Oh, No, Here Comes Another Long Line Of Clueless Anti-Gunners Running For President


Every election season in the U.S. brings the insects out of the woodwork, so-to-speak. No matter what your political leanings, Presidential election time is when you’re going to see and hear people with viewpoints that you see as idiotic.

Take gun control, for example. Any regular reader of this website knows that gun control doesn’t save lives and that, in fact, it makes everyday citizens less safe. But, if you believe anti-gun Presidential candidates like Cory Booker, then you would be believing an outright lie about the effectiveness of gun control. On June 27, 2019 Brian Doherty wrote,

Last night, at the first Democratic candidate debate for the 2020 campaign, Sen. Cory Booker (D–N.J.) proved my prophecy correct when he said, “If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to buy and own a firearm. And not everybody in this field agrees with that, but in states like Connecticut that did that, they saw 40 percent drops in gun violence and 15 percent drops in suicides.”

Booker is wrong (even if we kindly translate his looser “violence” into the study’s actual focus on homicides) and so is the study that gave him that 40 percent figure. The study, as I previously explained, “purports to show that a 1995 tightening in Connecticut’s gun permit laws led to a 40 percent reduction in gun homicides over the next decade,” resulting in “nearly 300 fewer gun homicides.”

The study in question reviewed Connecticut’s law which makes everyone go to their local police department to get a permit before buying a gun whether from a private seller or licensed dealer. And, as Doherty points out, Connecticut’s firearm murder rate fell after the law was passed. Just like it had the two years before the law was passed.


In other words, to support his anti-gun position, Cory Booker has misinterpreted the data (or borrowed from people who misinterpreted the data) to make it seem like this gun licensing law made a difference. Just like anti-gunners do when they point to Australia. Never mind that Australia, like Connecticut, was already seeing a downward trend in firearm murders before the law was passed.

This kind of correlation being given the weight of causation is one of the biggest causes of misinformation being given to anti-gunners. And they buy into it because it matches their preferred narrative about guns.

The problem is that it isn’t true. And the fact that a Senator running for President said it doesn’t change that fact.

Sadly, we’re already seeing a large number of candidates trying to get a nomination to run with anti-gun policy positions as one of their fundamental political stances. It looks like it’s going to be another election season of people saying stupid things by trying to say what ignorant people want to hear.



  1. Clever, these miscreants – presenting the voting public with such extremism, left, and extremism, right (Trump). And then there will be innocent little Joe from Delaware – the obvious compromise. It might work, as the press is the purveyor of all the effective propaganda. Mr. Trump needs a dramatic event to counter this little show of theirs. I’d suggest the dissolution of the criminal Federal Reserve System, and a return of our economy to the Treasury, where it belongs. That’d shake up the world. The “debt” is fallacious, as it was accrued in the commission of a triple crime – counterfeiting, money-laundering, and extortion – so it may be declared “Null and Void.” We’d need a new dollar, backed by real money. (JFK almost did it, but was shot just in the nick of time).

  2. Have you seen the STUPID people they give drivers licence’s to ???
    Its another way for the government to take away your RIGHT and then charge you to do it …
    Then when it came time to take your guns its easier because you have a licence , ITS CALLED GUN REGISTRATION …
    Look back to the 30’s they outlawed certain guns then charged you $200 to buy the same gun and did you learn nothing from the Jews and the Nazi’s ???

    • The DemocRats are no different than Hitler and have the same tyrannical intents. This is why thy want to disarm us

  3. The 2nd Amendment gives every legal Citizen in this great nation the right to keep and bear arms. Now if those poor misguided souls want to be President of this great nation, they must abide by the 2nd Amendment.
    If they don’t like our Bill of Rights and our Constitution, they can love this nation or leave it.


  4. Jay
    Gun registration and gun licensing will only lead to total confiscation of guns in America and that will
    lead to the end of freedom in America and a dictatorship

  5. FredK…. Gun grabbers do not care who gets killed. Their goal is to control the populace. An armed people is the guaranty that the gov. can not become tyrannical. Remember Hitller, Stalin, Moussolini, Chavets,Maotsetung? They, together killed 200 mil. people, mostly their own. If we ever loose the 2ndA, The left will take over the country and than this great will go down the tubes. May God bless President Trump!

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