Looking For A Semi-Auto? Check Out This New Rifle

Image courtesy Česká zbrojovka.

People who are enthusiastic about certain activities are always on the lookout for newer or better or different equipment for that interest. And this fact holds true of gun enthusiasts. Every pro-gun person that I know wants to know about new firearms or ammunition or accessories.

Maybe you’re looking for a pistol or maybe you’re looking for a shotgun. But, if you’re looking for a semi-automatic rifle, then a new rifle by Česká zbrojovka (the Czech parent company of CZ USA) may be something to keep an eye out for for when it hits the U.S. market (it’s currently only available in Europe).

The new model is called the Bren 2 MS, and CZ’s 2019 catalog had this to say about this new model (hat tip to here for the info):


The exclusively self-loading version of the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle, designed on the basis of the experience of the most demanding users of special units and armed forces operating anywhere in the world and in the harshest climatic conditions.

The CZ BREN 2 Weapon System is one of the most advanced on the world market. Its features include simple construction, extreme reliability, high precision, low weight, great ergonomics and two-way or easy-to-adjust controls.

These features are fully maintained by the self-tapping version of the popular caliber.223 Rem and 7.62×39. Apart from the impossibility of shotgun, the biggest difference from the self-execution is the separate foregrip and the absence of mountings on the sides and the lower part, giving the user a wide range of individual adjustments and tuning.

Matthew Moss also provides these specs on the Bren 2 MS:

Weight: 2.99 kg
Caliber: .223 Rem, 7.62×39
Capacity: 30 rounds
Receiver: Aluminium alloy
Barrel length: 28 cm
Overall length: 76-80 cm

Now, keep in mind that the Bren 2 MS is specifically designed to be a civilian rifle (even though your ignorant anti-gunner neighbors will probably still call it an assault rifle because of the way that it looks), but this looks like it could be a lot of fun to take out to the range.

Keep an eye out for it. Hopefully, it will hit the U.S. market next year.



  1. The Bren and Galil, IMHO are far better weapons platforms than the M16 or the AR platforms ever were. My time in the military was mostly time spent doing what most people only dream or fantasize about. I used the Galil on numerous occasions during “OPS” not known to the vast majority of the world. Different models of the Bren were used by others of the group. 95% of the time while training or “out” in the field, the M16, M4 and other American made arms were very rarely used. For reliability, toughness, and workability we used foreign made weapons the Galil, Bren, and even the newer AK47 models were our go to choice. After all, it is all about personal preference isn’t it?

    • Good! Let ’em wet their pants! They need to learn the American Citizen is their boss, not the Democratic Party, or especially, Nancy Pelosi! Same with the Republicans

    • jimy; juss buy an ole brit enfield/springfield in 303/308 and you hav a start. or buy a cheap garand, have it worked into a 308 sniper/rifle, and add the scope; good to 1200 yards out there!? i know, i got 1! lol.

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