick access to firearms on campus to be able to deal with an active shooter situation should someone be stupid enough to try it on their campuses. Will Garbe of Dayton Daily News writes,


Intruders beware: Thirty-two teachers and staff in Mad River Local Schools are now armed and ready to kill.

When school gets back in session Monday, each building will have a number of the trained staff members who are able to access hidden gun safes, the combinations of which are known exclusively to the individual staff member and the superintendent.

The district, which serves Riverside, is the first in Montgomery County to assemble an “armed and trained response team,” said Superintendent Chad Wyen. But he said the district is part of an emerging trend.

“It’s way more prevalent than people realize,” Wyen said of the district’s decision to arm employees. “Sixty-three out of 88 counties in Ohio have a district with a response team.”

Now, granted, it’s probably not too big of a surprise that the state which seems to be leading the charge in this is in the midwest as opposed to more anti-gun regions, but it’s still refreshing to see these school districts take the sensible, the real “common sense” approach to guns on campus: arm staff to take out an active shooter who comes on campus. Because that is the only want to protect people from a shooter.



  1. Every faculty member and law abiding parents that wants to carry in EVERY SCHOOL SYSTEM in the nation should be allowed to carry on campus! On their body and NOT LOCKED AWAY IN A SAFE!!! The time it takes to get your weapon out of the safe may be prove to be to late!

    • Yea but they also need to make it to where it’s not accessible to one of the kids the younger ones especially are quite curious, so I think the safes are safer for the children.

    • You are RIGHT and a locked gun in a safe is not worth much when the killer is attacking. You need to carry.

  2. The time is now. Law Abiding School Teachers and Faculty Need to Start Carrying NOW. The Life they save , might be your own Child.
    BOBBY ~!~

  3. This is a great idea and I support it 110%. The only problem is, a gun that is kept separated from its ammunition as in, having an unloaded gun on the front seat of your car and the ammo locked in your trunk, or “Locked up” in this case, is almost useless! The armed person should have INSTANT access to the loaded weapon for it to be utilized. I may be wrong so, if I am, please let me know. It takes precious time to access a safe!

    • You are right. In some ways they might as well have a box of rocks next to the teachers desk with the system they have. All thought it is better than nothing.

    • CA iscso liberal and we have school shootings. Law enforcement on campus but security don’t carry. I am for carry on campus.

  4. Rural Idaho has armed teachers and has had for some time. The teachers are also likely hunters so they know how to handle firearms. They are not to be messed with. It is unfortunate that we have to resort to such serious practices but schools are often an or or more from law enforcement so there is not much choice. I am always nervous as a teacher can have mental issues that can lead to disaster. But we have little choice when schools are too far from backup if the school needs armed help. Urban schools have an armed resource officer on duty.

  5. First off if you will do your own research on Sandy Hook Shooting was a staged event. Never happened.
    What is wrong with allowing the teachers conceal carry. Time is saving lives. If the teachers have the firearm on their person they can respond much faster. The shooter may be in the way for the teacher to get the fire arm. You know that the students are looking for where the gun safes are. Kids are smart they might find the gun safes and figure out the combination.

    I can see that letting it be known that these schools are now armed will most likely stop anything from happening. I feel that it would be better is no one would have known about it. Kind of a Catch 22.

  6. The teachers need to be able to carry, not have to take valuable time opening a safe, loading the firearm and trying to get into a position to protect the children. With all that time wasted, children could die. As for curious children, have gun safety classes teaching the child to stay away from the teacher’s firearm.

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