ACLU Says 2nd Amendment Rights Don’t Matter


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a controversial organization. People generally either love them or they hate them, and, certainly, many politically conservative people have a rabid dislike for the ACLU.

The ACLU’s latest decision won’t win them any friends on the right.

After the recent protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the ACLU has announced that they will not defend organizations that seek to exercise both their First Amendment and their Second Amendment rights at the same time. AWR Hawkins writes,


ACLU executive director Anthony Romero said, “If a protest group insists, ‘No, we want to be able to carry loaded firearms,’ well, we don’t have to represent them. They can find someone else.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the policy shift that Romero highlighted is focused on “hate groups,” which are listed as “white nationalists” and “neo-Nazis.” Romero did not say whether ACLU protection would also be denied to Black Panther protesters who are armed or to communist party members who could rally for the left while armed.

It appears that the ACLU has never heard that, without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment won’t exist.

Look, we can have a discussion about whether the “Unite the Right” protesters were morally good in their positions (frankly, none of the right-leaning people that I know would support the “white power” rhetoric that the “Unite the Right” groups are accused of), but what can’t be argued is whether they have a right to say something that we disagree with or whether we have a right to defend ourselves if attacked, even if that means using firearms if their lives are in danger.

I can’t tell you who started the violence (both white supremacists and antifa protesters have a history of violence), but is anyone seriously going to tell me that anyone having guns made the situation worse? The death that has been in the news most from that weekend involved a car ramming a crowd of people. It wasn’t gun related.

So, again, we have a situation where people react to the idea of the firearm instead of the reality of what caused injury that weekend and what firearms can do to decrease violence, and the only logical conclusion that anyone can come to is that the ACLU got this decision wrong.



    • They were NEVER a nice organization. The ACLU was founded by an avowed communist with the intent to defend communists during the McCarthy investigations. Since then, they have devoted themselves to destroying us from within by defending every left wing, anti-constitution, anti-conservative using the constitution and the Supreme Court to do so.

  1. The ACLU is an anti-American, seditious group which should be investigated and dismantled.

  2. ACLU Who!!!!!They’re not Americans, they’re Communist and need to leave our Country at once…..ACLU lost their credibility long ago.

    Proud Texan!!!!!

  3. The ACLU has always been wishy-washy on the 2nd Amendment, preferring to ignore it as a fundamental right in the Constitution. We should ask any NRA member and all gun owners who are members of the ACLU to drop their membership and specifically tell them why – until they change their stance on the 2nd Amendment and support it fully at all times.

    • The ACLU believes that gun ownership is a collective right not an individual right. At least that is their position when they are not opposing gun ownership outright.

  4. The ACLU, why would anyone not think they would make such a statement. For anyone to think differently is in denial.

    The ACLU is all about destroying the United States Constitution; they are not about Defending Average Americans or those that are unable to put up a Defense for the wrongs of Government.

    The ACLU is not about Defending Citizens from out of control Government.

    What they are about; they are about denying citizens an opportunity to confront the Leftist/Socialist
    Democratic /Progressive Policies. In fact, while several Environmental Policies, unfounded by Scientific Proof, ie., enforcement of land use policies, that have not even been enacted into law. These policies are those Bureaucrats, with a Radical Environmental Agenda. One of the most egregious agencies is King County WA., another; Washington State Department of Ecology. These agencies, make policy, with the benefit of Administrative Code, which permits the Legislators to pawn off their responsibilities onto Administrators.

    These policies have gone Awry with no end in sight.

    As for the ACLU, the Pacific Legal Foundation, is a Non Profit, that is about defending innocent citizens from out of control Government and the ACLU. Give generously to them, they receive no government funding and don’t have the benefit of Hollywood, George Soros, the Kennedy’s or other Liberal Socialist Groups.

  5. I don’t think any true American sympathizes with the hate groups infesting the Charlottesville rally. That said, no true American can argue that they have the right to free speech and assembly. They were exercising those rights, and had a legal permit to do so, when confronted by a large mob of self-described Antifa (Anti-fascist) persons. That mob confronting and obstructing the participants in the rally, if they actually had any small iota of brainpower, knew with certainty that they would be provoking a reaction. They were obvious in their intent, with many carrying large sticks and wearing helmets. It is indeed unsure who actually threw the first punch in the fight, but it would not have happened at all if the Antifa mob had stayed away and just held their own competing rally in the other separate venue for which they had a permit.
    The bias of the media was immediate and visible to everyone. No one blamed the Antifa mob for provoking the violence, and they even attacked President Trump for saying both sides should share the blame.
    Self-described Nazis and white supremacists are not, and never will be, considered model citizens in America, Their messages of hate are rejected by all true Americans. At the same time, the Antifa mobs that are, in fact, the exact thing they claim to be against, fascists, are just a mirror image of the Alt-right disguised, and not very well, as defenders of freedom.
    If you are a true American and believe in our constitution and the rights it protects, you have to reject both sides in this dispute.
    One answer might be to gather all the members of both groups and put them into a large locked enclosure where they could fight it out until they are either all dead or come to their senses and admit their thinking is warped and stupid.

