Proposed Legislation Would Make Mistaking Someone’s Gender A Reason To Take Away Your Guns


Anti-gunners are constantly looking for ways to restrict gun rights and to take away your guns. And anti-gunners in government (and future politicians) aren’t shy about using all kinds of people who shouldn’t even be talking to you about your guns to try to take guns away from law-abiding Americans (see here, here, and here for examples).

And, now, anti-gunner politicians have upped the ante to look for other ways to infringe on your right to bear arms. The latest tactic is to take away firearms from people who have committed hate crimes. Now, most people think that “hate crimes” has a pretty narrow definition such as when a person physically assaults or kills another person because of the victims gender or ethnicity.

Here is where it gets ugly, though. There have been efforts to characterize such simple things as referring to a transgender person by their birth name (deadnaming them) or birth gender (misgendering them) instead of the name and gender which they have currently chosen as a hate crime even if not intended as insulting or done accidentally.


Lest you think that I am joking, this kind of thing has already happened in the U.K., and people campaigning for transgender rights often take their cue from Europe.

Now, two Democrats in Congress hate introduced legislation to prevent those convicted of hate crimes from being able to legally buy a firearm. S.H. Blannelberry writes,

Two Democratic legislators introduced the “Disarm Hate Act” this week, which calls for the permanent revocation of 2A rights for any misdemeanor offense deemed to be a hate crime.

The bill was brought to both chambers, via Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) in the House and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) in the Senate.

Sponsors believe the bill closes the “Hate Crimes Loophole” by banning the sale and possession of firearms for anyone convicted of committing a crime on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.  

So, if passed, it will only take a little tweak to the definition of hate crimes to include misgendering a person or deadnaming them to prevent a variety of people from ever being able to legally buy a gun again even if the deadnaming or misgendering was done completely unintentionally.

The problem with this bill is that it is ripe for abuse and gives the government the ability to run roughshod over Second Amendment rights even in cases in which no actual violence was committed against anyone.

And, again, those who get guns illegally would still do so, so this proposed law is simply another way to attempt to take gun rights away from law-abiding citizens. Call your legislators and tell them to vote against this bill.



  1. It’s all about fabricating more excuses to disarm honest citizens and leaving us at the mercy of vicious criminals. It’s all about total slavery.

  2. There is a saying: The difference between Genius and Stupidity is that Genius has it’s limits.

    • This is about as assinine as they can get but don’t worry they’ll keep trying. I am transgender and also a veitnam veteran as well as gun owner and disabled. I have learned to let things go and certainly not scream that’s a hate crime. Problem is we have a society that is full of snowflakes and imbeciles. There is a saying “never underestimate the power of idiots in large groups”. Sadly I think we are there.

      • I don’t believe you. There’s something wrong with your comment, I can’t put my finger on it but in my opinion I think you’re lying!


  4. Callin’ a HE a he or a She a she is not a crime. Considering, there are only TWO sexes on EARTH, except for the Hermaphrodites.

  5. if you all want a civil war you will get one , mother fuckers, because you stupid political ass holes will be the ones every body will go after.

  6. The whole concept of “hate crimes” is questionable at best. Calling someone a name they find offensive is a far cry from physical assault, intimidation, threats. property destruction, etc. How is one person expected to know the what another person demands to be called, or even what their gender is, especially given the current propensity for the “unisex” lifestyle. The entire transgender movement is just another scam to con the public, and work it to the advantage of a group of people desperately in need of therapy. You can bet that a “law” like the one being proposed will only harden the public’s resistance to this nonsense.

  7. Let’s remove the dead beat congress and Senate. They are the ones creating this mess.

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  9. Uh, I’m pretty sure “CITIZEN” can… perhaps you meant PILGRAM, that was a John Wayne favorite,

  10. That has or will just add to the problem. Today with cross dressers, gender change surgery. And other deviant was to hide your true God given gender how are you going to be sure what gender you are dealing with. And what difference does that make? Male or Female if they threaten you or others lives you should be able to take deadly force if necessary to protect yourself or others. You most probably will not have time to call or ask someone else for advice. So I say do the right thing at the right time and let God be your judge.

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