Shocking Statistics: Over Half Of All U.S. Murders Happen In Only 2% Of Counties


If anti-gunner rhetoric is to be believed, then America’s gun culture is the cause of the number of murders in the United States (we’ll discuss another time whether the U.S. has a higher murder rate than other countries. Hint: When you look at the statistics honestly, we don’t.). They make it sound like gun violence is a nationwide issue plaguing life in America.

The reality, though, shows something very difference. L.A. Paredes writes,

Fear mongering is one of the best tools the Left has – especially when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Anything and everything is open game, no matter how scary or dishonest it is.

How many gun grabbers want the public to know that the majority of murders in the US occur in super concentrated areas – that a full 54% of American counties had no murders, and that a miniscule 2% account for a colossal 51% of the murders nationwide?

Those are staggering statistics. It’s the 80/20 rule (the Pareto Principle) taken to the extreme. The next question becomes “Which counties have the problem?” Paredes gives us an idea:


We can see this in our own California backyard, with Los Angeles County as a perfect example.  In 2014, the County was clearly embarrassed to report a staggering number of murders: 526 to be exact.  According to Lott’s research, however, there was much higher likelihood of a murder occurring in very specific parts of LA.  It clearly shows the northwestern part of the county has a very small number of homicides in comparison to other areas.

This is also hugely evident in the gun-controlled disaster of Chicago  Their numbers are more startling – the first 4.5 months of 2017 totaled 222 homicides.  According to Lott’s data, one small neighborhood racked up over 25 murders.  “But 23 of the 77 neighborhoods in the city have zero murders, and most of the 40 neighborhoods have only one murder.  Twelve of the neighborhoods have 10 or more murders.

Also cited was a study in the journal Criminology by David L. Weisburd.  “The Law Of Crime Concentration And The Criminology Of Place” reveals for eight cities, a shocking 25% of violent crime occurred on only 1% of the streets and that roughly 50% happened on a mere 5%.

Lott concludes “This study shows how murders in the United States are heavily concentrated in very small areas. Few appreciate how much of the US has no murders each year.  Murder isn’t a nationwide problem.  It’s a problem in a very small set of urban areas, and any solution must reduce those murders.

This is the problem with statistics: Too many people look at the big picture and, then, draw conclusions that they think are accurate. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. The generalization that anti-gunners want you to believe is that gun violence is a nationwide problem. The reality, though, is that gun violence is a huge problem in just a few very small areas and almost nowhere else.

Don’t be bullied by anti-gunners using misinterpreted data. Get them to look further into the specifics. If they are honest people, they’ll have to take a long, hard look at their assumptions, and, maybe, just maybe, we’ll change a few minds.



  1. I served 10yrs in the U.S. Army defending our rights and the constitution; I don’t have but one thing to say. When guns are outlawed I’ll be an OUTLAW!!!! HOOAH!!!!!!!

  2. Simple statistics show one thing. Unarmed populace in gun free zones die more often then not. Armed law abiding populace areas almost no crimes or murders. Now where would you want to live?

  3. I’m sure Memphis is very high on this list! We have at least five shootings a day here, black on black, and at least three murders a week. Now that summer is here, that number will double and we will end the year with around 350+ black on black murders this year!!! It’s not a gun problem, it’s a black persons mentality problem here in Memphis! Before you call me racist, I’m Creek Indian! Never shot or robbed anyone!!!

    • Facts are true? You are still a vile Negrophobe for repeating stats without interpretation. White supremacy and Negrophobia socialize self hatred. Read Carol Anderson’s White Rage and learn something. Remember that African American colleges were the only ones who accepted you reds. (Parallels phrase to “blacks”, we are African people not merely “blacks” like you are not merely a “red”.

  4. Any rational person already knows this. We all know where most of the shootings take and consequently, most of the murders. Inter-city ghettos! Stop the black market guns and it will change from shootings to stabbings in these same areas.

    • The rotten government pushed GUNS into black communities during the crack trade. Cocain brought in by Ollie North and Blandon the Latino contact. Get the god damn truth. This cycle of violence was caused by rich elite whites. Don’t take blame for the ruling elite just because they are white like you. They care NOTHING for the white working class!😂😉

  5. Pretty much common sense guns don’t kill people people kill people if they didn’t use a gun they would use a hammer where you going to do put a band on hammers

  6. It’s not about guns, it’s not about Republicans, it’s not about MSM’s, it’s not about Democrats, it’s not about Trump, it’s not about the military, it’s not about socialism, it’s not about the wall, it’s not about 2016, it’s not about the Unions
    it’s not about feminism or abortion or LGBTQ,
    it’s not about California, it’s not about Obama,
    it’s not about academia, nor BIG corporations.
    It’s about:


  7. Yes, there are five zip codes in Kansas City where all the violence takes place, the inner city black ghetto. Jackson County. It would normally be a drug deal gone bad.

  8. Venezuela was a very prosperous country due to oil. Then they elected a socialist who promised free everything. Hugo Chavez. In 2012 he banned guns. Seven years later the people are starving, no jobs, no free enterprise, lots of crime. Obama and Hillary tried to do the same to America. But we elected Donald Trump! He spoiled their plans.

  9. If these statistics are true then perhaps it should be a mandatory police practice in communities where crime is rampant to “Stop and Frisk”. I recall it was an acceptable practice in NYC not too many years ago. As a consequence, the crime rate became far lower and was celebrated as a complete success under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Eventually, accusations of racial profiling occurred saying the program unfairly targeted African-American and Hispanic-American individuals. The then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that’s due to African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans being more likely to be BOTH violent criminals and victims of violent crime.

    No one wants to see crime increase or racial profiling being abused. But Stop and Frisk when warranted due to questionable actions IS A USEFUL tool for reducing crime and should be encouraged.

  10. I taught history, cultural geography and government for 11 years at the 4th largest community college in the country before I retired. That institution was plastered with “GUN FREE ZONE” signs. But during that entire 11 years I carried a .38 S&W five shot, Air Weight, M-37 in my pocket and nobody ever knew. And I sure as Hell never asked anyone else’s permission to do so. That is what Concealed Carry means. But it also means that neither I or any of my students would be slaughtered because we were “deprived” of the means of self defense by stupid signs.

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