    • Dr. Bill Redmond, “both sides” included ACTORS hired and PAID by George Soros to play their respective parts. Plenty of the alleged “white supremacists, neo-Nazi, KKK” were actors on his payroll, and their job was to help feed the narrative that labels our President and ALL his supporters as “fellow travelers” of these hate groups. That entire Charlottesville mess was a Soros/Clinton TV “propaganza” with their media cohorts playing THEIR part by running LOTS of carefully video showing all the “right-wing” protesters busting heads, but carefully editing out any violence committed by the “other side”. Just another Commucrat propaganda LIE.

  6. The ACLU needs go away. They cause more problems than any other organization. You defend ALL rights or shut down.

  7. “Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore.. yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault.” — Jeff Laffite Jones

  8. The ACLU, like SPLC and a host of other Traitor Within The Gates NGOs funded by the likes of the scum Soros, are staffed primarily by (((The Usual Suspects)))…that are long overdue for Expulsion #110.

  9. The ACLU has long outlived their usefulness. and continue to get involved in things just to perpetuate their existence. Therefore they should be disbanded and defunded with taxpayer money.


    • what good is a gun that is not loaded? its just a piece of metal then. the cities with the strongest gun laws that prevent the people from having guns has the most crime! while the places that let people carr a loaded gun have the least, I wonder why maybe because the crooks don’t want to get their ass shot off when they try to rob somebody. and know they don’t have to worry about that where people cant have guns, they will be the only one with them. what a bunch of bumbasses

  11. Romero’s statement does seem to be comprehensive and inclusive. Mr. Romero, however, is a lawyer – which means you cannot take the meaning of a statement by your initial impression. Note “we don’t have to represent them.” “We don’t HAVE to…” – In other words, the statement is pure fluff since the ACLU is under no obligation (unlike bakers of cakes) to represent any specific case anyway. Romero has bloviated a meaningless statement.

  12. The ACLU is not an American organization, they are owned by Communists and radicals who hate America, and cater to the likes of terrorists and killers, and thugs who hate America. It should not be allowed to practice in America at all. It caters to the likes of Soros a known Nazis, and Rothchild a known Communist who wants the NWO.

  13. It’s good to know that when the really bad guys come for the fags and spics, we won’t have to waste any time, effort or bullets defending you, Romero.

  14. Question is who funds the ACLU? Where do they get their money to operate? Do they get any money from tax dollars?

    • grans from the government our tax dollars, just like all these left wing radical groups do , this iwhy we need to stop funding all none profits

  15. well on sunday night on cbsn on asingment the only ones i saw throwing hate speech were the blacks , get rid of the constitution for all i care , it means we are free to kill anyone we don’t like , and you freaks on the left will no longer be protected ,like they say , be careful of what you wish for .because i have had it with you people running your mouths , instate martial laws , and let’s see who dies

  16. You can counter the ACLU by supporting Constitutional legal associations such as Judicial Watch and the ACLJ. Their track records of winning against the anti-constitutionalists are very good.

  17. To me the ACLU is a sort of necessary evil They can do good on one hand and evil on the other. I have had guns since I was ten years old. Does that mean they would never represent me on a constitutional issue? None of my guns which have been fired thousands of times, have ever killed a human. I have no desire to do so.

  18. Second Amendment Rights were put in place because of people and organizations like yous. They are an inalienable right that cannot be taken away by anyone, not even the government. Personally, I believe ACLU is far more damaging to the American people that gun rights. You defend the criminals before all else. You’ve never understood, when they committed a crime, they gave up their rights. You waste money, time, and you hurt innocent people. ACLU doesn’t matter.

  19. The ACLU is ready to come to your defense if your some left wing anti constitution group that want to riot or protest. no matter how meritless your/their cause may be.
    if your a white person or a right wing person that simply wants there rights up held to speak or protest!! they have no interest in you or your cause. whether it right or wrong based on its merits. they have no use or time for you!!!
    on the bases of there logic plus there statements and wording used. the ACLU is a leftist racist, bigoted hate group!! they should be listed a domestic terror group!!! right next to the southern poverty law center. they are all a bunch of leftist anti American hate groups. spreading communist / socialist big lies!!! which all promote the violent over throw of the constitution and the government!!!! TIME FOR THEM ALL TO GO THE WAY OF THE DODO BIRD !!!!!!!!

  20. Aclu a socialist run group that wants to take down your civil liberties to like Obama ass they can rule the world a group of socialist assholes.

