This State Just Stepped Up The Anti-Gun Stupidity


Gun buy backs are a favorite tactic of anti-gunners. For them, it’s a win-win. They get to feel the illusion that they are actually doing something to make the world safer, and they get to spend someone else’s money to do it. All of this despite the fact that gun buy backs don’t make any difference to violence.

So, with this foolishness in mind, New Jersey’s legislature is pushing to make gun buy back events mandatory, meaning that law enforcement will have to run that dog-and-pony show multiple times a year. Tony Oliva writes,

The bill (S1154/A2374) requires nine buyback programs a year, has already been passed 52-17-5 by the Assembly and is scheduled for a Senate budget committee vote Thursday. It could then be passed Monday, the last day of the two-year legislative session.  The nine buyback would be broken down to three in each section of New Jersey; North, Central and South.

Never mind how pointless these programs are and how much they actually do to prevent gun violence (can you say little to none?), this kind of pointless posturing and wasting of money is one of the hallmarks of people who have no concept of what really causes or prevents gun violence. Oh, but it gets better. State Senator Linda Greenstein (D-Middlesex) had these ridiculous words to say about it:


There’s nothing more important.  If guns are hanging around the street, they’re going to fall into the wrong hands for sure, and we want to get as many of them off the street as we can.

Up to now, buybacks have been taking place, but only occasionally when the Attorney General’s Office decides to do it. I think they’ve been somewhat successful, because buybacks have happened, but probably not anywhere near what we should be doing given the number in the state.

Clearly, this woman is clueless as to the causes of gun violence. She has bought, lock, stock, and barrel, into the idea that guns do horrible things to people simply becuase they exist and not because someone actually used a gun to do horrible things.

This disconnect from reality is beyond crazy. If you are in New Jersey, you need to be raising awareness about this bill, and if you know anyone living in New Jersey, let them know about this nonsense. Out government wastes too much money as it is. They don’t need to waste any more of it on things that won’t make a positive difference in our safety.



  1. I wonder if they check the serial numbers and return stolen guns to their rightful owners?

  2. They should open gun friendly bars so the guns don’t have to hang out on the streets. They might get run over by a car!

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