It Used To Be The Knockout Game. Now It’s Got Guns


You’ve probably heard of “the knockout game,” the horrible “game” where teenagers would run up on an unsuspecting person and sucker punch them trying to get a one-punch knockout. It’s a horrible form of amusement and some people have been seriously injured because of this game. (In case you are wondering, the knockout game seems to be seeing a resurgence, too, with incidents being reported in New York and Philadelphia recently.)

The new challenge is called the “No Lackin’ Challenge” or the “Don’t Be Lackin’ Challenge.” Chris Golden describes it this way:

According to, the point of the game is to aim your gun at your friend, enemy, or a random person to see if they likewise have a gun. If they do not, they are therefore “lackin’,” and you have “won” the challenge.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of these videos have taken place at a Mensa meeting.

So, essentially, what you have are people who are playing games with, presumably, loaded weapons on the street. Anyone with any gun safety training knows that you don’t pull your weapon unless you are willing to use it. Frankly, these foolish people may not pull the gun with any more intention than to show that they are the tough guy who isn’t “Lackin'” because they are carrying a firearm, but, eventually, someone is going to pull a trigger. It may not be intentional. It may be because one of the parties involved didn’t realize that it was a game and felt threatened. But, you can count on the fact that, if this foolishness continues, someone is going to get hurt and, very likely, someone will die.


This kind of nonsense is nothing more than posturing and ignorance. Frankly, I’d rather that someone think that I’m “lackin'” or a wimp or whatever than to have to pull out my firearm and take a life because they have a ridiculous sense of bravado. My “pride” is worth sacrificing to keep someone from dying. Because fundamental to responsible gun ownership is self-restraint.



  1. That game is not one that they would get a victory on here in the south. Aiming a firearm at a concealed carry permit holder in more instances than not WILL GET YOU SHOT.
    Either the antagonist or the CCW will fire. We don’t play GAMES when our life or our families lives are being impacted. Hope they don’t do that to me. If I pull it ( which i won’t unless i fear for a life ) i will use it.

  2. If someone is stupid enough to pull a firearm on me, I AM threatened & WILL respond with deadly force.
    Common sense.

  3. All I can say about this latest foolishness is don’t do it. I take a firearm pointed at me as a death threat which I will respond in kind to. I will not take the possible fatal chance it’s only a game. It’s legal self defense when someone points a gun at you.

  4. Kind of a lame article or at least the conclusion which you reach. I’m not looking to kill anyone but if someone points a gun at me or my family that is a threat that crosses the line and I assume they are out to kill me or my family and I feel no remorse about shooting that person.

    If a person points a gun at you, you have to assume the worst and that they plan to kill you. Once they have drawn on you, it’s a little late to react and you could be dead at that point so if some stranger pulls a gun for no unprovoked reason you have to assume they are going to try to kill you.

    • Tt: I certainly don’t wish to be an instrument of death to any living thing, human or otherwise. That being spoken, I must however say that when threatened with my death, or that of my family, friends or even pets, I WILL respond with lethal force. I was trained in silent killing when in USAF pilot training, and have not forgotten a single move. I WAS threatened about ten years ago, while fueling – 11PM, Grand Lake, Oakland, nobody in sight – and then three hoodies come out of the darkness, split up with obvious intent. As my mind raced through defensive preparation I stood and spoke with clarity, “It has been a beautiful day, and it would be a shame for it to end with someone seriously hurt of even killed,” all the while pumping gas. The three turned on their heels and left. I suppose that my being obviously a senior had them thinking me an easy mark. I’m grateful for that guardian angel who put those words in my mouth.

  5. From what little I have read about this “game” it is done between friends or at least people who know each other . I believe there has been at least one death from some boys playing the “game” and it was a kid that shot his friend accidentally.

  6. This is an evil game and if we are honest with our selves we have no idea how we will react if we are ever GOD forbid put in that position. Drawing a holstered gun on someone who is already pointing a gun at you could be a fatal mistake for you and or your family. I pray that those of you who have made the suggestion of drawing and shooting back have had or will get training that include these realities.
    Take care and GOD Bless

  7. I know that if I was able to avoid this “game,” I would — but how do I know that it’s only a game and not a deadly robbery or carjacking? If I have family, grandchildren, or close friends with me, can I take the chance that the sudden display of a deadly weapon is a game?

    Probably not.

    The difference between life and death in a situation where someone suddenly and without provocation pulls out a deadly weapon is mere seconds. In that time, I have to assess whether the lethal force is being employed against me or a family member — and I can’t wait until the muzzle has been leveled at me and a round fired to make my decision — first assessing the risk, then choosing to respond, unholstering and drawing my firearm, taking deliberate aim as I clear the margins around and behind my attacker, then slowly press the trigger as I move across the plane of his attack.

    First sight of a firearm, I’m going to pull my weapon and fire, continuing to fire until ending the attack.

    That’s the very limited choice I’m given in a situation like this.

    There is no quiet conversation beforehand; no thought bubbles, no signs of “Hey, man, this is a game.” It’s going to happen very fast, loudly, and unmercifully.

  8. This foolish game evolved because these criminal perpetrators are convinced everyone will cower in fear. I live in a free state and everyone i know packs heat, considering that you cannot read the mind of the person pointing a gun at you someone will likely end up get shot.

  9. No you are wrong there, Killing them is the only thing that will stop this game.
    I was an instructor on a Marine Corp weapons range for the Force Recon folks ,,
    I taught that when you see a weapon, put 6 rounds into the aggressor then check the area for another shooter.
    The moral of this story?
    Don’t even show your weapons unless you brought out to shoot.

  10. The “youths” involved only pull this shit in “blue” cities and states, just as the communist pigs calling themselves “antifa” only riot in those very same places, for exactly the same reason. Because they know if they tried that shit in any place carried by President Trump, they would get stomped or shot.

    For myself, I consider any threat or attack on me as an attack against my children. ANY such attack will be met with deadly force until everyone involved in the attack is dead

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