Anti-Gun Stance Is Killing Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Sales


Remember when Dick’s Sporting Goods decided that they wanted to go all politically correct and no longer carry firearms in their stores? Do you remember that people said that Dick’s was going to suffer in the marketplace for their silly political position?

Well, those people were right. Dick’s has seen a serious drop off in sales since they took their anti-gun position. Dan Zimmerman writes,

Truly disturbing, baffling news from one of the nation’s biggest gun retailers…wait, no it isn’t.

Sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods dropped in the past three monthsamid backlash against tighter gun-sale restrictions following a mass killing early this year at a Florida high school.

Revenue dipped 4.5 percent to $1.86 billion amid challenges in the company’s hunting business during the quarter through Nov. 3. Sales at stores open at least 12 months – a key metric for the retail industry – fell 6.1 percent compared to the prior year.

Remember when Dick’s head honcho said axing scary black rifles, forsaking gun customers under 21 years old, and funding gun control lobbyists would actually be good for business?


While Chief Executive Officer Edward Stack previously said the firearms policy brought in new customers and sales were reported as flat in August, Dick’s has now warned that “negative reaction” could affect future results.

Bummer. It’s almost as if America’s gun owners (and a good number of companies that make firearms) are only too happy to take their business elsewhere. According to the Wall Street Journal . . .

Sales at existing stores and websites fell 3.9% for the three-month period ended Nov. 3., driven down by weakness in the company’s hunting and electronic departments, executives said in a conference call with analysts yesterday.

Look, it didn’t take a genius financial analyst to predict this outcome for Dick’s. It was simply common sense. But, apparently, common sense is in short supply in the head office at Dick’s right now.



  1. My father knew and was friends with the originators of Dick’s Sporting Goods. It all started in Binghamton, NY. They had 2 locations. Those people built their business on Guns, ammo, reloading and hunting/trapping equipment. They must be rolling in their graves. The new Dick, gave in to the liberal propaganda machine out of NY and NYC, which will be the ruin of this country.

    • The free market is a wonderful thing, it permits us the opportunity to purchase from those that have like interests and views. We are not forced to purchase goods from those that do not. Let the banks and financial institutions, the states and cities that attack those that sell and manufacture firearms that we do not like their business choices when they attempt to take away our constitutional rights to appease the political far left, the Socialist Democratic party of Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Cummings, Coons, Carper, Flake, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Soros and the U.N. Let them suffer the adverse consequences of their actions to take away our freedoms. Let them become financially insolvent. Who needs them, who cares?

      • I used to shop at Dicks not only did I purchased Guns and ammo I also bought camping gear, clothing and all kinds of merchandise from them. Well I haven’t purchased any products from them since they became involved in politics. All the coupons and incentives they send to my home are not even opened, torn up and deep sixed.

    • Firearms are part of Sporting Goods. You need to change your name.
      Did you think you are to big to fail? Your mistake was not, the fact you stopped selling Firearms but to destroy them. That was a bad business move in two ways, you could have sent them back for a refund and the fact you destroyed them, agitated your customers especially since they made your business.

    • My wife gets her hair done right across the street from Dicks, I used to go in Dicks while waiting and shop around for a bit, but not anymore! I just go get a sandwich or drive home and wait for her call, I will never set foot inside of Dicks again! I hope they go bankrupt and go out of business! What a bunch of idiots!

  2. As the old saying goes, you made your bed, now you sleep in it. This has to be the largest measure or gauge of the feelings of the general population. Those politicians and groups should take note of this but they will not even recognize the message that the decline in sales at DICK’s is telling the country. Those same groups should also take note of the increased gun sales. To paraphrase “don’t piss into the wind, don’t pull on Superman’s cape and don’t mess around with gun owners.

  3. Golf Galaxy is also owned by Dick’s. They are crossed off my list also. And, I play a lot of golf. Other companies have my money now.

  4. Evidently Dicks’ misjudged the reaction of its customers. They either change directions or face too much loss of customers. It is best that they reexamine their stance. Guns are for defense and used for hunting. That is not going to change.

    • Dick’s is a microcosm of France. Macron also decided that the country, of France, wanted to be “politically correct.” Like Dick’s, the public’s reaction was foreseen, and predictable. The Socialists can acquire all of the abandoned Dick’s and make shelters for the unlawful aliens and the rest of the homeless.

    • Where I live, a REI is closer that the Dick’s and Cabela’s is only 11+ miles away. When Dick’s opened last year I perused the place and was planning to purchase a couple of archery pieces until they ditched their respect for guns and the Constitution. I was to Cabela’s twice this last week, once with my wife for things of ‘interest’ to her. Go to Dick’s? Eh, they’re on another planet…

  5. I began a personal boycott of Dick’s immediately after the went full libturd against legal guns. I also asked all of my friends and anyone else who would listen to do likewise. I am happy that Dick’s has been adversely affected by their unreasonable and ignorant treatment of legal guns. Keep the boycott going and let these libturds feel the burn of public opinion. Good job gun enthusiasts, let’s put them out of business for taking a stand against our 2nd Amendment right!

  6. Since Dick hired people to champion gun restrictions, I have no empathy nor sympathy for the suffering dicks. I REFUSE to cross their doorway for any reason.

  7. I’ve seen this comment before about Dick’s. I agree.
    I wouldn’t step foot in one of their stores unless it was a going out of business sale.

    • Except for Wal-Mart because those cowards stopped selling AR-15’s but still sell “hunting” rifles/shotguns…

      • The first firearm I ever bought was a .22 single action revolver at a Sears store in California. I believe it was in 1970. If I recall correctly it was a J.C. Higgens.

