Warning Labels On Firearms?


Do you read warning labels? I mean, other than when you are checking medications to make sure that the side effects and such won’t interfere with whatever else you’re taking? No? I don’t either.

Why? Because most warning labels simply state the obvious, the things that common sense already tells us, things like, don’t swallow broken glass, don’t swallow fifty pain reliever pills in one twenty-four period, don’t use your hair dryer (or laptop computer) in your bathtub. These would seem to be things that most everyone would know.

However, anti-gunner legislators in California seem to think that people have even less common sense than we thought. Andrew Zirkle writes,


This past week, California’s Governor Jerry Brown (D) has signed three new gun control bills into law as a result of recent public outcry against gun violence by constituents in the state. The law regarding new labeling, AB-1525,  passed just this Sunday and makes significant changes to the California penal code. This new law requires a large warning label to accompany the packaging or other literature associated with any gun sold or transferred within in California by a licensed retailer or manufacturer.

The label itself is required to say “Firearms must be handled responsibly and securely stored to prevent access by children and other unauthorized users.”

Now, seriously, do you know anyone who buys a gun through legal channels who doesn’t understand that misuse of a firearm can cause injury or death of either themselves or someone else? Does anyone really need that reminder? And, frankly, is anyone actually going to read that reminder?

I know what Governor Brown will say that he is trying to accomplish with signing this legislation into law, but what assumptions is he making about the effectiveness of warning labels? Does he really think that smoking in the U.S. has decreased due to warning labels on packages of cigarettes?

I can’t answer that, but I have to say that, if the legislature in California really wanted to do something effective, they should stop wasting time with symbolic gestures like putting warning labels on legally-purchased firearms, and they should focus on actually doing something effective: Like allowing people to actually live their lives without harassment from their government.



  1. They put the warning labels on the cigarettes and I had a friend that was emboldened by the new label. It made him somehow think that he was braver.

  2. As A former Califorians we know Moonbeam is NOT the sharpest tool in the shead, buy dumb shit’s follow.

  3. goofy stuff.
    I live in Mass – we are required by law to put a little green sticker on a shotgun used for turkey hunting. the sticker is supposed to go where it can be seen while shooting..
    The sticker says “hunt safely”

  4. I’m stunned! This label doesn’t include safety glasses and hearing protection? Has Jerry gone off his nut? I bought a flashlight – the warning on the package cautioned me not to use it without safety glasses. I don’t remember if it suggested hearing protection, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. It has the perhaps unwanted effect of making the citizens of Kalifornia be thought of as unintelligent boobs with no common sense. Perhaps that is Brown’s intention, but God knows that if they voted him in, that in itself is an indication that he might be right.

  6. Are you blanking kidding me.
    Looks like people behind their desk are bored again coming up with these very dump ideas. I think the people better find new people with real ideas not garbage ones.

  7. “Now, seriously, do you know anyone who buys a gun through legal channels who doesn’t understand that misuse of a firearm can cause injury or death of either themselves or someone else?”

    Actually there are likely plenty of “gun owners” who probably don’t realize it…not everyone who owns a gun is really a gun person…

  8. My Crimson Trace LaserGuard came with two warning labels. The literature states that the required labels are too large to put on the laser unit and should be affixed to the gun. One has an arrow that points to and states ‘laser aperture’, the other states that the laser can damage the eye and should not be pointed at such. Yeah… Whatever…

  9. Expansion: the deceased voters voted Moonbeam into office. I have actually heard a Democrat politician bragging to an audience of the Party’s most loyal voters – in the city cemetery.
    Why let a minor detail like Death stop loyal Democrats from voting…absentee, of course.

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