Dick’s Goes From Selling Guns To Destroying Guns


What do you call a sporting goods store that doesn’t carry many of the things necessary for one of the most popular sports in the world?

Apparently, you call them Dick’s Sporting Goods because Dick’s no longer carries “assault-style firearms.” In other words, if it looks like it could be scary, then Dick’s pulled it from their shelves. But, they didn’t stop with that foolishness. Kathleen Joyce writes,

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Monday it will destroy all of the unsold firearms it pulled off store shelves in February after the deadly Parkland school shooting.

The sports retailer decided to destroy the assault-style rifles instead of returning them to the manufacturer, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported. On Feb. 28, 2018, the Pittsburgh-based company announced it would immediately stop selling assault-style rifles and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21. It was not immediately clear how many firearms will be destroyed.

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change,” a spokesperson from Dick’s Sporting Goods told the media outlet. “We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

The rifles will be demolished at distribution centers and then delivered to a salvage company to be recycled.

Now, if that isn’t virtue signalling at its stupidest, I don’t know what is, and I’m sure that Dick’s stockholders will appreciate that the company will squander a good portion of their profits (if not all of them) to unnecessarily destroy perfectly good merchandise that they don’t want to sell because they want to appease nutcase anti-gunners.


Look, it’s a free country, and Dick’s can make any decision that they want that is legal, even if it is stupid, but, if you’re like me, then you aren’t going to be shopping with them for any sporting goods whatsoever.

Who knows? They might get paranoid that a kid might break their ankle in a soccer game (I’ve seen it happen) and decide to pull all of their cleats and shin guards. If this trend keeps up, you won’t be able to buy anything at Dick’s except politically correct non-sports items which wouldn’t allow little Johnny from doing anything fun because it might hurt him.

Dick’s made a stupid move with this one, and they don’t deserve any of our business because of it.



  1. dick’s,what a bunch of self righteous clowns. i guess car dealers should stop selling cars and then scrap them because people can get killed in one. dick’s has really stupid logic.


    • I’ll NEVER set foot in a Dicks store again, I am 67 and yes I am an NRA member, have been for many years, Dicks has lost its mind, they’ve gone cookoo like a clock that won’t work!

    • Some people who write on these pages need to learn the difference between “There and Their”! What school did you people go to anyway? I hope Dicks goes bankrupt!

    • Boycotts worked against KMart. Their spokesperson Rosie O’Donald verbally attacked Mr. Heston, Mr. Sellect and the NRA.

    • Ditto here, This could be their biggest mistake. I believe there are more gun owners than non gun owners in areas that they exist.

      • I used to buy all my kids gear there now I wont
        Spend a dime there piss on them ! Boycott boycott!! Big 5 is the place to go spread the word as I wont spend my hard earned money there ever again …stupid move on there part !
        Looks like just another anti American run company just screwed it self again.

        • thats the way to get at them… just don’t buy anything from them, as far as destroying guns.. its their money! their Loss

        • Im sure they wont miss your
          big expenditures. I can tell by your writing and tone that you dont make any meaningful money.

    • AMEN!
      Not that it would have any impact on them on likely would fall on their deaf ears, it would be grand if MANY Legal Gun Owners were to coordinate in the cities they do business and have group protesting outside of their businesses.
      It might not do any good and if there were to be media in attendance they’d spin it anyway, but hopefully management would get the word how ticked off their (former) patrons happened to be.

  2. We are an extreme sporting family but will never spend another cent in this store. I come from a large family and we have all agreed unanimously to boycott and to encourage those we socialize with to do the same. Any business that has so much operating income that they can afford to destroy these type of firearms don’t need our money.

  3. And when dick’s discovers that this won’t stop the senseless shooting. A gun is only as dangerous as the idiot behind it. We all should know with out the guns we would not the rights we have. We would be under Parliamentary Law, from England.

  4. I’ll wait around for the chain closing. That’s the outcome of being self righteous and not serving customers. Several smart gun manufacturers have already said they will no longer do business with them and I know a lot of people who also won’t. It’s only a matter of time before they run out of Chinese goods to sell that Amazon has for buck or two cheaper. There is a major lesson coming to Dick’s, it will arrive swiftly and be over quickly.

  5. Hope Dick’s goes down the tubes real fast, as fast as they turned their back on their customers

  6. I’m an avid outdoorsman and will never purchase anything from Dick’s Sporting again.



  8. I suppose you will want to raise prices on everything else you have to cover your losses on semi-auto firearms. I’ll shop somewhere else where such stupidity isn’t practiced.

  9. After destroying all the guns, they failed to mention they destroyed their business. Maybe if enough
    Leftists shop there they can keep the doors open selling mountain bikes and Birkenstocks. If they changed the store to Abortions “R” us, profits from the Left would likely go through the roof.

  10. Goodbye Dick’s. Your stupidity has no bounds. I will no longer do business with you and recommend to all my friends and relatives to boycott your stores

  11. every time my wife and i went to dick heads store, some sales clerk would follow you around the store, like you were going steel some thing. many of my friend told me it happened to them,hope the m—– f—–s fall flat on their face and go out of business. yeah buddy they can kiss my white a–.

  12. What small amount of business I might have done at Dick’s will most definitely be done elsewhere.

  13. we buy a lot of sporting goods every year but we will never go their agine as well as the nfl games I hope they are now happy when they go out of bussnes lol

  14. A few months back I was thinking about checking out Dicks,as I am a customer of Duluth Trading And Bass Pro Shops. I won’t waste my time now. Good luck Dick!!

