Court Gives Smack Down To California Magazine Ban


You’ve no doubt heard about anti-gunners’ attempts to reduce gun violence by banning “large capacity” clips. What you may not know (but is unlikely to be a surprise to you) is that the State of California has already passed legislation banning clips holding more than 9 rounds.

‘Cause, you know, that’s going to prevent a determined shooter from hurting people, but I digress…

At this point, you may be feeling a bit frustrated with all the stupidity in the California government, but there is good news to report about this law: it’s not being enforced, at least for the time being. An article from the NRA notes:


California Rifle and Pistol Association lawyers, with the support of the NRA, sought an injunction against the magazine possession ban, arguing the law violated the Second Amendment as well as Americans’ due process rights. A federal district court judge agreed and issued a preliminary injunction before the law was set to go into effect. California appealed the decision.

On Tuesday, the 9th Circuit upheld the injunction.

That is definitely good news and a step in the right direction in the efforts to keep gun grabbers from making people less safe by taking away their guns.

Unfortunately, though, this situation is not over as a trial court still has to rule on whether the law will stand or be overturned. Again, from the NRA:

Meanwhile, in the trial court, a motion for summary judgment is pending and a ruling on the merits of the case is expected soon. Regardless of the outcome, the case will most certainly be appealed again to the 9th Circuit. By that time, the Supreme Court will likely have a new justice who respects the right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment.

In other words, the recent injunction is simply a hold on California going fully stupid on the issue of the size of magazines. Hopefully, the trial court will have their heads screwed on straight, too, and this whole law will be thrown out.

Until then, if you live in California and value your freedoms and your right to bear arms, you may want to consider moving to a location with fewer crazy people in office.



  1. Why do the Democrats want to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in California? Sounds like they are pro-criminal! Lock up the criminals and crazies. Problem solved. It worked in the 1950’s. It will work now!

    • They are pro criminal wanting illegal immigrants, ms13 gangs, democratic leaders calling for violence and liberal judges and juries throwing out charges for everything including unprovoked murder

    • You don’t know by now that the democrats are for everything ILLEGAL , the Constitution worked well for 200+ years along with Patriotism and GOD .
      We have had guns scene the beginning of this country 200+ years ago , NOW GUNS ARE A PROBLEM no it’s a PEOPLE PROBLEM …

    • Democrats really don’t care to do anything about criminals – just look at the recent propositions that were passed which shorten many prison sentences or make crimes that were previously felonies into misdemeanors! The real reason they pass so many gun laws is simply to take ALL firearms out if the hands of the general public, so that they can decide who can own firearms – only those who support their Socialist form of government.

  2. Umm, that would be magazines (not clips) that hold more than TEN rounds, not nine. It is legal to load up to ten plus one, if your gun allows. 1911 owners (except in 9 mm) need not apply.

  3. I am continually reminded of the stupidity of the California government. But when they lose that battle, they may misconstrue and create laws concerning citizens. We lack sufficient evidence on mental health to determine with any accuracy that someone is really dangerous to themselves or to the public. I follow this issue closely with what I see on PBS and with the doctors I contact on occasion.

  4. California. A good place to not visit. Thats the message I receive. And I agree. My vacation dollars will not be enjoyed by California.

  5. Let them pass a law banning clips greater than 10 rounds. Won’y affect magazines at all.

  6. California government is nuts. The one other thing disappointing about your article is referring to magazines as “clips”. No M-1 Garands involved, therefore no “clips”. I know, I’m being picky, but it drives me crazy when people use the wrong nomenclature.

  7. We did move from Calif at the end of lat year just because for the govt stupidity

  8. We moved to Arizona & it is so nice being treated like a responsible adult rather then a 3 year old.

  9. You did say, a ban on high cap. CLIPS. don’t these people know the difference between a clip and a mag?

    • No – They don’t. And if you ask the new anti-gun poster boy De Leon, he will tell you that a 30 round mag will empty in quote: “”1/2 second””

  10. Fortunately I live in a part of California ran by republicans.
    Shasta county.
    The people here have no problem getting ccw permits.
    Unfortunately the South control who will be voted in to run the state.
    A bunch of liberals.
    Hopefully they will pull thier heads out of that dark smelly place and decide to make some real change.
    California has been in the craphole to long

  11. Sounds like you’re talking about the Great NANNY state of Massachusetts. Where you can’t have AR15 or anything similar or any mags over 10 really rounds

  12. There must be a disclaimer in any future Second Amendment Protecting law or act or code that will stipulate that with California government proving that they are unqualified to create reasonable firearms related law, they certainly are not capable of determination as to a persons mental health – This state being the Mecca of Liberal Mental disorder! California should be disallowed any new legislation for twenty-twenty-five years to allow folks to recover from the last 50 years of nonsense.

  13. who gives a shit, when those ass holes get robbed, raped and children die put up the sign
    we give up take all we got. NOT HERE, YOU DIE!!!

  14. They need to vote the crap heads out of office! Jerry Brown should be in n insane asylum. The California Attorney General is corrupt and should be deported or exiled as unAmerican.

  15. The next Insane gun law that needs to be overturned in California is the law that requires that guns being carried in any car, MUST be locked in the trunk,..which, of coarse, means that honest citizens cannot use their guns to defend against a carjacker, AND that the carjacker will be pleased to find a gun in the trunk. Such gun, then, can be used to commit more gun related crime, which will , then give the same liberals who passed the law requiring guns to be locked in the trunk, to call for, even , more insane gun laws, to only be followed by,..’LAW ABIDING, people’,..while allowing , yet, more guns to fall into criminal hands,..

    Is this crazy or what./?

    • Crazy, yeah. To them, it’s normal. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia = The biggest circle-jerk in the history of forever…

    • When you are called to jury duty, how about acquitting any and all defendents who are being prosecuted for so-called violations of the state’s ridiculous gun-control laws? That will drive the goofy liberal nuts. Please imagine what can happen when the so-called goofy authorities )liberals( realize that the people will not convict for violations of said laws? Hey! Let’s all of us get through our heads that our lives are far more important than statutes?

  16. Okay I’m limited to a 10 round mag so I carry more mags and practice reloading more if I can’t hit what I’m shooting at with the first 10 shots I don’t need to be carrying

  17. I agree with you all. I just hope NJ, can get into this game too. Our new Gov. Signed 6 anti-gun laws before his seat got warm. That and increased taxes decreased school spending, all the while giving any illegal aliens free college. Ya just can’t make this s#$t up!

  18. I agree gov Brown is and has always been a joke. How he screwed CA up then he runs and gets voted into office for 2 more terms is ridiculous. Ppl need to stop voting Democrat just because you registered as one. It’s ok to vote for anyone you feel is going to be standing up for your rights. They all take an oath to uphold and follow the Constitution. Yet it appears they make up there own laws and rules. Attorney general Xavier Becerra is an idiot. He’s using tax payers money suing Trump just because he can. I grew up in CA and had a CCW. I then moved out of state for about 10yrs and when I came back they wouldn’t accept my CCW because I live in Los Angeles CA and the sheriff won’t issue a CCW unless I prove my life’s in eminent danger. By that time I’m dead. How stupid is that. I’ve got permits from 2 different states yet can’t get one better where I live. Which happens to be one of the most crime ridden cities in the country. I think my life is in eminent danger every day I walk out ny door.

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