What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About The 2019 Virginia Beach Shooting


Yet another shooting. And, therefore, another opportunity for the mainstream media and for anti-gun politicians to mislead the public and to call for gun control from their ivory towers (protected by guards with guns).

There is no question that shootings are tragic. Possibly the most frustrating part about these situations, though, is that the mainstream news media is not telling people the truth about what happened and about firearms in general, so people buy the lie that anti-gunner politicians sell to them.

Of course, the recent (2019) Virginia Beach shooting has some additional information which gives context to the shooting and which will make people question whether anti-gun policies being suggested by politicians would actually make a difference. Dr. John Lott gives some perspective:


The question of “How many more?” is a question that we ask ourselves all the time. Now the desire “to do something” is very understandable, but let’s try to do something that would actually matter.

Here is something that people might want to consider. Virginia Beach bans employees from being able to carry guns. In addition, while it was indeed possible for a civilian to enter the “Operations Building” where the attack occurred and carry a gun, the “Operations Building,” as its name suggests, was a building where virtually only employees would be in and indeed everyone who was killed in the building was a public employee. Note that the killer was a public employee and yet he still carried the gun into an area where he was banned from having a gun.

Lott also writes, “Note that all but one of these twelve people [who were killed in the shooting spree] were public employees who were banned from having a gun for protection.”

Now, to anyone who has been looking for the true causes of mass shootings and real world methods to minimize these shootings, Lott’s statements won’t be a surprise. Especially when you consider that many mass shooters specifically targeted locations which were “gun free zones.” It’s easier to kill a bunch of people when people aren’t shooting back at you.

Now, we can have a discussion about how to prevent these kinds of mass shootings in the future, but the fact of the matter remains that gun free zones aren’t preventing these shootings. Quite the opposite. Gun free zones are encouraging would-be mass shooters.

This information from Dr. Lott is exactly the kind of information which we need to keep bringing to the public’s attention so that they can start to understand the issue better by having a more complete understanding of what actually happened. Maybe, then, more people will vote intelligently about guns and vote to oppose gun control.



  1. The Genie has been out of the bottle for a long time all the kings men cannot put him back!
    Things now are like the Wild West and you need to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones! Even a Democrat! Well that’s stretching it!

    • This has uncovered one again rhe farce of gun control.
      The shooter knew very wll that guns wer illegal in trhe building he shot up.
      The shooter knew very well that he had no business doing wht he did.
      The shooter had no mental or medical issues that barred him from purchasing firearms.
      The shooter was therefore not barred from purchasing firearms by law.
      So much for any law that would have denied him rhe right to firearms.

      So, how are laws going to stop any shooter if they have no records for firearm denial?
      How then, are such laws going to stop a shooter?

      • Don’t forget that he passed the deep federal background check to purchase his suppressor. That usually take at least six months to clear.
        Even TPTB in Virginia Beach said none of the proposed new background checks would have prevented him from purchasing his firearms.

  2. The enemy lives among us. They constantly try to subvert our rights under the constitution. No matter what the issue, they persist in pushing their agenda. Like a pack of yipping dogs at your heels. Time to give them a good swift kick.

  3. Gun Free Zones should be done away with, Period. Right after the shooting I read twice that the shooter had converted to islam but hadn’t seen it again, but muslims are protected in this country for some reason !

  4. All the gun bans in the world will not stop someone who is hell bent on killing people. All the UNARMED people are nothing but SITTING DUCKS like in the shooting game in a carnaval. NO DEFENSE! It is people who kill people, and mental problems are a cause, also criminals who do not care about laws and therefore will get guns or other weapons without going through the inept background checks are the problem. BUT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE STUPID IDIOTS WHO THINK THAT PASSING LAWS TO TAKE AWAY THE GUNS OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS AND PUTTING UP “STUPID” SIGNS THAT DECLARE THAT “THIS IS A NO GUN ZONE” WILL STOP THE SHOOTINGS. HA HA HA. People who are able to defend themselves are a greater deterrent against people who want to create mayhem. Disarming the people (law abiding) only paves the way for more criminal activities and it also OPENS THE DOOR FOR A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT TO BECOME A DICTATORSHIP. “JUST LOOK AT VENEZUELA AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES AT WHAT HAS HAPPENED WHEN THE GOVERNMENT TOOK AWAY THE GUNS AND ANYTHING THAT THE CITIZENS COULD USE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. DIVISTATION OF A ONCE PROUD NATION. Wake up AMERICA before these liberal socialist scumbags destroy our nation.

    • Every word you said is true. MOST shootings are in GUN FREE ZONES. They are safe from retaliation and have no fear of being shot themselves! We can stop all this radicalism if we will work to get all the Republicans out to vote, help the elderly and disabled to vote and pray day and night for our Country. The muslims have already declared they will take over our country from within, they have 90+ muslims qualified to run in the 2020 elections and have declared they will fly the muslim flag over our White House! God help us if this ever happens!!!!

    • I can only imagine, if one or two of the people killed at Virginity a Beach were armed, the gunman would not have killed all of those people.
      And you can guarantee that the person who killed the shooter, for self preservation, would have been fired for doing the right thing but for also disobeying the rule of a “NO GUN ZONE”.
      But that person and perhaps several others, would still be alive.
      In the demented world which we live in “GUN FREE ZONES” or “NO GUN ZONES” should be illegal. You can almost guarantee that their would be far less mass shootings. Because these pussies, who kill defenseless people, are cowards and would not dare to try to pull off a mass shooting if the possibility of being shot at by several or more gun owners scare the daylights out of these scumbag, cowards.

  5. I just posted a comment and it has been censored and erased. So much for free speech!

  6. We also know that the governor of Virginia, Northam, would also try to pass laws against breathing air if he thought it would help his Democrat party . They care less about the people getting shot than they do about the tragedy being an opportunity to push their agenda.

  7. The anti-gunners only want us disarmed for one reason, the tyrannical Government wants us to be subjects not citizens. At some point down the road it will become such a tyrannical Government, just as history shows, that they start massacring the Subjects.

    • History repeats it self if one doesn’t learn from the past. Thus the democratic parties push to dumb down of America. Government controlled school system no longer teach history, English, Economics etc just social engineering gay pride etc.

  8. Based on personal experiences of family members and friends, Governor Northam was a much better pediatric doctor than he is a politician.

  9. Don’t count on the City, State, Fed Government, 5-0. to protect you.
    They don’t & can’t.
    Pack heat. Know how & when to use it.

  10. Unfortunately in the end the only way to keep our guns is to use them like our founding forefathers intended.
    Unlike any other amendment they specifically wrote the 2nd shall not be infringed upon for a reason because to do so is treason, it wasn’t
    about hunting it was to keep our freedom from tyrants and dictators intact. I refuse to recognize any unconstitutional laws written by communist traitors that don’t abide by the supreme law of the land our Bill of rights and constitution. Do I need to say more? I don’t think so everybody on this thread of comments knows exactly what I’m saying is true.

  11. Why advertise GUN FREE ZONE? Why not say “check all weapons at the door”? Do you park your car
    and leave it unlocked? Unfortunately we live in an age of little common sense. Common sense tells us
    that there are criminals of every type who will do harm whenever they feel like it in any manner they
    choose. Bottom line is that policy makers are clueless as to what to legislate or do to reign in actions
    of passions out of control and senses devoid of any moral obligations. Could it be “signs of the times”!

  12. Caleb said it best: “Gun Free Zones” are an invitation to “Mass Shooters”, because they know there will be little, if any, resistance. “Mass Shooters” don’t want to be where someone may shoot back at them.

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