Those Who Say Guns Are The Cause Of Violence Need To Explain This


There is a standard running narrative from people who are anti-gun (who are typically never people who have any real-world experience with firearms). What’s that narrative? That guns are the cause of violence, all by themselves.

Anti-gunners imply that getting rid of guns will dramatically reduce violence and prevent mass murder.

But is that true? For anyone who thinks that is true, they need to explain a recent horror story out of Finland. Jorge Fitz-Gibbon gives us the tragic details:


A sword-wielding man killed one person and injured 10 others Tuesday in a violent attack at a Finnish vocational school, according to reports.

Among the wounded was a police officer and the attacker, who was taken into custody after he was shot by police during the attack in the city of Kuopio in eastern Finland.

The blade-toting man — who also carried a handgun — was not named, but was identified as a student at the school, Savo Vocational College.

Police said the attack took place at 12:37 p.m. local time, when the unidentified man walked into the school, located in a shopping center, and began slashing other students, CNN reported.

So, let’s get this straight: a guy enters a school and injures nine people (I’m assuming someone else injured him) and killed a person all without ever drawing the firearm that he had on his person. How did he do that if firearms are the cause of misery and death?

Oh, wait, maybe the firearm inspired the violence so it didn’t actually need to be used to be guilty of causing the violence. Maybe that’s what happened. Except that doesn’t explain why little boys get into fistfights on the schoolyard playground. No guns there (most of the time), so we can’t blame the proximity of guns for that violence.

Or maybe the truth of the matter is that violence is in the heart of people and guns aren’t necessary for violence to occur. In fact, guns are simply a tool much more often used to prevent violence than to cause it. And if that’s true (and we assert that it is), then banning guns and other gun control measures are simply misguided attempts to control violence that never even address the root cause: the human heart.

This is why we need to keep fighting against any and all gun control because gun control leaves many people defenseless against the real problem.

Banning guns won’t solve a problem of the heart. Teaching respect for other people and instilling fear into the hearts of those who will not respect other people are the best ways to deter violence, and that is something that we each have to do on an individual level.



  1. Guns are an object and cause or do nothing on their own. Democraps want guns gone so they can do away with all the other rights in the Constitution and set up their Nation wheee all those not in power and Democraps have nothing but what little they give them while those Democraps in DC live like old world Royalty where everything g is theirs and they give it out as they and only they see fit.

    • Exactly…..a gun is an inanimate object and does nothing but what an idiot mandates. When are these clowns going to go after all the other devices used to kill of which the list is so long to be ad nauseam which are NEVER mentioned. Their sole intent is to disarm to control, period and they can G.T.H.

    • To get a story and make their mark in the News business they name the crazy so they see their name in the “by line” and give 15 min to the crazy. So the next crazy sees he can be famous too…

      I agree with you all.

      You just can’t legislate out crazy from their hearts or minds.

      • True. The best we can do to make people safe is to permanently remove the “crazy” from society.

  2. The day they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. I’ve had guns for decades on end, and if anything at the worst moments they give me restraint rather than thoughts of violence. Whatever’s in a man’s heart will find it’s way out no matter the repressive measures implanted. I have yet to see an AR type of gun come to life on it’s own and start shooting people! Nor any other weapon unless a person holds it and uses it. Violence has been present since the start of humanity, just read the Bible, Genesis 4:8 where out of jealousy Cain kills his brother Abel with an animal jaw! Hey, no guns at that time…and since then there are countless recounts of killings that do not involve guns. And now the legislators claim for a gun ban, but the hypocrisy flows out of them when they walk around with a heavily armed escort and bodyguards, while some of them DO carry legally because “they fear for their lives”. And we don’t? Either things are good for ALL of none.

