Pro-Gun Activists Are Now Protesting Maryland Legislature For Trying To Grab Their Guns


For far too long, anti-gun activists seem to have been the only people protesting about guns. But, it looks like that situation has finally changed.

In Maryland, Second Amendment supporters have finally had enough and are starting to use anti-gunners’ techniques against them. Dan Zimmerman shares “an email from Jeff Hulbert, founder of Maryland-based pro-Second Amendment organization, Patriot Picket,” who wrote,

We have been staging “We Will Not Comply” demonstrations at the Maryland State Capitol all this past week, and have occupied ALL the seats in day-long hearings on gun bills.

Hulbert continues,


Our presence has prompted Democrat legislators to tweet objections and complaints. Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary wasn’t happy to see us.

Neither was Shannon Watts, head of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demanding Action gun control operation. She complained that our “Will Not Comply” promise is a threat and labeled us “gun extremists.”

The secretary of the MD Democrat Party, Robbie Leonard, has lost his job for a Facebook post calling us “homegrown terrorists” who should be “doxed” and have our personal info spewed on the internet[.]

Zimmerman shared this email on March 2, 2019, and Hulbert said that, at the time of the writing of that email, his organization is planning to go back to the Maryland state capital to do it all again, and they hope to spark this type of protest movement across the country.

All we can say is, “Good for them!” It’s good to see the good guys (and ladies) giving anti-gunners a taste of their own medicine, and it seems that the anti-gunners didn’t care for it one bit. Of course, considering the grief that they’ve given with their tactics, I don’t feel the least bit of sympathy in seeing it dished out on them in return.

So, if your state is trying to pass gun control legislation, you may want to consider taking up the Patriot Picket challenge and organizing a protest at your state’s capitol, too.



  1. The Maryland DemoRATS legislators are a totally disgrace. The anti-gun types lack knowledge and competence to make laws on any 2nd Amendment issues. The Governor is a RINO and has not supported gun rights.

  2. The 2nd Amendment says it all VERY CLEAR. “A well-regulated MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the people to keep and bear arms,shall not be infringed.”
    All these so called new laws are UNJUST and UNLAWFUL!!!

  3. An d it dose limit the type or magazine capacity either. About 15 or 16 years go I sat in a pub by the bay with some friends, I do not remember where exactly. They gave a little history of the fight for freedom that took place there. Seems some have forgot.!!! or never were taught in our schools today. Looks you are starting another revolution. Keep up the good work, and I think I shall try that tactic here in Wyoming. Although we are pretty free here, the democrats are tryinng to ignrant laws passed. Rd flag is one. You wave a red flag at bull get ready to run. LOL>?

      • I don’t understand your comme4nt. There is a Maryland Militia, and it is apparently part of the Maryland military infrastructure. [Back before Desert Shield, I approached my Republican Congress “person” for help because I had applied to the Navy Reserve & was approved to enlist, but their papers
        came back 3 days too late and I was suddenly to old.” …….. My “congress person” then suggested I join the Maryland Militia.
        Never heard of it? ….. Neither had I.

        • The whole part of a militia is it doesn’t have to be formal, run by or even for the government. It can be citizens of like mind, even those who do not obey the laws they believe unfair. You can be a militia of one, if you choose.

  4. Thank God for this ( these people ) protest. We need to be protesting a lot more , but like many people I’m working but we need to protest against the anti’s , anti gunners , anti religion , what ever that are trying to take our rights away. I hadn’t thought about protesting until now that I read about it but thank God that some people did.

  5. I live in Pennsylvania and I am a NRA member and 2nd Amendment supporter along with NAGR ( National Association for Gun Rights). Pennsylvania is a Democrat OWNED STATE. Sorry to have to say that, but true! Our Democratic Governor in Harrisburg, TOM WOLF (RABID GUN HATER) and all his robot cronies along with our share of RINO’S in congress have declared war on OUR 2nd Amendment. Here are the Anti-Second Amendment Bills they are pushing. SB 198: this bill would ban more patriotic citizens from gun ownership! People with felonies on their record are already banned from having guns. This DemocRAT senator wants a ban on people with misdemeanors added to their “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” sinister list! Here is another one House Bill 159: Introduced by a traitor Republican AKA RINO! He wants MORE road blocks and COSTS of ownership stacked in front of Legal Gun Owners! Ban private gun sales along with transfers of firearms to family members, Federal Data Base, Universal Background checks etc. None of this Bullshit they’re Puk’in out Will in ‘NO WAY”!! keep the bad guys from any weapons, NONE! These Traitors to our Country are attempting to Disarm American citizens so they can waltz in and turn ‘OUR UNITED STATES” into a “THIRD WORLD DICTATORSHIP”! Please Help Defend our Freedoms. Support Our 2nd Amendment.

    • Dear Barry 🙂
      This protest movement is not only good but also LONG overdue. I need to contact the people in my state and find out when the Commiecrats are messing with our 2nd and 1st Amendment rights. And when there IS a protest, to join it. We need to be better informed, and ready to proudly protest their garbage. I am a lifetime soldier. And the first sentence of my enlistment oath is to defend the United States Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. My term of service may have expired, but my enlistment oath has not. To protest against these attacks against our Constitution is to serve our country. I HAVE TO CONTACT THE CORRECT PEOPLE IN MY AREA AND BE READY TO SERVE MY COUNTRY AGAIN.

  6. I am a resident of Maryland and would like to know who to contact to join this organization! Please leave contact info on any of the gun rights organization websites, especially Prepared Gun Owners, and I will respond soonest! Tnx for your efforts!

  7. Born in PA, that has turned to crap 💩 ditto CA, ten years and look 👀 what it has become. 💩
    Then CT….more💩. Then MD, you guessed it, more💩. Now in Texas, nobody will take my guns.
    The Old Gringo

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