Wilson Now Offering Sniper Rifles Chambered in .224 Valkyrie

Photo courtesy Wilson Combat.

Ammunition can make all the difference in your shot. It not only affects if you have the power to get where you need to go, but it impacts the accuracy of your shot, too. With this in mind, some people, like Mark Keefe, are calling .224 Valkyrie a big deal in the ammunition world. Keefe writes about his first time using that ammunition:

I can tell you that it’s real. I watched Drew and others nail the 1,000-yd. targets time after time, after time. There were also some other very experienced long-range shooters there who dropped the .224 Valkyrie on target so often that it became almost monotonous. And then I stepped back up, focused on the fundamentals and started ringing steel, too.

Now, if that excites you, then you might be really excited to know that Wilson Combat now offers The Super Sniper and Recon Tactical models chambered for .224 Valkyrie. Some people may have difficulty telling the difference between those two models, and they are similar to each other. So, here is an excerpt of the answer that Wilson Combat gave to a writer going by Hrachya H when asked about the two models:

The main bodies of the rifles are going to be similar in all aspects. Both models will have billet receiver sets and M-Lok hand guards at the 13.8″ length. Also they will both come equipped with the Rogers Super-Stoc and also BCM Gunfighter grip dressed with our insignia. Both the Super Sniper and Recon models are offered in all colors of Armor Tuff, but if the individual chooses to upgrade they can have any of the additional coatings of Combat Tuff or one of our Camo patterns for an additional cost. The main difference between the models of Super Sniper and Recon is going to be barrel profile. The Super Sniper has a larger diameter barrel profile to keep the absolute lowest amount of barrel flex that we can guaranty. This assists with the increased velocity that can cause a rise in barrel temperature. This is improved even further by the additional fluting we offer on each barrel design. Both models maintain our accuracy guaranty of a 1″ group or less at 100 yards.

Now, both of these models look sharp (you can see The Super Sniper in the photo above) and, based on the specs, look like they’ll do whatever job that you need them to do (except imitate a Hollywood blockbuster’s delusional sound of a pistol with a silencer), so, if you’re in the market for a new rifle or want to do some sharp shooting, these may be two models worth considering, especially since they are available for use with .224 Valkyrie ammunition.



  1. While I no longer shoot Long Range Competition, defined as 600 yards and beyond, out to and including 1000 yards, I used to do this regularly with a Garand Rifle I once owned, and later on with a Model 70 Winchester Standard Target Rifle, as thy were then described, in caliber 30-06. I shot with IRON SIGHTS almost exclusively.

    That said, I find myself curious about a couple of points in the above article.

    1. Who came up with this foolishness about Sniper Rifle?
    2. Does whomever it was really intend to give the Anti Gun types “ammunition”?

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