Guess Which State Is Trying To Make The Poor More Vulnerable To Violent Attacks?


Anyone who has taken any time at all to rationally think about gun issues knows that making firearms available to your average citizen allows those citizens to be able to defend themselves from criminals.

But, if you’re an anti-gunner, you are so driven by knee jerk emotion that you can’t even begin to see that guns are an effective self-protection method for the average person, especially for those who are physically disabled. No, you’re under the bizarre impression that criminals get their firearms through legal means, so making guns more expensive will prevent criminals from getting guns.

In truth, though, all that does is prevent the poor from being able to defend themselves. And, sadly, that is exactly what the Governor of New Jersey is seeking to do. Dan Zimmerman writes,


Under current law, applicants must pay $52.66 to be fingerprinted when applying for a New Jersey Firearm Purchaser ID card or a pistol permit. The permit application itself costs $5. (The handgun permit fee is $2.) Governor Phil Murphy wants to increase the application fee to sixty times the current amount (and have permits expire in four years).

Alexander Roubian give us more details:

A source close to the Murphy administration has confirmed with NJ2AS that he will be advocating to raise the cost of a firearm identification card to $300 and also raise the cost of a retired law enforcement conceal carry permit to $150. We expect this announcement to occur during his budget address Tuesday afternoon.

Governor Murphy has expressed support to raise the fees in the past. ”It’s hard to believe it’s actually cheaper to get a permit to purchase a handgun, which is $2, than it is to get a dog license in practically any town in our state,” Murphy said at a June 13, 2018, bill signing.

We reached out to Senate Democratic leadership and they decline to comment on speculation.

Historically fees and taxes have been used against minority communities of color to suppress their constitutional rights, such as voting and firearm ownership. Poll taxes were used to prevent minorities and people of color from voting, and laws banning certain types of firearms were enacted to prevent the poor and freed slaves from owning guns.

Both history and common sense are on our side and support the importance of Second Amendment rights, but anti-gunners don’t care about logic (or the historical racism and oppressiveness of their policies). This is why we need to continue to fight for the right of everyone to own firearms.



  1. Democrats never saw a money making scheme for government to pad their salaries or to waste on superfluous crap they didn’t love. as far as being the party of the people as they claim, they are the party of communist rule.

    • They also see the opportunity to exercise complete contol over a populace that would be unable to defend themselves against the tyranny of an oppressive government. Regardless of their propaganda that would have you believe they only want to save and protect children and citizens from harm their end goal is too obvious, oppression and complete control of your wealth and life style. They want us as their serfs.

  2. Democrats must know that taking guns away from the average person in the United States is a moot point. They know that criminals will still have guns. Taking guns away from the people will, however, make it easier for the government to control the public. For instance, if the public does not agree to being servants of the government, they will not be able to fight the government for their rights. Taking guns away from the general public is the first step in subjugating the public. For some reason, the Democrats want to do just that. They think (or feel certain) they are doing the public a favor. Democrats don’t think. They feel, and those feeling often override reason and logic. Socialism is a form of subjugation. You can’t subjugate those who do not want to be subjugated without a hard hand to force the issue. If you and I have guns, fighting back will be an option–without guns there is no option.

  3. Democrats are going to have their day and it is coming soon. Don’t leave one Democrat standing. Clean the communist out of Smerica and all immigrants.

    • I really hope your not holding your breath! NOTHING will EVER be done to these Traitorous Bastards.

  4. The issue at hand is not about gun control-it’s about People Control. They need to disarm the populace in order to move forward with their agenda. Socialism/communism is on the doorstep right here in the United States of America. The people of this once great nation better wake up!

  5. New Jersey and it’s Governor has just shown it to be more racist than the deepest, darkest Southern state even during Reconstruction. These “politicians” need to be recalled and removed from office. Stop this threat o America and New Jersey or lose your freedom!!!

