You Won’t Believe Who Is To Blame For Thousands Of Military Weapons On The Black Market


If you were to believe the mass media, then you would think that the ability of common, everyday criminals to obtain guns on the black market is because law abiding gun owners are (at best) careless and “misplace” their weapons into the hands of a criminal or (at worst) are knowingly selling their weapons to criminals.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Possibly the biggest sellers of weapons to criminals (or contributors to them, if you’re referring to the Fast and Furious gun scandal) are government and government-related organizations. Alan J. Chwick and Joanne D. Eisen write,

For decades now, the UN has lectured the globe, and specifically U.S. civilian firearms possessors, about the peaceful world order, that would magically occur, only after arms were entirely controlled from manufacture to destruction.

Individuals and nations alike were scolded, and blamed, for the existence of world, and local, violence. We were told, over and over, that the violence was caused by our failure to control the presence of feverishly propagating weapons.

Gun owners were lectured that it was our moral duty to agree with the UN and to disarm quickly. We were additionally scolded and advised that our weapons were diverted into the Black Market because we owned too many, or because we owned any at all.

Gun control proponent Allison Pytlak explains that a benefit of the ‘new’ ATT would be, “the closing of legal loopholes to prevent diversion of arms to illicit markets … stopping diversion should result in fewer arms finding their ways to militias, criminal, and terrorists.” Though Pytlak argues this nicely, the fact that U.S. citizens privately hold approximately 320 million firearms, that rarely enter the Black Market arena, seems to eludes her thought process.

Behind all the pompous critiques, was the knowledge that they could not control their weapons, let alone ours. UN peacekeepers themselves are/were fueling the local Black Markets with firearms diverted from UN stockpiles. This is an important point that is rarely brought to light.

So, what you have is the United Nations trying to blame law abiding American citizens (in particular) for a massive number of guns on the black market, yet black market guns almost never come from law abiding citizens.


However, they do commonly come from governments and governmental organizations like the U.N. So, the U.N. should clean up it’s own act before trying to tell us how to “fix” the nonexistent problems (guns on the black market from law abiding citizens) that they blame on us.



  1. We Americans complain a lot about our elected officials for one transgression or another. How about this. Why do we have to comply with the whims of the unelected UN officials. If our elected government officials are corrupt, I would surely bet that those UN officials who are telling us how to behave are more corrupt than the people we put in office. At least we have the option to kick them out of office. With the UN we have no way. So screw the UN!!!!

  2. If the UN functioned the way it should and stayed on the track it was created for (peace keeping) which it has failed at. We would all be better off.
    I can’t help but smile a little when I see young men wearing “Baby Blue” helmets and expecting militants to respect them.

      • I have been thinking about that for a long time. They would not dare invade here. Instead they send terroists here in an invasion from Honduras.😡

  3. UN is a totally corrupt and dysfunctional organization that hasn’t preformed it’s original job for years. It is time for them to be reorganized or disbanded. Gary

    • If you do the research you’ll find that the United Nations ‘New World Order/ one world government’ agenda idea was first initiated proactively by the infamous Rothschild cabal not too long after the Founders assured its citizens that we would all prosper in a country of independent egalitarian sovereignty of liberty and fairness for all. Those early ‘international banksters’ still live on today. And their insidious agenda is also alive and thriving. It is a major cause of many of our social and cultural problems.

      It’s time for We The People to cancel this treasonous effort ASAP!

  4. Get the U.S. out of the u.n. and the u.n. out of the U.S. We pay the freight and they back stab us in the back in return. They need our money but we do not need their B.S.

  5. Maybe the UN should check out all the illegal guns around every large city in the world. Look at arms sales by government officials over thte last decade.

  6. Let the UN carry on with it’s happy little grafting operations, so long and only so long as it does not attempt to temper with the basic civil and constitutional rights of the citizens of the U.S.A. if it is unable or unwilling to so operate, then BE GONE is the most appropriate advice.

