Police In This State Busted For Tracking Gun Owners Illegally. No Repercussions


Question for you: If “law enforcement officers” don’t hold themselves accountable to obey the law, then who does?

Answer: Apparently, nobody, as evidenced by what happened with the Tallahassee, Florida police department. What happened? Well, they decided to be preemptive about who to blame for gun violence by making a list of gun owners, which is illegal in Florida. And when that police department was busted for it? Nothing happened. Matt Agorist writes,

According to Florida state law, Statute 790.335, “no state governmental agency or local government, special district, or other political subdivision or official, agent, or employee of such state or other governmental entity or any other person, public or private, shall knowingly and willfully keep or cause to be kept any list, record, or registry of privately owned firearms or any list, record, or registry of the owners of those firearms.” Government agencies found in violation of this law, who keep lists of firearms owners, are committing a felony, according to the legislation. Nevertheless, cops in Florida were caught doing just that.

A recent discovery by Ammoland.com, alleges that police in Florida are using information to compile these unlawful lists of gun owners in the state — a direct violation of Florida law. Moreover, despite getting caught red-handed, the Charlotte County State’s Attorney’s Office determined that the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department did not violate any laws in compiling the lists.

And to make this whole situation worse, the Tallahassee police department shares these lists with other police departments in the State of Florida such as North Port and Sarasota.


But maybe you’re one of those people who thinks that you if you haven’t done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide, but the law itself lays out clearly why this list building is illegal. Agorist writes,

Florida law lays this out clearly, specifically pointing out why these lists are illegal. Not only do they have the potential for abuse by law enforcement agencies but they also put gun owners at risk by making them targets of robbery.

“A list, record, or registry of legally owned firearms or law-abiding firearm owners is not a law enforcement tool and can become an instrument for profiling, harassing, or abusing law-abiding citizens based on their choice to own a firearm and exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the United States Constitution. Further, such a list, record, or registry has the potential to fall into the wrong hands and become a shopping list for thieves,” the law states.

The law even states that such a list is not a good tool in the fight against terrorism.

Also, according to the law, those whose names end up on these illegal lists are entitled to redress which means everyone on those lists may come back and sue these departments and win.

According to the report, the list “glitch” is being blamed on poor programming and the IT company who maintains the FINDER system has since remedied this situation. While this may be a legitimate excuse, the Free Thought Project has spoken with gun store owners — who wish to remain anonymous — who were approached by law enforcement agencies in the past and asked to secretly turn over this information, knowing full well that it was illegal. They were even offered money. Our sources say they denied the offer.

Ah, yes, so an IT company is being blamed for law enforcement exploiting a glitch to break the law. Does anyone else see the problem with that logic? Maybe it has to do with the flagrant breaking of the law and multiple attempts to do so in other ways, too.

Frankly, it’s no one else’s business who has a firearm. The government doesn’t need to know. Your next door neighbor doesn’t need to know. Family living outside of your house doesn’t need to know. It’s your business, and any attempt to track this is an attempt to place blame before anything even happens. It is scapegoating law-abiding gun owners.

So, if you live in Florida, you should be jumping on law suits to get your law enforcement to comply with the law.



  1. Is this really any different than filling out the forms when you BUY a firearm? The Feds have a list, I’m sure that all states have a list of sales. AND the hackers are heavily at it. So many laws, local, county, state, federal and international are broken by law enforcement and all its officers and agencies. Ask just one question if you doubt that LEOs break the law. That question is: “How many of them drive faster than the speed limit when not having a reason to?”

    • actually you have a greater chance of being on a permanent list when you apply for concealed/open carry as that goes to the local PD and sheriffs files. A purchase background check was supposed (maybe) to be a temporary save and the information would fall off the files. Your comment about the sales registry by authorized gun dealers brings into play another problem, what with hacking and all…

  2. Are all of the law enforcement officers in Florida DEMOCRATS ?

    It sure as HELL sounds that way.

    • Most of them ARE democrats. Not only that…they are pretty mealy-mouthed in the performance of their job when dealing with pulled over/and other situations citizens…except when they realize you are recording them by video and verbal. They train them to be very aggressive to the point of “bullying” because it will control the citizen by perceived threat and intimidation. Fact is, anywhere in the nation the ranks of Law Enforcement are riddled with the criminal element. What better employment to have than employment of criminals with the likes of Law Enforcement? So those who place praise upon praise for Law Enforcement need to check it out locally clear up to the national level. You WILL find a mix of those who break the law as well as those who enforce those laws all under the SAME roof.

  3. How about MD they register handguns and so called assault rifles, and then there is Illinois that doesn’t register the individual firearm just the firearm owner thru their FOID cards. DC registers all firearms. Should be some AGs and USAs going to jail for constitutional violations.

