Chicago Mayor Ignores Reality. Again.


Chicago. When you read that word maybe you think about pizza or baseball or Mike Ditka’s Chicago Bears. But, when I read that word, I think of political corruption and failed gun control schemes. Unfortunately, former Obama White House Chief of Staff and current Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel just keeps doing things to make those latter thoughts about Chicago stronger in my mind.

What did Emanuel do this time? AWR Hawkins writes,

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) wants to use city contracts to punish banks that will not restrict and/or regulate clients involved in the firearms industry.

Emanuel’s ordinance is co-sponsored by Alderman Edward Burke (14th).

The Chicago Sun-Timesreported that Emanuel introduced the ordinance by saying, “When it comes to fighting for stronger, smarter gun laws Chicago is putting our money where our mouth is. The private sector has a role to play in supporting public safety. Chicago should give our business to companies who share our values and want to be part of the solution to gun violence, not profit from it.”

The ordinance would require financial institutions to file affidavits “verifying that their customers ban the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.”

To make it worse, Emanuel’s plan would make it so that banks “have to assure the city of Chicago” that they, basically, are following the idiotic directives that Citigroup’s CEO recently enacted.


It’s just mind boggling how Emanuel thinks that these regulations in Chicago will do anything to stem the tide of gun violence in that city which has been consistently some of the worst in the country despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Why does he think these new bank regulations would help?

Fortunately, unlike Citigroup, Emanuel is finding opposition in the banking industry. They aren’t the only ones who should oppose these ridiculous regulations. All pro-gun people should oppose them, too.



      • Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emmanuel is an Israeli Defence Forces veteran that wore the uniform of and bore arms for a foreign nation while he was a USA citizen.
        Therefore, the scummy (((merchant))) has vacated his citizenship and should only be allowed to smear himself here if he has a Green Card.
        The ludicrous reality of the scurfball being the mayor of a major, but really screwed up, American city is almost beyond comprehension; that also applies to his assmonkey buddy Barry Soetoro…smeared on this nation by Rahmmy and other Chitcago (((merchants))).

    • when he was elected ,he claimed resedency because his wifes wedding dress was in the crawlspace of the house that he rented while he was in washington with barry , the democratic judge upheld it saying that was good enough , burke has been a city council member for over 40 years , his democratic supreme court judge was the one that has removed term limits from the ballot twice , rahm is giving 19 acres of public park land to barry for his monument. this is all in crook county which is located in the state of corruption

  1. The Chicago circus rolls on with the usual buffoons blaming everything and everybody but themselves. The politicos should be required to live in the dangerous areas without a heavily armed contingent of bodyguards. Methinks the problem would be solved quickly!

    • Someday, Chicagoan’s will realize they are getting raped by the Democrats. They keep acting like what the people want matters. It doesn’t. They do what they want (always Democrats in Chicago) and expect the people to support them. They promise people everything and never deliver. Using that opportunity to blame it on others like gun owners or white people or any other group they think people want to hate today. I hear a lot more black people bitching about white people than I ever heard white people bitching about black people. Why? Because they are allowed to complain but white people do not have that right. It’s clearly reverse racism. I have thought that since I was small. It always seems black people can call us anything they want but not the other way around. Strange behavior for a civilized society where the population is more than 70% white. Blast me if you want. I don’t care it’s the real truth!

  2. chicago, what a great city! right. the murder capital of the u.s. which is run by the modern day equivalent of the marx brothers. wasn’t emmanuel obama’s chief of staff ? see my

  3. When is the rest of Illinois citizens going to say enough and throw the liberals out of our state. In 1800’s small bank in Southern Illinois refused to make a loan to start Chicago. Now everyone knows why. Let Chicago be its own state but they can’t without the tax dollars from rest of the state. Chicago is Illinois cesspool

  4. Not only Chicago, but every town and every state should reintroduce the Ten Commandments to their class rooms. Teach love thy neighbor…not rob, rape, and kill thy neighbors. Gun laws only change the murder method or weapon of choice.

      • But…correct if I’m wrong, what does ‘god’ have to do with anything humans do anymore? Humans have been doing what ‘god’ commanded for centuries and look where it got them?

        On second thought, maybe the message got lost somewhat in the translations and the people in Chicago–noted for its proliferation of religionism–are actually following ‘god’s commandments?

        Because, after all, wasn’t ‘god’ one of the greatest mass killers of all time? Says so right in the bibble in the first few pages?

    • Liberals (hardliners) are godless. That’s why god is missing from our society. It’s being removed by liberals. Homosexuals have no standing in the Bible so we cannot use that book for our daily lives, according to liberal thinking.

  5. First of all that information is not the mayors business in any way or form, second of all I believe the mayor thinks he is a king, and that is unconstitutional, I believe what the mayor is proposing is a form of discrimination or COLLUSION in business WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW, I’m pretty sure the mayor knows that word, maybe he should look it up and he might want o look up the definition along with it. but just in case he is not smart enough to find it in the dictionary I put it in here for him. Collusion;
    A secret agreement between two or more parties for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.
    I think that fits….