  21. Ah yes, the ACLU, the cafeteria “pick and choose” defenders of liberty. Anything THEY think is important is a civil right which must be defended at all costs. Anything they DON’T think is important, well, tough sh!t for the people who point out that those are also civil rights.

    Typical two faced libtards…did anyone expect any different from the likes of them?

  22. “Don’t matter?” I’m convinced the ONLY reason that MALIGNANT little SOCIOPATH who occupied our White House for 8 years did not try to suspend the elections and declare himself “Dear Leader” for life is because of the MILLIONS of armed Americans he KNEW would come AFTER his sorry, bony behind if he did, and he knew that our ARMED military likely would NOT support his attempted coup.

    “Don’t matter?” Our Second Amendment rights are one of the MAIN REASONS we are STILL a free country, though that status is VERY MUCH in doubt with all the Communist subversion, sedition and outright TREASON being committed on a DAILY BASIS by the power-mad COMMUCRATS. I believe they will say and do ANYTHING to get back into power, and if they DO, they will try to see to it that we can NEVER vote them out of power again, and it may be necessary for we, the people to respond with ARMED resistance.! So yeah, our Second Amendment rights MATTER, the COMMUNIST IDIOTS at ACLU notwithstanding!

  23. The ACLU is the only quadruple lie in the English language. They are not American (they’re anti-American, if anything) they are not Civil (they’re a pro-communist apparatus) they are not about Liberty (in fact they seek to destroy our liberty), and they are not a Union, they are a subversive machine, using anarchy to lead to communism. And I thought the only multiple lie in the English language was “Meal, Ready to Eat”.

  24. The anti American criminal liberties Union has NEVER defended an innocent person or group, NEVER.

  25. Like the article said, without the 2d Amendment, there would not be the other 9. You either support the whole Constitution or not just the parts you like.

  26. I thought the ACLU protected everyone when their civil rights were violated. This article only proofs that I was wrong, I even supported them. They discriminate by refusal to assist because of race. They have turned into judge and executioners. They very conveniently refuse to see Antifa, black panthers and other malcontents were the instigators. They went to the rally predisposed to war and armed as such. There were people with guns there, and no guns were used or fired. They also forget that not all fair skin persons want to destroy or annihilate all people of color. The ACLU seeks to disarm those who carry guns which were purchased legally. They did not get them from the black market as the thugs and hoodlums they prefer to defend, in the name of justice. They zealously defend known criminals who seek to trample the US Constitution because of present perceived injustices and injustices committed in the past.

    Is the motto of the ACLU not as follows… Some issues that are important to the ACLU are the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (which says that people have free speech and freedom of religion, as well as other rights), privacy, the right of people to be treated fairly if they are accused of a crime and arrested, and the right for everybody to be treated the same under the law

    The so called civil liberties attorneys pledged an oath. it goes… With the adoption of the new rule, the entire oath to be taken upon the admission to practice law will now be as follows: “I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of an attorney and counselor at law to the best of my knowledge and ability. As an officer of the court, I will strive to conduct myself at all times with dignity, courtesy, and integrity.”

  27. The ACLU is wrong. They always have been. Whoever started this organization is probably the parent of a criminal who shot someone (hypothetically). Not only is their agenda wrong about trying to take people’s guns and the destroying the 2nd Amendment, but everything else, especially criminal rights. And if they keep up their broken agenda, WE THE PEOPLE will make sure they they become obsolete. With or without guns.

  28. Going back many years I read that ACLU was a Communist Organization and was deported from U.S. It has been a long time and I can’t remember where I read this information. If true who let them back in to the U.S.

  29. The only good ACLU member that is good IS DEAD. I’d run over them if they were crossing the street in front of me….sun was in my eyes or the oncoming headlights blinded me. They aren’t worth the air they waste!!

  30. Well we say that the ACLU’s First Amendment rights “Don’t Matter” Who the H**L are they to decide what the Constitution says, or what it means ? They have historically supported every left leaning loon and Commie and now Terrorist on the planet, yet can’t see the obvious meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Without it, all the other Amendments and Rights are meaningless

  31. IF the ACLU, or anybody else wants to eliminate any part of the American “Bill of Rights”, they should start at the FIRST Amendment, and continue IN ORDER that they were written. The wording and order is very specific. If nothing else – look up the “Efficiency of Militia Bill” (1902) to find the true/intended meaning of the word “militia”, and the “Dick Act” (1909) to find the lawful amount of firearms an American citizen CAN have. Again, the wording is very specific – don’t assume to know – find out the TRUTH.

  32. the aclu they are people that they like cause truoble with any one they are radical with no common sense if they dont the u.s.a. then get hell out we dont need you and dont want you any way you are NOT AMERICAN

  33. The ACLU should be considered a terrorist organization along with Muslim Brotherhood and antifa La Raza and numerous other little weasel organizations

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