Looking For A New Hunting Rifle? Check Out Ruger’s New Model

Image courtesy Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.

Ruger, one of the largest firearm manufacturers in the U.S. if not the world, is doing what smart businesses everywhere are doing: looking for ways to provide better products to their customers. Why? Because they have a passion for guns (why else would you be in that business?) and because they want to sell more of them, too (they are running a business, after all).

So, what is their latest offering? It’s an update of their rifle line specifically geared towards hunters. Chris Eger gives us the details:

Ruger is now offering a version of their ever-expanding Ruger American rifle line to include one with a factory-installed Magpul Hunter stock.

Chambered initially in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, both models of the new Ruger American Rifle Hunter series use Magpul’s new short action Hunter American stocks. Introduced by the Texas-based accessory company as a $300 aftermarket stock last year, the Hunter American has a cast aluminum bedding block and is fully adjustable across length of pull and comb height. The stocks incorporate a Magpul PMAG 5-round 7.62 AC detachable magazine.

The rifles come standard with a 20-inch five-groove heavy-contour that ends with 5/8x24TPI threads and a Ruger Precision Rifle hybrid muzzle brake similar to those used on the Ruger American Ranch series. Other features include a factory-installed, one-piece Picatinny scope base and Ruger’s Marksman adjustable trigger that can be tuned by the user from between 3 and 5 pounds. Overall length is 43.25-inches with all of the stock inserts installed and weight is 9.2-pounds without optics.

MSRP on the Ruger American Rifle Hunter is $799.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Magpul’s Hunter American Stock, in addition to the details on the block and lugs noted above, it offers “fully adjustable length of pull, comb height, and enhanced ergonomics.” In other words, it is designed to make shooting your rifle even smoother and more comfortable.


All-in-all, when you look at the modifications offered on this rifle, if you’re looking for another hunting rifle, this may be one to consider.



  1. I would almost bet it won’t shoot any better than my Ruger American standard 308, what a surprise it was out of the box. Bought it after my 77 RSI & 77 R in 308 had been stolen

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