They Seemed To Hate This Carbine. Should You?

Image Courtesy Hi-Point Firearms

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to firearms, and, with so many options, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to dislike certain models in any type of gun.

For example, take carbines. Maybe you like a specific brand or you have a preferences in materials or type of ammunition. And, if you’re like most people, these preferences can be very strong.

A case in point is a recent review of Hi-Point’s 10mm carbine. Candice Horner calls it “quality garbage.” For example, when describing how the firearm looks, Horner writes,


Hi-Point’s 1095TS 10mm carbine is the epitome of “you get what you pay for.” It’s no secret Hi-Point makes budget guns. “You have to take into consideration the entire Hi-Point line of firearms were built to be affordable for anyone, including the poor,” said David Kiwacka, social media director of MKS Supply, the sales, marketing, and fulfillment arm of Hi-Point.

At first glance, the 1095TS looks like a chunky toy gun found in the clearance aisle of Dollar General. With so much plastic making up the carbine, it doesn’t look like a high-end firearm. Hi-Point stayed within its low-cost manufacturing niche with the carbine models, using die-cast metals and polymer.

So, from the start of Horner’s review, they seem to hate this firearm. The irony in the review is that, after firing the weapon, Horner actually seemed to like it overall, concluding,

Non-ergonomic features and right-handed bias of the Hi-Point 1095TS are outweighed by its performance and low street price of just over $300. As with the other 10mm covered in this issue, this PCC can pull multiple duties if you want it to. There are plenty of ammo options from hunting, home defense, to general range shooting available online. So, if you only care about function and a stop-them-in-their-tracks caliber, the Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm carbine might fill a special void in your heart.

Now, maybe you’re more forgiving of Hi-Point than Horner is, and maybe you’re purchasing a firearm for primarily practical reasons as opposed to looking good on the range in front of the guys (or ladies, as the case may be). If that’s the case, then you may want to consider the Hi-Point 10mm carbine.

But, if how your self-image is tied up with how think your gun looks to others, then there are plenty of other quality choices out there for you, too.



  1. Aesthetically, it’s not really that much worse than many AKs. It fits a niche market. In my experience Hi-Point firearms are reliable. I’ve fired them quite a bit and they typically eat through just about anything. And, Hi-Point stands behind them with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty. If you need a home defense gun that is reliable and won’t break the bank, either a pistol or carbine from Hi-Point will fit the bill. Not sure I’d try to carry one, but have them around the house or in the car for an emergency? Definitely.

  2. Wow, a carbine that actually almost looks like a rifle. No wonder they hated it ! It doesn’t look completely like an erector-set skeleton, so it makes perfect sense, that they should hate it. In fact, if it weren’t for that God-awful stock, which DOES fling it closer into the sphere of the disgusting-looking military rifles of today, I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10, for aesthetic appearances.

  3. So, exclude the stock, and grade it on the pistol-grip & forward, and I give it an 8.5 – 9.0 for aesthetics.

  4. I have owned the 45 acp version of this carbine, I found it a little heavy and limited on Mag capacity BUT those were the only knocks I had for it, it was relatively accurate, fired everything I threw in it flawlessly including hot HP’s +P’s and a buddy’s +P+ handloads. I had ZERO malfunctions and for a carbine priced between 300 and $350 bucks what more do you want, now that said, being the poor, disabled retiree that I am, I sold it and some other things to step up to an AR-9, but if I had to only have one carbine and cost meant everything I would take a TS whatever anytime, well maybe not the 380 version, lol, I mean why, lol.

  5. Hi Points fill a niche. They get someone into the shooting sports without having to take out a second mortgage on your home. For all the nay sayers out there, aesthetically, they remind me a lot of the old HK VP70’s. HK’s first venture into the hand gun world. They were chunky, klunky, and not pleasing to look at, as well as a bugger to shoot. They had to have a 20 lb trigger pull. Hi Point’s one up on HK VP for that reason alone. They function, have few feed issues when using decent ammo, and they’re accurate as you can expect for that price point.
    To me the HiPoint is a perfect cache gun or under the pickup seat gun. Put it in a sealed container along with a couple of boxes of ammo, and bury it. It’ll be there when you need it, Or Throw it in a cheap case and attach it to your seat. If your vehicles broken into, while you’re chowing down a short stack at Mabel’s Fine Dining and Pet Grooming, you’re not out thousands of dollars.

  6. I have a Hi Point 45 ACP pistol and it works well when it’s not jamming and I keep my firearms clean and lubed.

  7. I own one of the ugly carbines. The 995TS. It goes bang every time I shoot it. Yes the low mag capacity is annoying but that’s to keep it legal if/when the Ds get another gun ban law passed. There are after-market 20 round mags out there for the 9mm version. It’s a good home defense gun for wives who don’t want the recoil of a knuckle buster tactical shotgun when husband not home. Are there better carbines for more exprienced shooters or wealthier? Of course. But I am not a gun snob and the Hi Point fills a niche.

  8. I have a Hi-Point carbine, never a problem. Gun enthusiasts mostly like all types of guns. Purists can’t handle anything beneath them. Why bother even listening to them. I even prefer Mosiin-Nagant for my hi powered rifle needs. Cheap but effective.

  9. Have had the 9mm version for over 10 years. FINE piece of hardware! It’s accurate, reliable and rugged. The best thing: the trigger pull is so hard that you’ll get tired of shooting it way before wasting ammunition!

  10. I have a 9mm, a 40 cal and a 10MM Hi-point carbines.
    I really like them all. I do not care about having the most expensive firearm at the range, or the most impressive. In fact I have my own range.
    Hi-Point makes great pistol caliber carbines.
    My grand son has taken deer and hogs with the 9mm, all stopped just as if you had shot them with a 30 30. It was a great rifle for his small stature at the time. He is bigger than I am now.
    They are not impressive looking, but they shoot reliably and the warranty is great.