  15. If Dicks wants to put itself out of business. Then they are sure going about it in a head long rush. I guess that their corporate thinking (or lack of it). Is to turn themselves into an upscale t-shirt boutique the same way that Abercrombe and Fitch did. So many years ago. Good Luck with that.

  16. Way to go Dicks,what a Dick Dick is. Boycott Dicks I mean Dickcott Dicks, Dicks sucks hind tit. I guess what I am trying to say is”F_ _ k Dicks”

  17. I will be sure NOT to purchase anything from Dicks……………. They could not supply Switzerland where each and every citizen is required to own a GUN for protection. They have a very low crime rate……….

  18. I’m an avid sportsmen and besides myself my family of 5 will never purchase anything from Dicks again. Not only do we hunt but we boat,bicycle,fish,sports,etc. We will go back to our local sporting goods store.

  19. I told dicks what they are supporting so they are un American and do not want freedom for the American people. This is a sporting goods store I can not support, because they don’t support freedom.

  20. I went into a Dick’s store in Baton Rouge, LA and did not like the feel of the store. Was asked only once if I could be helped. I did not care for the lay-out of the store–was hard to find what I was interested in and things were expensive. I ordered several items off the internet after I got back home. Part of the order got screwed up by being damaged in transit. No more purchases from Dick’s from me!

  21. My friends and family have shopped at Dick’s for thirty some years. We were shocked to see their ante gun rant. We will no longer shop at any of Dick’s stores. It is not the gun stupid. Sheriff Israel’s policies in Florida where the school shootings took place enabled the shooter to carry out the murders of the 17 children and Teachers. The Sheriff has their blood on his hands. It was sicking to watch Sheriff Israel blame everyone but himself. The shooter will spend the rest of his life in Prison. Sheriff Israel should be thrown out of office and every family should bring Suit against him that lost a love one because of his stupid policies.

    • Well said.
      Sheriff Israel turned out to be a wanker himself and I hope he is voted out of office ASAP.
      Actually if prefer that he be tossed from office with a recall election where he got the best of the WORST political exposure and NEVER AGAIN can get a job as an LEO.
      Better yet, no job besides flipping burgers or raking up dog sh*t.
      He isn’t qualified for either of them near as I can tell.
      Time for KARMA to bite him square in the ass!

  22. Obviously “Dicks” does not desire my business… over the years, with multiple sons, I have spent many dollars at this company. Outdoors, sports, scouts, hunting, fishing… and of course .. “guns and ammo.” I am sure other retailers will be happy to supply us with our needs.

    Just the thoughts of a responsible adult and parent…

  23. The author said it already. Bending over backwards to appease ignorant morons is stupid. It makes more sense from an environmental and financial point of view to simply send the firearms back or if the sales were final and no refunds or buy backs were offered then they could make arrangements or some kind of deal with another retailer or independent gun shops to sell off whatever they have in inventory.
    Sending the guns someplace to be melted down and recycled means time and resources were wasted to acquire the materials, ship raw materials and parts, and in packaging and transport.
    Also consider the time, money and labor to forge, mill, and heat treat the metals before or after the application of paint, bluing or polishing and then the assembly, packaging and shipping of the finished products. All those carbon footprints made in or to the environment were made in vain. They should ask anti-gun proponents to pay for the firearms and in addition they should make huge donations to organizations that improve and rebuild the environment. Typical of liberals…. they only pursue pushing the agenda without considering possible repercussions or negative effects as a result of their narrow focus and desire to posture and demonstrate that they are the good people and just doing what is right. The narrow corridors of a liberal mind leaves no room to expand one’s thinking or to take a different direction.

  24. I will no longer shop at Dicks sporting goods. I have bought a lot of stuff from them past, but no more. Dicks you really messed up this time.

  25. I immediately stopped shopping @Dick’s and told the store manager why – which costs his store over $2,000 annually.

  26. Boy, it’s a good thing I don’t own any stock in Dick’s, by now I’d be under arrest for beating the Board of Directors to death with a 2×4 carved to look like an assault rifle, painted black. From a 52-week high of$48.24, they closed today at $32.38

  27. When a Non-Gun “Evil-looking” Weapon Sporting Goods store “stops” supporting the portions of inventory that allow “legal” gun owners a chance to enjoy the exhilaration shooting a target or “hunt”. They will eventually fail in Business ! K-Mart, owned by a “Chinese” firm found out, substandard products or policies “will” cause your business to suffer ! David Hogg and the survivors of the Parkland shooting are “Children”, Not “Policy makers”, Not Adults, or Law enforcement ! So who Gives A Fck !, about what they have to say ! Not once have I heard that those “Children” made any attempt to confront their “supposed” friend or stop the shooter ! The Deputy Dawgs didn’t either ! Their experience may have been traumatic, but so was my time in the Gulf War, and I’m not wanting to go out and shoot anybody ! So tell the “Liberal” media to FO, or change the channel ! Quit feeding these simpering fools, No More ! These “Shooters” are usually social outcasts by people like David Hogg and his clicke of “We’re Superior” children ! Quit blaming the Guns, “Libitards”, start blaming the real issue, Social “Blacklisting” and bitchy pablum sucking crybaby’s !

  28. I wonder how this move will be viewed by Dick’s stockholders? Could a new board of directors be in Dick’s future? Until sanity is restored to this company, I will shop elsewhere . . . cause elsewhere is not a dick.

  29. Dick’s has never really been enthusiastic about selling guns, particularly handguns and militaristic
    looking long guns. They were only sold in their Field and Stream stores. Any boycotts should include both.

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