  6. The whole thing is phony. All pols want to do is steal more money (taxes) so they have more to spend instead of controlling what is spent by living under an actual budget. They care nothing about the people int heir area of responsibility. here in this state it’s always the “for the children” excuse.

  7. Last year the people of the state of Colorado voted down a measure that would have put unacceptable restrictions on the energy industry. This week the Democrat controlled legislature passed basically the same restrictions. So much for representing the people. They have also all but passed the Red Flag confiscation act when the majority of those at the public hearing were against the bill. What is one to think except that they have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with what is right for the populace. At this stage they have to get our guns because we will not put up with being dictated to and trampled on much longer.

  8. Unfortunately it is too late for us, the patriots of the United States. It is now a case of us and them. We voted them in and we can’t vote them out. They do as they wish because they are in power. I believe the majority of our elected officials are corrupt. They line their pockets with illegal and immorally gained money while we survive on scraps. They have the power to pass laws as they see fit to promote their own agendas without any consideration for those who elected them in the first place. They increase the voter base by allowing illegals to vote while promising everything in the world to those that will believe them.

    Our younger generations are buying the leftist/socialistic crap they are being fed. They are being fed this crap from grade school all the way through college. The media reinforces this socialistic crap on a daily basis. They tell everyone that we are a victim of one thing or another and deserve a free life paid for by those who have something to lose. How else did the extreme leftist get voted into office. We, the people voted them in.We have closed our eyes and let this happen for the past fifty years. It did not happen overnight.

    Second Amendment–our duty to overthrow a tyrannical corrupt government. Think twice before you run into the House or the Senate to violently remove our corrupt elected officials. Each elected official has a series of body guards paid for by our taxes. They will shoot you at the sight of a weapon, that is if you can even gain access.

    Our country’s fore fathers only had to contend with muskets and cannons. No real standing army. We were the standing army and we had muskets and cannons. Today it is much different. We can’t even own a fully automatic machine gun without a two hundred dollar government approval stamp. We have hand guns and long guns. Their standing army has the same, but each soldier has a full auto switch. We have cars and trucks; they have those too, but they have assault vehicles, tanks and other weapons of war. They have armed helicopters planes and space weapons. This was not expected by the authors of the second amendment. They can wipe us out with an air strike while we run across the parking lot.

    You say the police, national guard or the standing army will not fire upon us? You say they will join us? I would not count on that. Studies have shown that the average person will follow orders if someone else takes responsibility for it. This includes soldiers of our standing army and national guard along with our local police officers. Tell them false information, make us look like the renegades and terrorist that we are and they will fire upon us. They will follow the powers that be like the good little soldiers they are.

    We have no element of surprise either. They monitor our communications, searching for evidence of resistance. They now have the patriot act since 9-11. You can”t trust your neighbor and sometimes your family members. You can’t trust any one because they may tell the wrong person something and you will be removed in the middle of the night and never heard from again. You don’t know who will be a spy for the government. Codes will be broken and intercepted. You will need messages to be able to fight together to overthrow the government. There will be no secret message; no one if by land or two if by sea. Fighting will be bloody chaos. Everyone will be the enemy.

    Look at the reality of the situation. Consider everything. What are the options? what are the possible outcomes? Someone must take control. Someone must organize. Someone must make good tactical decisions to be followed by those willing to die for our constitution; our country. I have read a lot of talk. I have heard this a lot for several years, but still no organization. No one has stood up to become the leader.

    Please, please show me I am wrong and have been looking on the dark side for too long. I want to believe that we can come out of this dire situation with our constitution intact and that our country will be great again.

  9. So correct me if I’m wrong: Is it not infringement,once you have to purchase a right to keep and bare arms?! That has all the earmarks of priviledges! priviledges

  10. If you are a poor black american, living in what used to be a nice neighborhood, that now is crime ridden, it would seem that democrats WANT you to be a victim. You are not allowed to protect your home and loved ones without spending a lot of money just to have a permit that allows you to purchase a firearm for protection. Yep, those democrats you helped put in office sure don’t seem to be doing any favors for those they claim to care so much about.

