Want Your Kids To Know The Truth About Guns? Don’t Send Them To This School


As responsible gun owners, we want children to know the truth about guns. We want our children to know how to safely and effectively use firearms and to know what is the actual danger in a firearm.

Now, because you’re reading this, you likely know which end of the gun is the safer end to be on, and you also know that the gun is just a tool, that the brain is the weapon. You also know that the Las Vegas shooter is responsible for his evil actions. No one else is to blame for this senseless tragedy.

But a university professor five miles from the scene of the shooting has a really bizarre idea of who is to blame for the Las Vegas shooting. Mitchell Gunter writes,


Just days after the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, and just 5 miles away from the scene, a University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor told her class that President Trump is to blame.

In a video obtained by Campus Reform, UNLV Assistant Professor Tess Winkelmann is seen addressing her History 407 class.

Referring to Trump, Winkelmann noted that “when he got elected, I told my classes three semesters ago, some of us won’t be affected by this presidency, but others are going to die. Other people will die because of this.”

Think about this. This professor says that the current President is to blame for someone killing 59 people, as if Trump ordered the shooting or somehow forced Stephen Paddock to murder people for no rational reason.

This professor needs to get her head out of the sand and wake up. First of all, it’s simply ridiculous to blame the gunman’s actions on the President. This doesn’t help people heal from this horrible event and does nothing to prevent another situation like this from occurring.

Secondly, this professor needs to stop using her classroom as a vehicle to spread political rhetoric. Her job isn’t to indoctrinate students into her ridiculous anti-gunner beliefs but to help students learn how to gather information and think for themselves. With these comments, she utterly failed at her job.

So, frankly, if you want your kids to understand the truth about guns, you would probably be better to avoid the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.



  1. This teacher needs to read the constitution and Bill of Rights.
    She also should think about how a shooter chooses the targets. I believe that most if not all shooters want to choose a place where there is no opportunity for the victoms to shoot back. Such as places that prohibit the carrying of self defense firearms.

  2. I live in Las Vegas and am a retired USAF Officer. Our problem with such liberal leftists such as this UNLV professor is that the whole State, particularly the major cities, has become infested with left-leaning retiring Baby Boomers coming here from Democratic States, East and West of us. For all their lives these folks have lived under Democratic rule and taxation. They come here to enjoy the benefit of no State income taxes, but continue to vote Democratic, muddying up the political waters for actual conservative Westerners such as myself in the process. Few of these people that I have spoken to actually understand the thought process of conservative Western Americans and actually disdain it. We traditional Westerners have become aliens in our own Western States.

  3. Well, she is attempting to say that Trump is making subliminal message code by ossmossis. But that would require Stephan Paddock to have spent at least a couple years with Trump under repetitive training. I’ll just go out on a limb and “that didn’t happen professor Gunter”. What is possible is a progressive cult group would have had the resources and ability to do that. Progressive groups are divisive and violent and a threat to American society. Of primary concern is the Progressive cult. This professor is taking a tremendously horrible situation to Attack the patriotic side of America by demonizing the structure of the established form of unification. How did the professor get that way? Why attack the Republic? I will say that good Americans would and should debate this professor as to her motivation and what her expected outcome would be. We don’t know what the professor intends to do.

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