CCW Permit Holder Intervenes To Protect Police Officer


There are many in America who think that they can depend on law enforcement to protect them in every situation, and, to be fair, there are times when law enforcement can prevent a terrible thing from happening because they happen to be on site or nearby when the incident happens.

But the truth is that law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at once, and they can’t save everyone. In fact, if you want proof of this, AWR Hawkins tells us about a situation in which a legal gun owner was actually the person doing the saving. In fact, this concealed carry permit holder saved a police officer’s life. Hawkins writes,

A concealed carry permit holder in Cicero, Illinois, intervened Thursday afternoon and shot at a suspect who allegedly shot a police officer.

According to WGN-TV, Cicero Police Superintendent Jerry Chlada indicated that officer Luis Duarte and his partner boxed a car in, forcing it to pull over “near the Cicero Avenue entrance ramp on I-55 on the border of Chicago and Cicero.” The suspect exited the car and allegedly opened fire on the police car, striking Duarte four times.

The suspect then fled on foot and another officer gave chase. The suspect allegedly shot back toward the officer as they ran, and a resident with a concealed carry permit intervened, shooting at the suspect.

The suspect was hit with one round and was taken to the hospital “in serious condition.” The Chicago Tribune quoted Superintendent Chlada saying, “We were lucky enough to have a citizen on street that is a concealed carry holder, and he engaged in gunfire with this offender who was struck one time.”


NBC 5 reports that it is not known whether the suspect was struck by a bullet fired by police or a bullet fired by the concealed carry permit holder.

The fact of the matter, police are not all-powerful and cannot be everywhere at once, and this story just goes to show that even the police need to be saved sometimes.

Show that to your anti-gunner friend next time they say that only the police should have guns.



  1. This type of citizen ‘duty’ happens far more often than is actually reported by the leftist media. I personally ‘intervened’ like this as a not in the line of duty involvement in at least two of these incidents in the not too distant past that I can recall. And many more throughout my long career. One was while stopped behind a squad car in heavy city traffic when its lights went on to stop the vehicle in front of it and a rather diminutive officer got out at the same time the comparatively gigantic dude gets out takes two steps and punched the officer in the face, who then fell across the hood of the squad car and went down. I jumped on him as he started kicking the officer, grabbed him by the hair and throat just as another ‘civilian’ (who turned out to be an off duty cop getting off his shift) jumped into it and tried to get cuffs on this beast. I got a hard elbow smash into his eye socket and he went down. I knee dropped on his neck and kept palm slapping his ears until he was stunned enough to cuff him.
    And a few years ago in a Chicago suburb another one man squad car was pulling over what looked like a traffic stop and the ‘sixth’ sense instinct of too many years of profiling experience with this told me to ease over to the curb and watch and sure as shit the moron gets out and caused the cop to back up and reach for is gun, pointing it and ordering the perp to freeze, etc. I was out of my car already and started to rapidly flank the action pulling my Glock and positioning over a parked car only a few yards away. By this time the offender wasn’t complying and he was looking around with the desperate
    “I’m gonna Go For It” body language and had his hand hovering over the gun we found later in his belt under his shirt, while the cop was screaming to get his hands up, when his periphery vision caught me drawing a bead on him–his left ear to be exact– a can’t miss shot for my skill level at only a few yards away. I said ‘you heard what he said ASSHOLE! Hands UP! NOW! You got shit in your ear, i’ll fix it in one second with a bullet to clean it out… NOW! He saw me squint down for a better sight picture as sirens were bearing down on us, gave a frustrated but dirty ‘kill ya later, bitch’ look then quickly made the critical choice by spreading and putting
    his hands on the roof of his car, a well practiced routine for him. As our eyes met and I was still drawing a bead, this time between his eyes he said, ‘Okay Okay main, don’t shoot this po ass mo fo, Ahm cool main! With the cuffs on and back up arriving the pad down produced a pistol and I learned this was a bolo stop for a possible homicide. the arresting officer thanked me sincerely and I told him I’ll meet him at the station for the paperwork because I had an urgent need to use the bathroom from all the stress. I waved at him as I drove off and hoped nobody picked off my plate number. I was running late and had no time for bullshit reports or interviews. Just another day’s work for me. And this type of thing happens everywhere, all the time. It’s just not reported.
    If more citizens had Constitutional carry, it would go further to deter criminal acts than anything else these totalitarians can fabricate to bullshit us with in their obsessive compulsive crime prevention hoax.

    So yes, the whole gun control issue a blatant, agenda based deep state plot to eventually disarm
    the populate to the extent that it provides no 2nd/A deterrent anymore to the unconstitutional formation of a totalitarian one world government. Who, as mentioned before, want the restrictions and prohibitions ONLY applied to the peons (pronounced pee-ons) and not their hypocritical selves.

    The sooner everybody starts to ‘Get That’ fact of reality, the sooner we might be able to save the inevitable loss of our most precious freedoms and we can get rid of any notions of compromise or capitulation or so-called fantasies of ‘reasonable gun controls’ claimed to be the ultimate solution to human violence. To do that we must purge ourselves of these insidious government brainwashed ideas of some of us being so high and morally mighty as to think that we know what’s ‘good for other people to control their behavior’.

    When you say things like ‘that person should not be allowed to have a gun or this this person is too dangerous to have a weapon because of a dubious mental condition or pattern of aggressive behavior you have fallen into a trap of brainwashing so that you more easily conform to the deep state government’s agenda. It’s the same kind of freedom killing thinking. It’s none of your business what kind of meds/drugs a person takes, or because of what he says if he’s not committing a serious criminal act. If they are, then there are laws that terminate that behavior and protect society through sanctions, punishments, or incarceration if there’s physical danger involved. Permanent deprivation of natural social rights along with it simply is Not what the Framers envisioned as a true reasonably objective and honest Egalitarian social structure when they set up our democratic system.
    Thoughts, suspicions, or subjective behavior analysis is NOT and never was intended to be an assessment of a
    a crime, even though it would be, and is utilized as such, in a totalitarian state. This is a necessary strategy for complete control over the individual.

    By now it should be obvious to everyone who isn’t trapped in their own brainwashed mind prison that there simply cannot be ANY form of gun control or firearm prohibitions if we are to preserve our future liberties. Period. No capitulation like the NRA did with silencers and bump stocks, and absolutely NO consorting with the totalitarian enemy of the rights of a free humanity.
    Otherwise…well, you don’t want to have your children or grandchildren wondering why we didn’t repeal and reverse these gun control threats when we still had the chance.

    Only a few short weeks left and it all could be over…just like that! Lets not let them get extreme Marxist control over the Legislature!

  2. We just do not have enough people with a CC permit to stop all such incidents. We just have to get more people doing that who can help the police stop bad people or stop bad people before the police arrive. A warning to bad people in Idaho – many people are armed, especially during the summer and fall seasons. Those folks usually have a rifle or shotgun and some have CC pistols was well.

  3. The Presstitutes of the LameStream EneMedia are loath to report such acts of bravery and responsibility. We are in a descending spiral of Stalinism in the USA.

  4. Seems like NBC doesn’t want to admit to the fact that it was indeed the legally armed citizen that shot the criminal.

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