  11. Time to take washington by FORCE & CHARGE EVERY SINGLE TRAITOR THEN drag the Bastards out and Publically HANG THESE DEMOLIBTARCRAP/ RINO TRAITORS!!! This is OUR AMERICA AND I FOR ONE AM TIRED of watching these Vile Bastards selling us out! No MORE ILLEGAL TALJ ABOUT GIVING VOTING RIGHTS to illegals NO MORE OF OUR BENEFITS TO BE PAID TO THEM. AND AS for those vile Shiithead Muslims living in BRAND NEW HOMES COLLECTING 3000-4500$ A MONTH IN FOOD STAMPS claiming up to 4 wives and 15 mimimuzzys revieving 12,000$ + a month in cash and the whole time we are being SCREWED AND AMERICAN VETS ARE DYING ON OUR STREETS!!! It is straight up time to OVERTHROW the corrupt Government Its Time for a New Revolution and to buy stock in Rope and Lead!!!


  13. All I can say is thank god I live in Louisiana where everyone believes in guns open carry state not one of them damn liberal states

  14. Thank you democraps for sooo many blessings! A bloated, unionized, overpaid and under worked government (oh, we know why you ‘hate’ to see the government shut down……the longer its down the more people start to realize that everything runs pretty smooth without all the dead weight!). Your government run schools are another beauty (also unionized, I might add!) that have been turning out so many little ‘minds full of mush airheads’ for over 60 years now! You pretty successfully got Bibles, prayer and other vestiges of religion (The Ten Commandments) out of the schools, and right behind that, and out the same front door, went morals, discipline, respect and any control that teachers used to maintain. Today the ‘inmates’ pretty effectively run the asylum! If you you want some evidence of this, just watch Jessie Watters, on FOXNews, when he goes out on the street or on college campuses and asks kids (some adults, too) some of the most basic questions about our government and our history…..most of the answers he gets are pathetic! We spend more per capita on education than any country in the world and our beloved democraps have this great solution……throw more money at this failed system! I would love to say they have never figured out why people say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but I can’t, because I firmly believe the results are exactly what they want! It’s all about control……obviously, a dumbed down, ignorant society would be easier to control than a well educated one!! When these idiot democraps want one of their ‘sappy’ pieces of liberal crap legislation passed they love telling WE THE PEOPLE how it’s ‘for the children’! Who could be against anything that’s for the children…..right? Yet these are the same people whose ‘holy grail’ is abortion! Probably somewhere north of 70 million babies have been murdered since the passage of ‘Roe v Wade’! democraps are the most bigoted, racist group of idiots I have ever seen in my long lifetime and all the while they continue to point their guilty fingers at republicans and scream racist. We just ‘endured’ 8 years of a presidency headed by, arguably, the most racist person I have ever witnessed. obama tried hard to sell himself as a great uniter, but in fact was actually a great divider that set race relations back 50+ years. he made the likes of jessie Jackson, al Sharpton, et al look like beginners. Soooo, to me, one of the great mysteries has always been…..why would groups such as the black community and the Jewish community (and others) throw their undying support behind the idiot democraps?? The democraps support anything anti-American…..they’re partisan, bigoted, Godless, tyrannical, traitorous seditious racists who hate this country, it’s sovereignty, it’s freedom, it’s wealth, and their ultimate goal is to turn the country over to the new world order (NWO). Ask yourselves……why are they so ‘hell bent’ on confiscating guns from WE THE PEOPLE? If they were so concerned about our safety, they would be on our southern border personally helping build that ‘big beautiful wall’! Trust me…..they want the illegal invasion to continue……its all part of their plan to systematically destroy the country! Learn it, Love it, Live it!!!!! Wake up America!!!!

  15. Join me now! Peaceful march on Washington D.C. on April 15th. The day of the taxes will become PATRIOT DAY!

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