  4. A former Democrat candidate running for Governor Andrew Gillum was Mayor of Trailerhassee so why should we be surprised, not just that but he was investigated for corruption in office…jus sayin!

  5. The socialist democrat swamp rats are everywhere, not just in DC. American patriots must always be vigilant. Keep your guns close and practice often!😡

  6. This constant barrage of Democrats claiming they’re not going to stop until they get their draconian laws into place and their desire to disarm American citizens fulfilled is only fueling the fires of revolution. They create more widespread fear than an angry hoard of killer bees or a stampede. Like their token liberal socialist leader Obama, they have created more division among races and classes than any other stimulus. Their antigun laws require registration fees, extensive background checks which cost the taxpayers and licenses which have to be paid. So rather than just limit or ban guns and accessories they are creating a scenario where only the riches people will be able to afford to own a firearm.
    And yet they abhor the rich unless of course they are liberal Democrats or celebrities. Another contradiction and double standard of the left wing politicians and their peers.
    The common tactic is to talk about federal bans, but the pro-gun states fight back by claiming their right to make their own laws. The anti-gun states try to create state laws to circumvent and laws that support the Second Amendment. This is confusing for gun owners and downright aggravating, but then that may also be why they play their games with one law versus another or that contradicts the Constitution.
    I wish that the police would stay out of this fight. They become comfortable with the idea that THEY can be responsible and ONLY THEY should have access to guns and anything else that can be used to defend or harm another person. Maybe if they had their guns taken or their wives, family and friends were disarmed and left defenseless and died as a result they might have a change of heart. It’s sad to think one of their own must suffer such a tragedy to see the harm that these anti-gun and red flag laws can do to people.
    And the liberals are feeding their power hungry transition by using them to take away our guns while they can have weapons, body armor, and even military combat vehicles. They’ll use them as their stormtroopers and then once the dust settles and we’re all suppressed, they’ll turn on the local, city and State police and begin to reduce them to carrying only a taser and driving an electric car while their gear is sold to some foreign power to provide them with more dirty money for their lavish lifestyles. They will raise a new agency, their liberal socialist army, to protect them and keep them in power. They will sell out their country and their friends until someone strikes back and I fear that will be a terrible turn of events.

    • Your last sentence portends a POSSIBLE outcome. IF it comes to revolution, the democrats will play hell controlling everything dealing with the armed citizen. Prediction: IF revolution occurs, there will be a thinning of the ranks of democrats/socialists/millennials etc. and it will begin at the lower levels of government up to and including the Federal level.

  7. California keeps records of all firearms purchased. When hunting I was stopped by 2 Sheriff Deputies who used their radio to confirm that I was the original owner of my rifle.
    That means they also have everyone’s home address.

  8. I see a couple of you do not care what they do. Hitler did the same thing. And you have to ask how he got away with what he did? Shows how stupid and ignorant you are same as the people of Germany. History clearly does REPEAT itself. Enjoy GUPPIES.

    • Hitler inherited the firearms owner registration from the previous government in Germany. The previous German government knew, as does any student of history, that weapons registration lists were dangerous. They even had a plan to destroy the list if they were attacked. But they failed to execute that lists destruction when they were replaced by Hitler and The Nazi Party. Hitler then took the list and disarmed any and all citizens who would oppose The Nazi Party. He even made owning a dog illegal for Jews and other so called dissidents.

      Sounds a lot like what the Democrats and Leftists want to do to American citizens now. Doesn’t it? With their unconstitutional Red Flag Laws, attempted laws to not only ban firearms but also defensive tools like pepper spray, tasers, and body armor.

      Leftist controlled Antifa is acting more and more like pre World War II Nazi Sturmabteilung so called “brown shirts”. How long til you think we will see Democrats passing laws to “legalize” their own (Antifa) storm troopers invading your house, to confiscate your guns? As at least some police departments still have enough honor to say no to Red Flag Laws, and illegal confiscation of property without due process. So since the Leftists can not get the police to do their unconstitutional bidding, they will be looking for their own forces to do it. That is why I think that Leftists are allowing Antifa so much latitude in law breaking. It is as a starting point to creating their own storm troopers, unlawful thugs with no respect for The Constitution or the rights of citizens, willing to do anything that the Leftists brainwash them into thinking. How are these Antifa thugs any different from the Sturmabteilung in 1920’s & 30’s Germany?

  9. Tallahassee is a college town and capitol thus loaded with communists. It’s no better than any other commie lib town. I’m getting ashamed to say I lived in Florida anymore.

  10. While Kamala Harris was the CA AG, she made the firearms data base connected to the states mental health data base. Currently, the CA DOJ is confiscating firearms from households that line up.

    Kinda funny since they said they would not use the firearms data base for gun confiscation when they first proposed making a data base for firearms.

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