        • Correction to my comment. Here’s a clip from Wikipedia: From 1908 until 1962, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational equipment, including bicycles, golf clubs, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers under the brand name “J. C. Higgins.” These products were well made and were popular with the company’s historical core of rural and working-class consumers.
          I was a 2nd Lt going to Navigator training at Mather AFB at Sacramento Ca from late 1961 to 1962. So that must be when I bought the revolver. Still have it.

      • Not so, TomG, down through the years I bought several firearms from Sears. They marketed them under the Ted Williams branding, but were usually manufactured for them by Savage, Stevens, Mossberg and several others.

  8. I had purchased several clothing items on line as I was not thrilled with the Baton Rouge store when I went there to do some shopping. I would have purchased additional items had it not been for their anti-gun stance and also destroying the inventory they had instead of returning it. To me that is cutting off the end of your nose to spite your face logic. I will not buy or accept anything from Dick’s again.

  9. Dick’s, Starbucks, Target, are on my list as no-go zones because of their virtue signaling, idiotic, anti-gun rhetoric. And, I will now never again buy nor eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because of their decision to make political statements on one of their products.
    These leftists owned companies are on notice: we true American Patriots who love God, country, and family will not tolerate your shoving your brand of politics down our throats!

    • Maybe this will be a lesson to these people who own sporting good stores, The lesson to be learned is don’t get involved with left wing scum. They have ruined cities and states now they are ruining businesses.

  10. CEO like this must be terminated without any golden parachute given that decision was political and not common sense good for business. Time to kick these idiots out of the drivers seat and put them in the back of the bus where the next pot hole will bounce them right out the back door and they will get a serious case of road rash! If a stock holder can tolerate this kind of stupidity, then they need to loose money. Otherwise they get a vote of no confidence going against the board who selected them and these stupid CEOs. Terminate them all and replace them with truly cognizant and business oriented common sense managers and board members. Time to shake up the status quo!

  11. It serves them right to question the morality of their customers who purchase firearms. I hope their board of directors finally see fit to fire the dumb CEO who mandated these stupid policies after their sales fall off a cliff. I will no longer buy ANYTHING from these folks and will go out of my way to buy from their competitors.
    We need to do this to any major corporation that tries to restrict our rights on the Second Amendment. That’s the only effective way to protest these snowflake companies.

  12. I’ve know about Target over five years ago they don’t support vetrens in any way, so I black listed them back then. “Dicks” well named I’d say.

  13. Dick’s has lost my business too. I kind of feel sorry for them. Their decision to pull their support of the second amendment demonstrates how easily the leftists in the media can manipulate even “educated” people into doing stupid things. It’t really very sad. The leftists who now run the public school system have taught people not to analyze, reason, or think for themselves, and instead have embedded the principal of “listen and obey”. Dick’s foolishness is one more reminder that we need to pray for our country, and our leaders.

      • Yes it does, however, Freedom is never FREE. You always have to FIGHT for it and Fight to keep it. I never thought as an American we would have Socialist in our Congress.

  14. i used to work at dick’s in the early 90’s. a rumor startedd back then that the new owners were going to get rid of the hunting, fishing, and camping sections of the store and just concentrate on exercize equipment, clothing, and ball sports(football, baseball, golf, etc.). if they did it back then they would have closed doors within a few months. dick’s started the same way cabela’s did. one guy selling fishing tackle off his kitchen table. when he died the his kids wanted something different. now they are finding out the grass isn’t always greener.

  15. I stopped shopping at “dick’s” years ago when it became clear to me that there was already a deliberate attempt to not sell guns, ammunition or other hunting equipment. I would go there to buy various items, from running shoes, tennis balls, running shorts etc, always taking the opportunity to browse the firearms section. There was never a salesperson at that counter, and mostly my presence was ignored by those employees who saw me as they passed through.

  16. They are not bright are they? They POed the larger part of their customers, now they say they will just concentrate on ball sports,base ball, basket ball, etc. I did notice they didn’t mention football though. If they came out supporting the NFL that would finish them off.

  17. What I don’t understand is the stupidity of these CEO’s, Most people who are outdoor people are pro gun. What on earth were they thinking that maybe they would increase sales. Man how dumb can they get.

  18. Dicks has been run and managed by a bunch of subterranean ultra liberal Anti gun jerks. They really don’t give a crap about there policies because it’s not there money, they are loosing it’s yours >>>If you have any stock in that organization get rid of it fast???The libos will manage to kill that sporting goods chain to just like they killed Gander Mountain???just my opinion but I guarantee what I say will come true>>

  19. Not only Dicks, but I no longer visit the adjacent Sports Afield store which I understand is also owned or operated by Dicks. There are many more outlets for the purchase of firearms, ammunition, and related products.

    Liberals think they are the only ones capable of impacting sales of fools that take it on themselves to trash our second amendment rights. Dicks is free to act stupidly and we are free to shop at locations that want our business.

  20. I not only do not patronize Dick’s and stores of a similar ilk, I also stay away from any store that displays a “handgun free zone” sticker anywhere. They do not get my business either.

  21. Serves the company right–there is more to sporting goods than –jogging , tennis , and golf ( none of which are bad hobbies ) but there is more…there are still some hunters and marksmen ( and women) and fishermen (and women) left in this world !!!! We the people !

  22. All the comets are spot on, But as a business person you have to ask yourself how stupid is it for Dicks to conform to NON customers only to PISS off there buying base customers to hurt there business?

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