Surprise! CNN Finds That Criminals Don’t Obey Gun Laws!


Here’s a story that probably shocked the people reporting it. But, I want to be up front and applaud the people who reported this for their honesty in reporting it. Why? Because it was first reported on CNN which isn’t really known for its honest and unbiased reporting.

So, what is the big news that CNN reported? Simply this: Criminals don’t obey gun laws.

I know that you’re shocked. I certainly am. Well, really, I’m only shocked that CNN had the integrity to report that. Pro-gun people have known that to be true for years. Beth Baumann gives us the details:


CNN decided to “investigate” the number of people who lie on the 4473 forms, which are used when someone purchases a firearm. It asks basic questions like your name, address, date of birth and if you’ve committed a number of criminal violations. When you fill it out you check a simple “yes” or “no” on each question. Lying on 4473 is a felony that can result in a hefty fine and up to 10 years in prison.

What’s silly is it took an “investigation” for CNN to realize a fact that gun rights advocates have been saying for years: criminals lie. And the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) very rarely prosecutes those who are caught lying on the form.

Here’s what their “investigation” found:

Past and present ATF agents and prosecutors told CNN that, given limited resources, they’re not inclined to prioritize the nonviolent crime of lying on a form over more serious charges, like gun trafficking. The very few “lie and try” cases they prosecute focus on dangerous “trigger pullers” who clearly know they’re prohibited from owning a firearm — career criminals with a history of violence or activity in the drug trade.

But a 2006 internal ATF briefing paper obtained by CNN suggests that gun form liars are far more likely to go on to commit a gun crime than even many experts recognize. When ATF analyzed firearm denial cases sent to field offices for investigation during a seven-year period, it found that 10%-21% of that group went on to be arrested for a crime involving guns.

But a surprising range of authorities have argued that enforcing “lie and try” could make a difference — including not only anti-gun groups and criminal justice academics, but also former law enforcement officers, the Department of Justice under the Trump administration, and even the National Rifle Association…

That reduces the law’s function as a deterrent to prohibited possessors who might hope to get lucky with the federal background check system. It also allows gun form liars to fly under the radar for law enforcement — and to avoid being assigned a probation officer who would monitor them to make sure they didn’t obtain a weapon. And, in the event of a later crime, it leaves what could have been a significant previous charge — which might typically lead to more prison time — off their records.

Well duh! 

It doesn’t take a genius to know that criminals commit crimes. They don’t follow the law. Hello! That’s the very definition of being a criminal. It’s also why so many gun owners cry foul when new gun control laws are put on the books, because all the new laws do is punish the law-abiding, not criminals.

So, there you have it: the rare bit of honest journalism from CNN, and it simply supports what pro-gun people have said for years: Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens.

So, the next time that your anti-gunner neighbor tries to spew some of their nonsense your way, simply point to them to the conclusions of CNN. That should at least give you a rare 10-15 seconds of peace as they try to figure out how to spin the uncomfortable truth away.



  1. Miracles do happen! Its about time CNN that some honest UNBIASED journalism reporting about facts and truth, and not doctored to the advantage of media pressure. Thanks for a New Years fresh start. I really hope this is the beginning of things to come and not just something that was a random incident.

  2. Aint it great to see the way the liberal mind works.They have there heads so far up there rectumus’s,that they don’t know whether its day or night.The only thing that they know is that they are protected by armed body guards and 24hrs security patrols; in gated communities. It’s nice to have money and tell others that they can’t own fire arms,the ordinary person has to fend for them selves.
    When you have only seconds to live the cops are only minutes away(Actually Your Dead when the get there)TRUE FACT.So lets go back to the liberal elite clause(ME TOO) .Now see what they say???

  3. CNN must have had their water cooler spiked with Dr.Carlson’s memory pill. What an ingenious conclosion.

  4. My sister went to jail because she answered the question about being in a mental institution wrong. She didn’t know that she had to answer yes even though she checked herself into there. Or at least that’s what she said. Now she is a felon but she didn’t have to pull but a couple of days in jail. Of course that wasn’t her first time in jail, though. But anyway, I’m glad to see some truth from CNN even though it’s kind of a DUH thing.

  5. Gun control only hurts law abiding citizens. Well daaaaaaaaa.
    This is so obvious I can’t even consider it important that CNN did get it right.
    One truth out of thousands of lies, does not in any way show a turn around.
    Nope, sorry. CNN is still a rag on a dung heap. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  6. Criminals love the implementation of these nonsense able laws towards the law abiding public. We are sitting ducks when we are out in public. Grant us concealed carry permits. Thank you New Jersey govenor. Meanwhile you have protection round the clock at the tax payers expense. If you get protection out side of your residence we should be entitled to the same privelage.All lives are valuable not just yours. God, please save us from these laws and hypocrites. Gun don’t kill people , criminals do. DUH !!!

  7. Criminals don’t follow the law? Same could be said about politicians, particular Dem/Left ones.

  8. Many laws passed by congress are illegal because they exempted themselves. That is illegal. Congress shall make no laws that apply to the people that do not apply to congress equally. Can you say obamacare?

  9. Oh excuse me, the word “criminal” is a pejorative. Those little angels simply don’t know what they are doing.

  10. Pelosi (wishes she’s the pres) is afraid to attend the State of The Union Address becauce she is afraid of no security (armed guards) Ha!!!!
    But what? No Border for us? Control OUR guns?
    Or is she hinting there will still b a shutdown at that time? Ooooo…

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