Jerry Brown Needs To Explain How This Could Happen In His State


Governor Jerry Brown of California is, in my opinion, an idiot. Or, at the very least, a person willing to take whatever position that will get him re-elected no matter how utterly ridiculous it is.

A perfect example of this is his steadfast position that strict gun control will reduce and even stop violent gun crime. But, if that is the case, then Brown needs to give us a clear explanation why that state’s current strict gun control laws didn’t help in a recent situation in California. John Antczak and Amanda Lee Myers give us the details of this sad situation:

A gunman in Southern California fatally shot his ex-wife and a man at a trucking company before chasing after another man, killing him, and then driving to a home where he killed a father and daughter during a nearly 40-minute rampage, authorities said Thursday.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood identified the gunman as Javier Casarez during a news conference about the shootings that claimed five victims in Bakersfield, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) north of Los Angeles.

Casarez, 54, fatally shot himself as a deputy closed in on him shortly after the shooting.

Court records show a divorce between Casarez and his wife Petra Maribel Bolanos de Casarez was finalized in April.

Bolanos recently filed for a change involving child support and custody over the couple’s two teenage children, and the pair had a hearing set for Oct. 11, court records show.

Youngblood said it appears that Casarez targeted every victim, starting with a worker at T&T Trucking, and that domestic violence appears to have played a large part.

There is no question that this whole situation is horrible and that it shouldn’t have happened. We all agree on this no matter your position on guns and gun control.


The problem is that we need to ask why California’s strict gun control laws didn’t prevent this horrible tragedy from happening. After all, isn’t that why those laws were supposedly put into place? Jerry Brown and all of the California anti-gunners need to explain why what they want is failing.

The problem, though, is that they are unlikely to tell the truth which is that it is likely that nothing could have prevented this tragedy, and the only thing which could have lessened it is if a law-abiding gun owner had been on site to stop the shooter.



  1. #1 You can tell a Demokrat; however, you can’t tell it much.
    #2 To be a Liberal is easy. A Liberal, by definition, doesn’t have to know anything; facts don’t matter; evidence doesn’t matter; the Liberal just has to feel good.
    #3 The antagonist, in this meme, is a Latino. The victims are Latino. This is why the MSM didn’t publish this meme. It didn’t fit their anti-Second Amendment view. It was a Latino on Latino crime. No “crazed old white men.”

  2. Your missing the point. Don’t kid yourself, Brown loves this sort of incident. He can use it to push for more laws, maybe even outright confiscation. That’s why it took so long to actually stop him.

  3. The one thing that the article didn’t specify is if the shooter was an ILLEGAL Immigrant! If I remember correctly, Fox News reported that he was an ILLEGAL, but now I can’t find that reference. If that is the case then Jerry Brown has TWO things to answer for – Not one!

    • No, the shooter was not an illegal, nor were any of the victims. The shooter also legally purchased the .500 S&W handgun he used, and had possessed it for nearly 9 years. I live in Bakersfield, and this happened about a mile from my parents’ house.

    • Of course Fox isn’t a generator of Fake news, but they don’t even claim to be a news organization. They provide fake news all of the time as a matter of opinion and commentary just to get the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania all riled up so he can keep his supporters all riled up. And what happend in CO, CT, Parkland, FL, and Las Vegas? Almost everyone has their moments of stress and potential for extreme action, and some of them legitimately have guns.

  4. Don’t forget that he “May” have acquired his firearm legally, as a “Prepared” Gun owner, but just “SNAPPED” at the thought of loosing his family…wouldn’t we all?… Hence the reason we want to protect them? In Regards to the Cali law, unless they were to “say…, Start the race all over” and have an aministy to turn in NON Hunting firearms, and THEN Enforse the rule would anything maybe improve. In this case weather he got the gun off the street corner or Cabellias(tm) is of no mater now.

  5. Most people in CommieFornia live in fairytale land just like the Make Believe people in HollyQueer they all have Make Believe lives with Make Believe jobs and it’s always someone else’s fault when things go wrong.