  6. Chicago is the unwashed armpit of the USA. In the late 50s, I went to Chicago for a week looking for a job. Even then it was such a Sh**hole that I had to get out before I became violent. Even back then, if you were walking down the sidewalk black males would veer into your path to intentionally bump you. My fuse was pretty short then, and I was fully capable severely injuring a person with my hands. That would have caused me serious trouble, so I got the hell out of the cesspool called Chicago. Smartest move I ever made.

  7. Chicago is surrounded by several states that are not about to join Chicago in this ploy. Anyone can drive to adjacent states to get whatever firearms they so choose and pad the coffers of those states while Chicago goes without. But I’ll bet that anyone with some illegal drugs can swap for any kind of weapon they want without going anywhere else.

  8. When will the minorities start realizing the Daly machine, of which Shithead is a member, has never helped. Hopefully they’re not stupid, just ignorant.

  9. Of course the mayor of Chicago keeps taking away the benefits of the Chicago Police Department current & retired so why should any of them do anything. Besides that they have been told NOT to TAKE action when on duty. Emanual wants Chicago to be SCARE CITY and make every day Halloween. Sure glad we have gotten out of that hell hole.

  10. The left is hellbent on destroying the Constitution and American liberties. We’d better wake up to their objective before it’s too late.

  11. Has Rahm Emanuel been drug tested? He wants to make law abiding citizens in Crimcago defenseless against the criminals!

  12. When I think of Chicago, I think of dead people voting for at least fifty years after their passing. For some reason, dead people only vote for Democrats-it would make an interesting study to know why people’s preferences in politicians so abruptly switches to Democrat after they die. The government ought to fund a study to discover why dead folks prefer socialism-free stuff ought not mean so much to dead folks.

  13. I believe that what he’s trying to do is against a Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

    • Yes it could be an element for arrest in both the commerce act and hate crimes laws depending upon specifics and interpretations…

      AND, it already IS a Crime according to 18 USCC 241 & 242 punishable by fines and up to life in prison for “whoever, under color of law, statute, regulation, or custom, willfully subject any inhabitant of any state …to the Deprivation of Any Rights, Privileges or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States …shall be fined not more than 10,000, or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. And if death results they shall be subject to imprisonment for Any Term…”

      What this means is that you can’t simply violate someone’s Constitutional Rights without breaking a law, even if you try to pass off the violation as a State or local law, which another court ruling. Millr vs. U.S. upholds because “The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land that simply CANNOT BE USURPED by any other law. So what part of that can’t Chicago ‘get’?

      Oh, they get it alright. But they don’t give a shit. Because go ahead, call the police and file a criminal complaint. Tell them your rights were violated and you want them to press the criminal charges and have them arrested according to the code of law.

      The cop will likely take the report if they think you’re serious or if you have a lawyer with you at the time of report, even if he doesn’t know what you’re talking about, and that report will be kicked up to the detectives, and they’ll kick it up to the DA or ‘state attorney’s office’ in the case of Chicago, and he’ll respond to your lawyer by saying they’ll ‘investigate’ it and then…

      You’ll never hear from them again unless you file court actions to compel and they’ll just keep saying “…still under investigation” until it, and you, run out of money and go away.

      Because, that’s how the current corrupt fucking Criminal Justice System works. Aided and abetted by a system of social brainwashing that dumbs down the sheeple into insignificant useful idiots brainwashing into letting the Neo Police State give themselves ad hoc immunity from criminal offenses against the Constitution and your liberties, courtesy of the dribble trickle down Deep State totalitarian agenda we have today.

      Again, I’ve been saying this for years, and i’ll say it every chance I get or until they take me out, there’s only one way to stop this determined and very seriously motivated gun confiscation agenda

      You can’t stop their cohort politicians from making more and more illegal laws against gun ownership because that’s all they are doing now. It would be an overwhelming task because No other issues in the world matter to them now, except total disarmament of the citizenry for easier management and control when the totalitarian hammer drops.

      But, we can repeal one important law that gives them ultimate power to seize your guns when they manipulate all these multi-faceted gun control laws to get mass convictions in order to seize your guns.

      And that is to repeal two Laws associated with the 1968 gun control act, which both deprive any convicted criminal (which will eventually be most of us if they get their political way) who breaks a law with a punishment that consists of serving over one year in jail, which is virtually everything you could be arrested for, from exercising your natural right to own a gun, forever, EVEN AFTER YOU paid your dues and are now ‘rehabilitated’ back into society, EVEN if you never used a gun in the crime or even owned one in the first place!

      Think about that for a moment? How much more blatant and bitch slapping you in the face can that be about an illegal disarmament agenda can that be?

      I mean, if you commit a crime bad enough to go to prison then you should be put there, especially if it’s Your Behavior that is the problem, and therefore it’s YOU that are banned from society. And that makes some sense for all pragmatic reality.