  11. 28 years retired Marine. Got involved in about every combat area from 1980 to 2008 so I have a lot of experience with weapons. Got my first 995TS years ago just to throw in the truck and not have to wory about my high end stuff. It performs perfectly. Recently married and got the wife one. She chose pink. Her and 16 year old son who had never fired a gun were shooting bulls eyes in minutes with no reload problems at all. Made me think more about my 995 so ran it thru my CQB range. Ran great. It is now tricked out with 20 rd mags and holders on stock, holo sight, laser, flashlight etc. Back to the range with 5 buddies. Hundreds of rounds later with no jams all 5 asked if my gun guy would make a package deal. I think he closed early that day lol. The TS more than fills a niche. It is out of the park. No it is not a battle rifle but for defense or CQB it excels. Now I have to get 2 more. 1 for son and one for truck.

  12. As a Disabled Vietnam Era Navy Gunner, my small fixed Income has been an AGGRAVATING obstruction to the purchase of Multi-Function SHOULDER-BOPPER. If this ENDEARING Little Monster performs consistently as described by the Reviewer, and subsequent commenters. I think that my Son and I both might have just been blessed. THANKS.

  13. I bought the 995 PCC when 22 rounds became more difficult
    and expensive to purchase,as I can reload 9mm near the same price per shot.My AR shooting buddies laughed initially,but now they all own one,and the majority of our range time is now spent plinking with the 995’s and 4595’s.They are fun and cheap to shoot,and have been reliable,shooting over 1000 rounds a month

  14. Hi point Ugly Reliable guns. We own them make fun of them but keep them because you can abuse them and they still hit the target.

  15. “But, if how your self-image is tied up with how think your gun looks to others, then there are plenty of other quality choices out there for you, too.”

    Not NIB for $300! with a lifetime guarantee? Others, particularity in L.E., vilify the gun makers who make low end, cheap firearms. These men bring protection to the masses.

    As long as that gang banging punk or ex-con has the gun for defensive reasons, who are we to blame them? Just by their life experiences, the people in the neighborhood out to target them into their gang or out of life, these examples of urban life have more need of a self defense firearm than most of us – even criminals have the right to protect themselves.

  16. I have both the 9mm and 45 Carbine and a 9, 40 and 45 handguns. While not pretty all have performed flawlessly. I love the carbines, I keep the 45 next to my bed with a laser/light combo and two extra mags attached using the optional attachment. Loaded up with 45 Golden Sabre or Winchester PDX1 being shot of a 16 inch barrel I feel I have tons of stopping power without fear of overpenetration into another house.

  17. I have a Hi-Point carbine in 9mm. Ugly gun, but for the price it’s good. It ‘is’ an accurate little gun and it’s eaten every type of 9mm I’ve fed it including mixing the types/brands and different weights of the ammo, in the same mag, and no Failure to Feed or Failure to fire to Fire. Now that’s out of the way. The ‘other’ reason I bought it is…if, for any reason, things go side-ways…I won’t mind parting with it. It is a pistol caliber so it has limitations on range, but for a 9mm with a 16 inch tube 50-75 yards is all you need, anyway. Magazine is 10 rounds. There is a 20 round one you can buy, but in the long run it’s more of a hassle and gets in the way. It does have a few ‘quirks’, but with a little bit of shooting and changing mags those quirks are not a major problem. I almost forgot…it is fun to shoot.

  18. I bought the Hi Point .40cal carbine when it first came out. I think I paid just North of $200.00 for it. Ugly as Hell, with a finish on the metal parts that will rust from finger prints that are not cleaned and oiled. Original stock, which I replaced when the new ones came available. For not much money from Hi Point and they shipped it free!It shoots great, hits what I aim at and goes bang EVERY time I pull the trigger. I stripped it down and Cerama-coated it, now I don’t worry about the finish. Friends make fun of it till they shoot it. I made a few converts. Ugliest gun I’ll ever love!

  19. Gun snob range master would not let me use my new HiPoint 45 for my ccw test. Said it would “blow up in my hand’. I have since then shot a thousand rounds + thru it with ZERO FAILURES! Accurate and reliable, GREAT home defense weapon. Anyone could do a LOT worse

  20. I bought a 995TS for my wife some years ago. Since her right arm was savaged by a pit bull 20 years ago, she has limited hand/arm strength in her right arm. She can’t even handle my Ruger bull barrel 22. After a short course in the ins and outs of the 995 ( single shot, two shot, clear jams, etc…) and learning how to use a magpul loader, her first 10 round magazine printed totally within an 8.5 x 11 inch paper target at 10 yards. Subsequent 10 round strings printed 8 rounds within the bull , and half within the 4″ black. While she finds it a bit heavy overall, she had no trouble firing it and feels totally comfortable with it. Ghost ring sights require minimal training to use effectively. Think of it as a USA made PCC AK-47, but with a life time warranty.

  21. Being a Viet Nam era recon Marine, 2nd Recon Bn., and later a deputy sheriff, I have quite a lot of experience with different types of firearms. I currently have 15 different firearms and one of my favorites is my HiPoint .45 carbine. I prefer .45’s for CQB scenarios and this carbine fits the bill pretty well. I have only two minor complaints: one is that it takes only single stack mags and two; the safety lever needs improvement in size and shape for easier activation. Magpul makes 14 rd. extended mags that work flawlessly and can be purchased for $16 to $22 each, depending where you buy them. Until Oct. 21. Magpul offers 20% off of all mags.

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