    • Mark, we have no way of knowing what your frame of mind was as you spun off your “fairytale” summation of “most” people “Commiefornia”. Could aka be “Californication.” State name is asily interchangeable.
      (Jerry Moonbeam Brown wants to float a bill allowing the state to be “name-fluid” so that it (state) can decide from day to day which of several names it wants to be identified by. JMB says its racist, morally wrong, culturally insensitive and just too hard to keep the state’s name as—is-only, because it was chosen too long ago, a White male probably named it to frustrate the state’s large English-illiterate population, and there are just too many letters to remember. That’s the worst part, he says.”)
      You would be shocked to know that the state actually does have a quite large population of people of all ages, and each with one of the the two basic genders we were originally issued with.
      Or, the very few people, who are to be
      fairly treated and considered with the same good will due anyone else, although these few people may be born
      with plumbing, in whatever manner, that has characteristics of boy & girl parts.
      Your post suggests you would also be further shocked to read that there is a very huge allocation of people, of all sorts , that work hard, earn a paycheck,
      Worry about making the check cover all the monthly expenses. Some are employers. They are of two basic types
      generally,but not always. Either small business-(mass exodus of these), or the
      corporate large employers-(50 or more employees). Starting and running any business in Ca. is a extremely risky gamble. With all the normal risks and challenges, but, Ca. adds a quagmire of expensive alphabet-agency permits, licenses, and untold environmental studies. Its more difficult to start and run a business in Ca. than about anywhere else. It taks a rare breed of strong-willed, patient and big money credit worthiness to fight the departments and agencies, to open the doors for customers.
      There is still enough “contributors to society,” paying the taxes, fees, and other ways they get bilked by the very Socialist Politburo.
      But the number of “takers and non-contributors” in society grows every day.
      As contributors continue the mass exodus from Ca., the takers continue to take, and they invite more takers to Ca.,
      and with a Socialist/Fascist gang of thugs in full control of nearly all elected offices, and all appointed positions that create more rules, laws, “fees”, etc.
      The state will at some point implode.
      But I should not have tried to explain this beyond “make believe jobs.”


    • Unless the person that sold him the gun did it illegally (not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination), all private firearm transfers must be done through an FFL, and the FFL must hold the firearm for the required 10-day waiting period AND perform a background check on the buyer. It’s a moot point anyway, as the shooter bought the gun legally 9 years ago. The stupidity of California’s strict gun laws is that if he hadn’t had a gun, he could have just as easily used a knife or a car, or a crowbar/hammer/baseball bat. It was a domestic/affair/jealousy thing, and the shooter purposely targeted his victims.

  6. The so called minds of those prone to the fairytale of gun control will not now and likely never be impacted with facts. The electorate in California is, in plain English, essentially responsible for the existing screw-up, a result of the votes that they keep casting respecting who occupies law making positions in California. End of story.

  7. As seen form Europe your problem in the USA is not your guns! It is you Americans! You are the problem, or at least some of you. This man was set on KILLING! He would have killed regardless of the “tool” he had at hand. It could have been an axe or a machete, but in this case it was a gun.

    There are a few rather civilized countries in the world with a lot of guns in private ownership ( not as many as in the USA but a lot of guns pr. capita none the less ), they do NOT have a high murder ratio. And there are quite a few countries where guns are outlawed with high murder ratios. And serious scientific research have proven that there are no correlation between how many guns there are in a society and the murder ratio. Many pro gunners say that more guns make society safer and many “liberals” say that fewer guns make society safer. They are both wrong! The number of guns are of little if any consequence!

    The problem is the mindset of the people. If you think it is OK to kill your wife because of a divorce, and that is an “accepted” mindset in society, well then the entire society has a gigantic problem! Beating your girlfriend because she ends a relationship and getting pats on your shoulder from your pals for doing so is a symptom of something having gone very wrong in your society.

    There are a lot of examples of a violent mindset in the American population, you invented the phrase “going postal” for Christ sake! Imagine someone killing all his co workers because he was fired from a job!! No one in his right mind would do such a thing, – unless he lives in the USA! And there are NO gun laws that can correct this! Making new and stricter gun laws in the USA is comparable to putting a band aid on the patients index finger when the diagnosis is lung cancer! The person putting on this band aid can smile and take credit for “helping” this patient, but the fact that the patient dies two weeks later seems to interest no one!

    The doctor with the band aid and the politician with his gun law take credit for “saving the world” there and then but no one (at least “main stream media”) seems to show any interest in the fate of the patient. Did he survive?

    You are asking the wrong question my dear Americans. You should not ask how to reduce the number of guns. You should ask how to reduce violent behavior. How to change the belief that violence is the answer when life treats you unfair and hard!

    • I believe that the drugs that are being subscribed are, in a large part, the problem. Drugs that make people angry should not be given (used) to treat mental health problems.

    • Great post! And your points have been made ad nauseum to our elected officials. But they never listen. They have to look like they are addressing the problem, so they pass stupid laws (such as, here in CA. as of Jan. 1, 2019, one will have to have a license in order to buy ammunition) to make themselves feel better and look good in the eyes of their screeching anti-gun constituents. The laws never affect criminals, because, well, they are criminals and they rarely follow the law. But after years of passing laws which do no good, they still don’t get it. They don’t pass tougher laws targeting people who use guns illegally, they don’t pass tougher sentencing laws for misuse of guns, no, they pass endless red tape laws that only law abiding gun owners have to Wade through. They pass laws restricting concealed or open carry. And in CA. we even have a made up “handgun roster”, which lists which handguns are legal for purchase. The handguns on the list cost the manufacturer $1500 EACH to be subjected to a “drop test”. Every model and sub model that manufacturers want to sell here are REQUIRED to be tested, and if the manufacturer of the gun changes one tiny thing on that model, even if it is the finish, the gun must be submitted for testing again. There used to be over 8000 models of handguns available to the California consumer. Now there are less than 1000, with more falling off the list everyday, because the manufacturers are sick of paying for California’s stupid laws.
      All of this while totally ignoring or funding the other problem, mental illness.
      It’s not an new saying which expounds that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” But the politicians plug their ears and scream, “LALALALALALALALAAAAA” when they hear it. They are the REAL mental cases.

