Why Gun Searches At Events Don’t Work


One of the standard lines that anti-gun activists parade out is that we need to do gun searches at events, and, given the mass shootings that the media has been trumpeting for the last several years, you can understand why anti-gunners would push for this kind of thing at any gathering of people. There is a problem with this thinking, though. And what is that? It’s just that gun searches don’t work.

A blogger going by the name of Divemedic details how he (I’ll assume this is a man for convenience in writing) has routinely gotten around security checks at theme parks and other public events for a number of years (note that Divemedic states that he is legally armed and has a concealed carry permit for the state in which he has done this). Divemedic writes,

I have entered the theme parks while armed over 100 times, and I have only been caught once […]. I have since found out how to beat the security measures in place that night, and have routinely done so on more than a dozen occasions.

He mentions that he routinely enters theme parks such as Universal Studios and Disney theme parks (he specifically mentions Magic Kingdom) where they have bag checks (in which they don’t check bags for people “who valet parked, arrived by bus or taxi, or who entered the park by taking a water taxi from one of the on property resort hotels”) and magnetometers. He writes,


This weekend was no different. I went to the Disney parks to test the security. I was wearing khaki shorts, a polo shirt, and sneakers. I was carrying a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard with a spare magazine in a belly band, a 4 inch boot knife in a back pocket, and a container of pepper spray in a front pocket.

He noticed that only one of the magnetometers was being used and only people who wore “typical CCW clothing” such as “a large untucked shirt [or] any sort of 511 pants” were being made to go through the magnetometer. Because Divemedic wasn’t dressed in this manner, they didn’t put him through the device. He does mention that he has been through the magnetometer before and gives us details:

I have gone through this magnetometer three times, and set off the machine twice. The first time, I was caught and had to go out and leave my firearm in a locker in order to enter the show. I have not been caught since.

Why? Because the second time that I set it off, I was wearing the firearm in a Thunderwear holster, and when I was wanded, the guard noticed that I was wearing a large belt buckle. (Show them what they expect to see, and they will usually buy into it) They are not cops, and do not have qualified immunity against lawsuits, so cannot ask you to disrobe or frisk you without incurring some significant legal liability. Most of them are either mall ninjas, or idiots who are not all that motivated to do more than make a few bucks while doing as little as possible.

So, let’s make this as simple as possible to explain why searches going into events is useless just like any other gun control: the people who have to implement it are doing it as minimally as possible. They are not motivated to be thorough, and they aren’t looking for conflict. They just want to finish their shift at work and go home and watch TV.

Gun control doesn’t work and never will work because (aside from the fact that the people who want to use guns for illegal purposes ignore gun control laws) it goes against basic human nature by assuming that the people enforcing it will actually care about the issue. And they don’t.



  1. the biggest thing he failed to mention is if your going to circumvent the security measures for personal reasons. like you don’t trust the measures in the first place to actually protect you?? is do not tell anyone in your party what your doing!! cause you never know when one of them will try to use the fact that you are carrying and the up roar it will cause to initiate some scam or con game of there own and use you as the pasty to take attention off of them!! making you the bad guy!!! I know you say my friends wouldn’t do that? like hell!! you can’t see inside there heads? you do not know what private agendas they are harboring or secret hates. so when you carry, keep it to your self and be safe from the scum of the world!!!!!!!!!! also beware of people you both know and do not know wanting to get close to you and touch or otherwise feel you. they may really be looking for your gun? to start and incident or to pick your pockets!!! again I know?? just be aware they are all out there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been to two concerts this year and security missed a M-1911 and four spare magazines both times. The first time I pulled my coat back on the right side and they let me pass (I am right handed and carry cross draw) They never looked at the left side of my belt. The second time I was wanded and expected trouble. I passed no problem . Either the batteries were dead or the wand was not working because it never beeped at all. . Neither of the security people impressed me as being the brightest lights in the chandelier They are usually getting paid minimum wage and you do not get what you do not pay for.

  3. What the left and the media like to skew and the store and lie about, is the amount of people who have actually been saved by carrying a firearm or someone else carrying a firearm and came to their aid. Delete stop want you to know that because the elites want you disarmed, because the Eliets I have a very evil agenda they have what they want to promote on the world and were one of the nation standing in their way us and Israel, as we are only a few who are left who are since Laurie of firearms owners. The real problem here was not the firearms owners it was the media and the people like Nancy Pelot see and the Democrat party always spewing hate especially for the last year against conservatives, Christians, cops military, which in the last year we have had massive amount of aggression against Lowes on the right and the Democratic Party and the media stay silent because it does not promote their evil agenda, yet they are the ones responsible for all these acts of aggression is going on in this other one should wind up in prison for crying far in the three theater for all the lies and the deceit their spewing into the minds of those mentally ill and follow them !

  4. Proud Vet first thank you for your service. I also want to say you are exactly right in your statement.

  5. Yup you guys are all right on each of your points especially about the media not telling how it takes aggressive action to stop an attack of any kind. Just look at how they attack the police for using their weapons. Regardless of what the police do they are attacked for using excessive force. It makes no difference that the suspect is attacking the officer with many different weapons the police can’t defend themselves without having to justify every action they take against a suspect of any kind

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