      But what good does it do banning your right AFTER you have served your term of punishment, and are no longer doing criminal acts, and are re-integrated back into society? Especially when the prohibition itself, can in no way preclude or prevent a former convict of a crime from getting a firearm if they want to anyway? No good, Nothing. It’s so stupidly absurd that it defies reality and logic…unless their is a sinister logic and actual plot behind it…

      Like an agenda based means to facilitate eventual all out disarmament confiscations.
      Like the one already in progress.

      If they can’t permanently prohibit (so they can physically confiscate as necessary) anyone who has committed a crime from possessing a gun, than what would be the purpose of all these Fiat laws?

      Nothing, they’d be useless in the pursuit of their totalitarian disarmament agenda. Think about that. It would even be useless and then a waste of time for them to make any more laws, or waste time enforcing the multiplicity of useless ones already in existence.

      And secondly, as mentioned in the beginning, we must get the machinery in motion to do hard striking arrests and convictions of anyone violating the 2nd, 1st, and 4th amendments which are done constantly every day, as in the article example here and by police agencies regularly.

      A 10 thousand dollar fine might not mean much to a big shot banker Exec or political warlord in a captive city spending your task dollars like it’s the last day on Earth but take him out of his million dollar office in cuffs and shackles doing the perp walk in his 2 thousand dollar custom tailored suit for the crime of violating Constitutional Rights with intentionally fraudulent Fiat laws against the people.

      …and that will quickly break the balls of their tyrannist plot to disarm us.

      maybe even permanently?

      Because you all should realize by now that there is no such thing as reasonable gun control, compromise for safety, or any other bullshit cover story for totalitarian Gun confiscations. Period. Some things cannot be equivocated for any reason because no reason, not even safety against crimes outweighs to sacred value of your self-determinate liberties. Any body who falls for this incremental chipping away at our rights is pitifully stupid.

      Even life is not more important than Freedom. Because without freedom, you have no life anyway.

      As, in “…Give me Liberty or give me death.”

      This 2nd Amendment struggle is a strange war on the people. As a life long student of and participant in warfare, I offer this observation.

      In a fight for Freedom, there’s no ties, or siege dynamic.

      If you are not winning, you are losing.

  14. Again the government is out of control! Why can’t they sit talk and come to some meaningful solutions! This is such BS isn’t this guy against the bullying. This helps nothing I’m sick of all the grand standing as if they are accomplishing something!!

  15. emanuel is still living in the obama fantasy world where — everything is beautiful as long as it is my idea. I find it very hard to believe the people of Chicago voted this POS in as mayor once let alone multiple times. Just like obama — he cares about NOTHING but himself and couldn’t care less about the people of Chicago, the city itself or what happens to it as long as he stays in power and continue with his obama-like corruption.

  16. Emanuel should be drug tested! He wants to disarm decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have guns! Emanuel is pro-criminal!!!!!

  17. rahm emanuel is a liberal ragass dumbocrat, one of the do as i say ,not as i do crowd . another word for him and his former master , obuma ,would be elitist. that is exactly what they are.

  18. When Chicago officially announces they are bankrupt thru agencies like Standard and Poors, while Trump is still in office I doubt they will get treated the same as when Bailout Barry was in office.

  19. An important quote, often attributed to Yosef Visarionovich Djugashvili known as Stalin, applies today in connection with the coming vote: “I consider it completely unimportant who will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.” This was written in response today to the early voting machines in Chicago where – whatever vote you made – the machines registered the vote for the Democrat candidate. That was discovered by a Republican candidate when his vote for himself was registered as the vote for his Democrat opponent. ACORN thugs at work there! And Rahm Emanuel – a water carrier for B. Hussein Obama – is the mayor there. The official vote fraud headquarters for the Democrats is located in Chicago and is led by Obama’s former chief of staff. Those Chicago voters known for their slogan “Vote early and often!” had “elected” Jack Kennedy over Nixon back in 1960, for example, after an “appropriate” and hasty partial recount. Many if not all voting precincts are manned by the retired people, unemployed, and by government employees union goons; these goons are paid about $15/hour for their precinct work plus the full union wages. Normal working people usually get 2 hours off on the Election Day, and are reminded to vote, if possible, outside working hours.
    I am a retired engineer (MS, PhD, Engineering, UCLA) and a few years ago I applied for as a position of precinct worker; I was rejected as being not smart enough (my IQ was measured some years ago at 165) by the county vote clerk here in Las Vegas. Now I remembered the immortal words of that humanity benefactor Stalin, with a special meaning for this former refugee from a communist hell.

  20. Unfortunately the Chicago political machine like other crime corrupt cities have no clue about cause and affect. Most crime cause is illegial drugs . Guns is the major affect not the cause. Any political person on local state or federal level that in any way opposed protection of our borders with all means necessary are either. Fools stupid or corrupt.

  21. Rahm Emanuel and his demon-communist-cRATS are trying to turn Chicago into Detroit. They will soon succeed.


  23. Chicago is engaged in a serious competition with Baltimore and New York for the title of “Murder capital” of the USA. One is forced to think – more gun controls = more murders.

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