      • Its because Socialist/Marcist/Fascist tyrants, such as those running California into the ground talk about saving lives, lowering crimes comitted with firearms, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum, but their talking points are not their agenda. Its lately been clearly on display so much, like never before. We see on
        various reports about elected Democrats, at the podium, calling out for their gangs, Soros paid agitators, violent “community orhanizers,”Antifa, etc. to commit violence of all sorts on Republicans. These are elected officials, currently serving, that openly incite violence on innocent victims. There have even been calls for “hits” murders! Of Repunlicans in office, and candidates. Call outs that incite violence on women. But only White women. On White men, for being White, and the puppets of the Democrats are told to go seek out their victims. “If they are Republicans, or if they look like Republicans, you go knock them down! And when they down we don’t help them up. Hell no! When they down you kick them. You kick them hard!” (That particular quote came from the mayor of Chicago.
        He is also Obama’s strong arm fixer.
        He was the head of Obama’s DOJ.
        Ramadan Emanuel.
        The list of threats against people “not just like them.” Is of course, bigoted, at times racist, a hate crime, victimizing women,victimizing people who simply “look like they might be Republican.” There have been some pretty crazy calls for wild types of violence. But,the main point is that the Democrats, the Elected talking heads at various podiums, get in front of a TV camera and go crazy.
        They are 100% HYPOCRITICAL ON ALL POINTS. Current and past!
        It adtonishes me that Black women,
        Democrats call for violence against others who might simply vote differently. Or look like they might.
        Or if you see an elected Republican you get up a mob and you push them out of a restaurant or gas station, etc. There are just too many to list. But every issue that liberals traditionally squack about as a hobby, they’ve gone 100% HYPOCRIT. Racisl profiling, racial violence and effectively- lynch mob actions… That to me is frightening to think that these crazies have just totally erased 100 years of racial equality work, and 100 years of race relations progress- The Black Electeds are throwing it all away.
        Think about all the good works and progress on anti-bullying campaigns. Anti-bullying is thrown out the window. All HYPOCRITICAL.
        Domestic violence laws. Which came about because of so much violence comitted against women.
        Women are now targeted for extreme types of violation and violence. Simply because they are the White, wife of a Republican Senator. AGAIN, HYPOCRITICAL Democrats.
        The list goes on and on. But, for every one of the Democrat/Socialist/liberal big, “Stink-issues” and there are aton of them, it seems the Democrats need to be called ou tand held accountable. For just in the past short while just about every social injustice issue that liberals have squawcked about, fought everyone about, and created the call for the
        PC police state, Elected Democrats have in large part gone rogue over.
        Its a 180 degree flip. They do what they accuse others of doing.

    • ***You should not ask how to reduce the number of guns. You should ask how to reduce violent behavior.***

      Simple solution: Remove the unconstitutional restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. If/ when some raging fool decides to go on a killing spree he will be met by gunfire from potential victims or bystanders, not eventually by police, if they even arrive before the shooter departs seeking new victims.

      Delving into the effectiveness and side effects of serotonin re-uptake inhibitors is another factor. There are too many links between this class of medications and violent attacks.

      • Well we emptied out a lot of the psychiatric facilities and put those folks all back into communities. So instead of “treating” them we incarcerate them if they don’t commit suicide before they are caught. Sort of like sending them to graduate school.

    • It isn’t just about the “drop test”. The people running that parade have demanded that any new handgun had to print a unique number in 2 places on any fired cartridge, so we can not get the newest offerings at all(unless, of course, you are part of the special class of citizens that happen to work in L.E.

    • You’re right. Too many people here are not being taught self control or morals. Give the kids a “smart” phone, or TV and hope for the best.

  8. Ironically, the third victim was chased half a block, and was killed in the parking lot of a nearby gun store, which had closed a half hour before the shooting.

    • Even had the victim made it into the gun store, there is still the mandatory ten day wait to get his legally purchased gun… (sarc)

      In the case of fire extinguishers, parachutes, and guns, it’s much better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  9. Considering Calif is a border State and our Governor doesn’t bother vetting anyone who crosses it is why we have have one of the highest gun crimes in the nation. Illegal arms, drugs, human trafficking have been running rampant and unchecked since Brown took office. He specifically targets US citizens for gun confiscatipn , not criminals or illegals. He recently ran illegal gun confiscation on veterans throughout the State. According to Brown you have no right of self defense at all.

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