Anti-Gun Former Sheriff Politician Loses Own Gun


Sometimes people advocate certain ideas because they are trying to get someone else to regulate their own problems. Like the politician who wants to regulate banking by passing laws to prevent kiting checks because they can’t balance their own checkbook. Or the politician who wants stronger regulations against prostitution but is, then, busted for hiring prostitutes.

Or maybe the politician who wants strict gun control laws and laws punishing parents for their kids stealing and using their firearms who, then, can’t find the 9mm pistol which was loaned to her while she was an active sheriff.

Yeah, that last one isn’t hypothetical. It’s actually what is happening to Texas gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez. reports:


Lupe Valdez was sheriff for 13 years before stepping down in December to become a longshot challenger to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. In a statement, spokesman Juan Bautista Dominguez said “it is possible that this weapon could have been stolen or misplaced during Sheriff Valdez’s moving transition and she is working with Dallas County Sheriff Department to locate the firearm.”

So, this is ludicrous enough. A former sheriff should know about gun safety and ensuring thatĀ theirĀ firearm’s location is always known and that safety is maintained. So, for Valdez to lose a weapon that was her responsibility to maintain control of is absolutely unacceptable.

But, if you want an even more ludicrous turn to this whole fiasco, here is more fun from

Valdez has accused Abbott of insufficiently addressing gun safety in the wake of a gunman killing 10 people at a high school near Houston in May. The governor responded to the shooting with a 43-page plan that included improving gun storage safety laws.

In June, Valdez wrote in an editorial in the Houston Chronicle that parents should be held accountable if “reckless storage of weapons” allows children to gain access to a firearm.

That’s right, Valdez criticized the current Governor of Texas for being weak on gun safety, and she also wants to punish parents for their kids getting access to their firearms. But Valdez seems pretty slack on gun safety and keeping her gun out of other people’s hands, too.

Typical hypocritical anti-gunner politician. Absolutely ridiculous.



  1. None of these anti gun politicians care anything about public safety, or protecting the kids. Their goal is to get all the guns away from the Citzens. They all know, just as I do, that they can’t take over the country, as long as the people are armed.

    • You are absolutely correct. I don’t understand why the entire public can’t see that. I think maybe if the students today were to be taught history and how this has been done before and for what purpose, as in Germany before the war, this kind of thing may not be going on today.

  2. The liberal politicians (Democrats) only want gun confiscation so they can completely control every aspect
    of your life….it will be a dictatorship ….there will no longer be any freedom of any kind under their rule…so as Patric Henry said: give me liberty of give me death….

  3. If this were a pro-gun politician this would be all over the news..I doubt if we will hear much more of this. Unfortunately intelligence doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite for running for public office..and I doubt it ever was.

  4. I never cared for her politics, but the missing gun has been located in the Sheriff’s Department Property Room. It was turned in when she left that department, but it was not properly logged in. The is has been published in The Dallas Morning News.

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