    • When ‘Slick Willy’ was POTUS, Killery said that, “ONLY cops and crooks should have gun. IF anybody (old enough) remembers. Her “trust factor” went away with Benghazi and even before that. She WAS “sponsored” by Saudi Arabia (BIG oil) until she lost the election. It is known that George Soros is ‘sponsoring’ elected (career) politicians like 0’bumma and others. America is a sovereign nation, NOT ruled by another. There are “elected representatives that HAVE been sworn in on the Quran (Muslim “bible”)

    • Not true. I had an ar666 once, and that thing tried to take me out numerous times. I would go out hunting, and it would wait until I got in front of it, then it would fire at me. I think it was possessed. When I fired it, it wouldn’t go “boom, boom.” It would go, “GET OUT. GET OUT”. Scared the bejesus out of me. It was all black, and very racist. It absolutely loved Barack and husband Big Mike, so every time I went ape, marsupial, or wookie hunting, it would not work. Still cant figure out why. But I do remember watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Big Mike was dancing around like a madman, and his thingamajigger cum untaped from his leg. That thing was bouncing all over, like a dying salmon. You shoulda seen old Ellen’s eyeballs about pop outta her head. Truly fun times. The end.

  3. Guns don’t kill people . . . PEOPLE using guns do. A fully loaded AR-15 with the safety off will NOT kill anyone unless the TRIGGER is pulled. Only an IDIOT would think otherwise. Guns do not have a mind of it’s own to MURDER someone. Only a DEMENTED MURDEROUS individual does.

    • Facts never register in Dem propaganda. All a ban will do is make decent people vulnerable to moving to victim status…..and that would be victim to any criminal with any type of weapon as well as a dictatorial government which it what they really want which is the very reason for the 2nd.

  4. No more talking or compromising on anything with these twisted, perverted Devilcrats. My Constitutional rights are not on the table for you to take away. If you get into Office, GOD forbid, any Office, your job, whether you like it or not, is to protect my rights, not take them away. We have Communist Countries that are trying to do that. So, let me ask you half-witted morons, Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? You, the Police, and the Military all work for us, and we pay their salaries, and yours. So keep your noses clean, and your fly traps shut, before you really piss off the largest standing Army in the world.

    • The ANTI-gunners forget to mention that 99% of guns are used to protect somebody else or harvest food for the family table. The AR-15 IS a lawful hunting gun in many states, but gets called an “assault weapon” because it LOOKS military. FACT IS, that millions of military surplus guns are ‘in the field” every hunting season and nobody gets killed.

  5. As I commented earlier today, elsewhere, sharp sticks can be instruments of terror. So can a briefcase plastic bags full of gasoline and a road flare. These people haven’t come up against a really evil person yet.

  6. Good article, but there’s one thing you should’ve mentioned. The knife wielder was stopped by a cop using a gun on him. Did the cop have any idea he had a gun on him? You should’ve mentioned this, for it bolsters your claim that guns are used more for defense, not for offense.

    • Which indicates that your guns are more intelligent then others. They must have studied all the “Written Gun Laws” and decided to obey same.

      Just the ‘Bad, Wicked & Evil’ Guns AND the various CrimeScumBags, DrugScumBags, & GangScumBags, (who refuse to obey said “Written Gun Laws”), cause the gun problems; which of course, means all the nonsense contained in “Written Gun Laws” ONLY APPLIES to the Law-Abiding Citizens who, like yourself, cause no problems to begin with! WHY make additional written anti-gun-law(s)?

  7. FredK….As I have said many times before, the gun grabbers do not care who gets shot, or for that matter, who has health care, Their final goal is “control of the populace. There is nobetter way to control the people, than through gun control and health care. And that is what the democraps are after. CONTROL! Wake up, America!

  8. GUNS don’t cause gun violence . . . CRIMINALS do. Elizabeth, Either go after the CRIMINAL instead or ADMIT you’re a GUN GRABBING SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST who is a also a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR to the U.S. Constitution, which you were SWORN to uphold. Then allow the U.S. Marshalls cart you off IN HANDCUFFS to prison with the REST of the SEDITIONISTS).

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