  7. We in the USA a Free State and country do NOT take orders from this BS group of 3rd world country leaders. they would love to have their One World Order Government and rule over us and turn us into another 3rd world shit hole. Fuck the UN and Fuck the NWO Don’t Tread on ME

  8. Get the US out of the UN. I have said this for years and will continue to say it. When Guns are Outlawed ONLY outlaws will Have Guns!!!! Look at the past world wars and how guns were confiscated from citizes. They had no way to fight back but pitch forks and Machetes. Do we really want to be put in that position again???
    Support 2A an tell th UN to go fly a kite!!!
    GRod Bless the USA

  9. The UN can kiss my posterior! We are a sovereign nation, so I say “Come and Take Them”!


  10. ITAR signed under Obama was to stop the transfer of “WEAPONS” from individuals and in turn gave the rights to sell “WEAPONS” by the big 3 USA , Russia and China to whom ever they wanted. After all who is going stop any of the big 3 from selling arms to whom ever they want . During the ITAR discussions NGO’s of whom I know pointed out that it would include sporting arms and the UN responded that it wouldn’t, well we know now that it did . As a result Obama restricted sporting firearms and ‘parts’ from being sent out of the US with out US State Dept approval and a license fee from the manufacturer of those parts. Who was controlling the State Dept at the time yes Hillary Clinton ! The ping effect was not realized by the UN as now more companies have been set up around the world tp make gun parts outside of the US and no longer under UN control , it back fired !

  11. If we allow the democrats to get control of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate in a
    few more years we will become part of the World Order ( California is almost ready now ). They have
    the wealthy that live in gated communities with armed guards and most of the rest of other people
    Are poor. All the middle class are leaving in groves due to the high taxes and excessive rules and gov’t controls. All of the Republicans have left and the Democrats are in total control of the state and are taxing and restricting the middle class to the ruin of that once beautiful state.

  12. The main reason that Automatic weapons are currently available are in part to 0’bumma’s giving the Mexican cartel (Operation Fast & Furious) and to the Al Qaeda, Taliban and his Muslim Brotherhood automatic weapons of military grade. M-60 machine guns were part of the “mix”. Most of the “elected elite” that spout gun CONTROL, have carry permits and/or have armed guards nearby. = <( I can have guns, but you can't)

  13. What our u n gun banning globalist friends failed to mention , are people like pol pot ,ide amin, joe stalin, joseph mugabe and other u n gun grabbers.The reason why the United States is still a relatively free country is because we are an armed people.We are able to defend ourselves and our Democratic form of Government. u n supported dictators like ide amin, pol pot, mao tse tung , joseph stalin and numerous others murdered un armed and helpless people.just my opinion.

  14. The UN needs to be DISBANDED and the building used for Homeless Veteran Housing everything they have “Tried to stop or clean up” has turned to Shit and the US and our Allies end up with the shit detail to clean it up as far as the small arms treaty it was not LEAGLEY voted on and signed obumer and stolen Valor Kerry were not authorized to sign it so they and the UN can kiss my rosy red butt

  15. This youtube video by esteemed Constitutional attorney Publius Hulda is the definitive end-all argument against ALL gun control. (Publius Huldah video on why all gun control is unlawful and illegal) I’m amazed it’s not taken off or censored yet.

    I strongly recommend that all serious Patriots view this video more than once to let it sink in. This woman is a great American Hero. Then check out the other amazing reality that every time a so-called ‘representative’ tries to conspire to enable ANY gun control law or mandate under the government hoaxed notion of ‘public safety’ or ‘extreme’ crime prevention. Check out USCC 18-250-251 which clearly establishes any effort to regulate or control gun possession is a FELONY and all laws made despite this Constitutional prohibition are illegal and void. Check it out. This is serious mind blowing reality. Which allows only one question.

    Why are we letting them get away with this?

    (also check out the youtube video narrated by Alex Jones “GUN CONTROL–Bruce Wilis, Ice-T, Sandy Hook, Veterans speak up” Surprised they didn’t take this one down either yet. But instead, they censored Allex n Alex Jones recently by completely removing his website/blog.)

  16. About two years ago, in California, a Democrat state politician, put through a bunch of anti-gun bills. About 6 months later he was arrested for smuggling a bunch of guns from Mexico into California. He was sent to prison. I wish I could remember his name. The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) would probably know.

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