3 Tips To Avoid Getting Robbed Like Kim Kardashian In Paris


Recently, celebrity Kim Kardashian made headlines again.

This time it wasn’t for “breaking the internet” with nude photos …

It was because she was the victim of a home invasion where she was robbed at gun point in Paris, France.


Since everyone is already talking about it (even Hillary Clinton) let’s quickly see what we can learn from this incident.

Kim K Got Robbed At Gun Point In Paris, France During A Home Invasion …

Kim Kardashian was in Paris for fashion week and staying at an apartment when she became the victim of a home invasion/armed robbery late at night.

Multiple armed men — according to some reports dressed as policemen — broke into her apartment at the Hôtel de Pourtalès, restrained her with zip ties and duct tape, and robbed her of anywhere from $4 to $10 million worth of jewelry.

While the internet goes crazy talking about it, let’s learn something from it.

1. Gun Control Does NOT Stop Criminals From Using Guns

I am putting this first, because I must be honest I was actually with the NRA when I first heard about this robbery who posted immediately about how the VERY strict gun control laws in Paris did nothing to protect Kim K from getting robbed at gun point:



This is because Kim Kardashian has been VERY outspoken … and I would hasten to point out … VERY wrong on supporting gun control.

From spreading the myth of the “terror watch list” propaganda to thinking that more gun control will stop criminals.


To outright misinformation — because she’s ignorant of the facts (I said ignorant, not stupid, calm down) — saying things like you can just buy guns online like an Amazon.com order with no background checks:

It’s a fact that Paris, France has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the world.

In fact, guns are practically impossible to get for the average civilian there. Actually carrying a gun legally (concealed or open carry) is truly impossible as I understand it.

Despite all this we’ve seen at least three major terrorist attacks in France in 2015-2016. In all cases, the terrorists were heavily armed with guns like AK-47’s (definitely illegal to own in France). Because Terrorists always get around gun control laws.  And gun control simply won’t prevent mass shootings or terrorist attacks.

And then Kim K gets robbed at gun point recently

In short, gun control does not work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The ONLY thing gun control does is keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who need those guns for self-defense.

As the GOA re-tweeted: “Its terrible that Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint. Its worse that she couldn’t shoot back.” Amen to that.



2. Don’t Flash Your Valuables And Location All Over Social Media

Kim K posted to various social media accounts days before the robbery both where she was and pictures of the valuables she had. Like this post from a few days earlier of a new ring worth more than $4 million according to some sources.

Obviously this let the robbers know 1. Where she was and 2. What valuable items she had that they could steal. The robbers specifically demanded to know where the ring was according to one source I read. They came looking for it because she advertised it.

Don’t do this!

We all have stuff that robbers might want to steal.

Almost all of us also have Social Media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever else is in fashion when you read this.

It’s probably not a good idea to flash all the stuff you have that robbers might want to steal all over social media — along with — posting your location (or where you are going to be).

Be careful, because many of these social media accounts will automatically “tag” photos with GPS-derived locations — automatically putting you at risk. Find a way to turn off that setting and/or don’t use it if at all possible.

And be careful what you post on social media that might display your wealth. This is a judgement call you’ll have to make at where you draw the line. I know lots of gun guys that post all their guns on instagram … on the one hand they’re advertising all the guns that they have that someone could steal … on the other hand they’re advertising they’re well armed.

Again, think it through — whatever you post on social media the entire world (including all the “bad guys”) are going to see it.

3. You Should Learn How To Escape Common Restraints Because Home Invaders Like To Use These

TMZ posted a blow-by-blow of the home invasion robbery like this …

“Our sources say … Kim was lying in bed with only her robe on when she heard boots pounding up the stairs of her 2 story apartment.

We’re told Kim saw at least one masked man and another wearing a police hat through a sliding glass door. She knew something was amiss, so she rolled off the bed and tried dialing her bodyguard on her cell phone.

Before she could finish dialing one of the men yanked the phone out of her hands. They zip tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and duct taped her to make it more secure. We’re told one of the men grabbed her by the ankles … Kim told cops at that point she believed she was about to be raped.

The robbers duct taped her ankles, picked her up and put her in the bathtub. She then started screaming … begging them not to kill her because she had babies. She went on to say she had money and they could take whatever they wanted.”

This is reality people.

In a lot of home invasions, the victims are restrained.

The criminals favor zip ties, rope and duct tape.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1 out of every 5 homes will be the victim of a break-in or home invasion. And get this: 38% of violent assaults and 60% of rapes occur during a home invasion.

Kim K may only be alive and/or not raped because she is a celebrity. It’s a sad truth that the police investigation and response would have been much more severe if a celebrity was killed/raped than if this was a “normal” Paris civilian who was not famous. The robbers may have left her alone because they feared the retaliation.

Either way, it would be good if you learned how to escape common restraints such as rope, zip ties and duct tape that home invaders like to use. It’s not that hard and will go a long way towards keeping you calm in a situation like this.

My good friend and former CIA officer Jason Hanson teaches this in his Spy Escape & Evasion Course. This method #1 works well with zip ties and duct tape:

When you are getting ziptied, make sure you keep your elbows together and bend forward.

Next, you need to have the lock in the middle of your hands. This allows you to pop the lock, later. If the lock is not in the middle of your hands, you need to maneuver it, or use your teeth to reposition the lock.

zip-tie-restraint-escape-jason-hansons-evasion-methods6Put your hands over the head, come down past your hips out to the side. The lock will pop right off.




The video below shows how this is done as well to get out of duct tape:

You can see method #2 here or check out his full live training course.

The Bottom Line Is That — No Matter Who You Are — Your Self-Protection Is Your Responsibility

Learn from Kim K’s experience and these three tips.

Remember, even a celebrity with bodyguards and people paid to protect her can be vulnerable.

The cops can’t help you in a situation like this.

I’m just very thankful that Kim’s child wasn’t with her that night.

Your self-protection and the protection of your family is YOUR responsibility.

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of PreparedGunOwners.com. He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the UndergroundAssaultRifle.com course.


    • #4 Don’t travel with more displayed wealth than you can lose to thieves, even if your first name is “Kim”. “You can’t fix stupid”. Sounds like an insurance scam ! No posted guards ? Thieves just happened to be driving by in police uniforms and randomly chose her rented apartment ? RIGHT !

      • I’m sure if you read the article, you’d realize they didn’t just “randomly choose” her apt. They obviously monitored her social media accounts to see where she was staying and what jewelry she had. They specifically demanded the ring she displayed on instagram for example …

    • YES! Since Victim Disarmament is the effect of gun control, it worked really well; AND she will end up with “a hitlery charge” for Insurance Fraud.

  1. She never changed her routine and she let her body guard go to her sisters for her protection…..she is either using this for a insurance scam or her security people are just plain stupid….

    • Given she truly believes gun control keeps guns away from criminals — I’m willing to believe it is just naivete — that nobody would do this to her.

  2. We already have gun control. If you don’t think so, try to buy a gun. What we need is criminal control.

  3. use common sense and don’t carry all that stuff around. when your ego is as big as her butt is than you are looking for trouble. i still say this was all just a stunt to keep her show ratings from sagging as low as her bust and butt are.

  4. what does (11mil$$) worth of jewelry even look like,maybe her
    honey Ky, put a hit out on her stuff.,you know insurance, and all,
    no matter you don’t have a gun,you’re a sitting duck.

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