Anti-Gunners Hate This: Black Students March With AR-15s


You’re familiar with the mainstream media narrative about mass shootings and gun ownership in general. They say that it’s just a bunch of angry white men who want guns and who end up shooting a bunch of people in mass shootings. The mainstream media and their anti-gun political lapdogs want to make gun control a racist and sexist issue.

And the crazy thing about their narrative is that they couldn’t be more wrong.

Take, for example, a recent march at Ohio State University (OSU). The march was organized by Kendall Arroyo, an black student at OSU. When asked about the march, Arroyo said,


If you want to know the God-honest truth, we read the letter [to the editor from anti-gun professors calling a previous pro-2nd amendment march racist] and we noticed that they basically said, ‘We don’t think a bunch of black people could be able to get away with something like this’…This is not supposed to be a racial thing. We’re talking about second amendment rights for every law-abiding American citizen. Our race should not have to be a factor at all, and society says that we’re either supposed to be gunned down or incarcerated right now. And we’re here to show that that’s not the case, and now I invite them to figure out their next excuse (Arroyo said challenging the anti-gun professors to further comment).

The professors who wrote that letter to the editor objected to a pro-gun march in response to an earlier attack with a car and a knife which injured thirteen students. But, unlike those professors, Arroyo understands the usefulness of guns for the average person. He isn’t living in a mainstream media controlled bubble which tells people that the only reason people want guns is because they want to shoot people.

This should be encouraging to everyday people like you and me who support gun ownership because it shows that not everyone is buying into that anti-gun media narrative, and it shows that the support base that anti-gunners assume that they will always be able to depend on is isn’t buying it anymore.

Good for Arroyo and these other pro-gun students. This gives me a little more hope for the future of this country.




  1. WooHooo! Some common sense from another group! GREAT job, Mr. Arroyo! I have never understood what :common sense” gun control is about anyway. Commonsense to me is common to EVERYONE.Every sense the first democrats denied guns to folks of color they have not been common sense! Than you for standing up! if you ever need help, just call!

    • “Common Sense” gun laws. Double-speak for “We think you are stupid and we will say and do anything to “steal” your firearms and other Constitutional granted Rights away.

      • The alleged common sense gun laws are liberal chippy doo,written by people who have never even owned a fire arm,or held one.To them the AR15 is an assault rifle???The term AR refers to Armalite Rifle not assault rifle and it is a semi automatic rifle.The true assault rifle like the M16 can fire fully automatic,that is keep firing when the trigger is depressed.Semi automatic rifles fire one round each time the trigger is depressed.ditto this is more about people who know nothing,about fire arms making laws on a subject that they know nothing about.just my opinion???

      • Take the guns and their will be NO bill of rights for conservatives, Christians, or white males as the like Hitler will use their tentacle called the media to destroy anyone on the right , just like Hitler did the Jews!

  2. Legal gun owners do not go out and shoot people, although people like the professor that wrote that piece deserves to be and still we maintain our normal composure of what a gun owner should do and act when one owns a gun, I own guns and would never dream about going out to harming anyone, It’s all about defense against bad people and your own government, thank you founding fathers.

    • It’s our RIGHT to protect ourselves from Tyranny in government ( bought off evil civil servants) like Polosi, Waters, Schumer, Booker and a whole host in our govt that hide behind humanism and the word Democrat, that seek the destruction of Trump and the conservatives, who stand in their way for the pourpose of Turning America into Venezuela where there are one a fraction of a percent who live hi on the hog!

  3. Smart kids!!! Hooray for standing up for the 2nd Amendment, and letting thee gun grabbers have a snoot full of their chit back at them.

  4. Simple…..anti-gunners are among the village idiots of this country. Arrogant, narcissistic slobs who think they know it all…..typical lib garbage. Race isn’t in question…..character is and just like these pseudo-educated mongrels who have no scruples….so it goes for the shooters whom I might add seem to all be Dumbascrap followers. I had to laugh when these losers continued to blame the NRA for the shootings when, in fact, not a single member was involved at any time which is just further proof of their ignorance. Good work gentlemen.

  5. I love it when the prof has to eat their collective words!

    Gentlemen, thank you for restoring my faith in my fellow man and woman.

  6. Actually most gun laws are very racist. Right after the civil war, a lot of the laws made no bones about it. For example “Blacks are forbidden from possessing any type of fire arm.” Even today a lot of the gun laws are aimed at Blacks and lower income citizens. Massachusetts charges a $200. application fee for a Carry permit. Who do you think that’s aimed at? Also notice that most of these states, are, and always were controlled by the Democrats.

  7. Intelligence knows no color! Mr. Arroyo makes a very strong case against the racist image anti-gunners are trying to promote. Way to tell ’em Kendall! Make ’em eat their words raw!

  8. Hey if it wasn’t for the NEGRO RIFLE ASSOCIATION NRA freed black slaves would not have had the right to keep and bear arms <> THE dumocrats PARTY OF THE SLAVE OWNERS (KKK) tried to prohibit fire arms ownership by former black slaves. Northern Politicians(Republicans) Lincolns party appealed to the Supreme Court, and got this nasty little piece of KKK legislation thrown out.SO MY QUESTION IS WHY WOULD A BLACK PERSON EVER VOTE FOR A DUMOCRAT???THIS IS MIND BOGGELING.

  9. This is awesome. Being an old white guy I would definitely March with these folks.
    I don’t give a flip about the color of any man or woman.
    In 1965 – 1968 I was in the Army. I enlisted and was one of many guys in our unit.
    There were black guys, white guys, Mexicans, Jews, Oriental guys.
    We all marched together. We all bivwacked (sp?) In the same area. If some one slipped or dropped their food many of us have him some of ours.
    I am so very happy to hear about these black gentlemen marching for their rights. AND I again would stand with them thoughout.

  10. Many citizens are not aware that through the twentieth century more people were murdered by their own governments than died as a result of aggression from outside their countries. Hitler we all are aware rounded up and murdered 6million Jews, but also another 6 millions of protestants, Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Union members, University administrators and professors, lawyers, doctors, school principles, police, mayors, and on and on — from the conquered populations.

    But Stalin started murdering Soviet citizens in the 1920s when they resisted collectivization of the farms and factories in accord with Communist doctrine – untold millions in Ukraine alone, and many millions more than died at the hands of the invading NAZIS. Mao Dzedong was responsible for murdering, starving, and working to death some 40 to 60 million in the four decades he lead the Communist Chinese in consolidating power over the PRC. Think of Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge and their genocide camps, with neatly captioned photos of tens of thousands of executed prisoners. Hafez al Assad, who reduced an entire city of rebels to smoking ruin to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood when they tried to assassinate him. In Iran, the Revolutionary Islamic government rounded up tens of thousands of communists, women who wore western fashions, homosexuals hung on wire ropes left to rot hanging from industrial cranes lining the broad boulevards of the Iranian capital city; and the bloodletting of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, in Rwanda, in Uganda under the rule of the monster Idi Amin, and Argentina under the military Junta of the 1960s… the list goes on and on. In almost every case, the governments made private ownership of guns a crime, then rounded people up for the slaughter.

    The Second Amendment is NOT about plinking, or hunting. It is intended to make governments fear to enslave and murder their subjects.

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