Wanted To Be A Cowboy As A Kid? This Lever-Action .410 Will Bring Back That Memory


I don’t know about you, but I watched a ton of cowboy shows and movies as a kid. The Lone Ranger coming on television was always a treat, and I dreamed of riding horses and fighting bad guys with a lever action rifle.

Of course, things change in life, and I’ve never gotten into a shootout with anyone (fortunately), and I never bought a lever action rifle. But seeing the new Side Gate Lever Action .410 Shotgun from Henry Repeating Arms brings back those memories of cowboy movies on television. The NRA’s Shooting Illustrated gives us the details of the weapon:

Henry Repeating Arms expanded its new Side Gate lever-action lineup again in 2019 with the introduction of the unique, non-NFA Lever Action Axe .410-bore firearm. Unlike the company’s lineup of traditional, lever-action guns, the Axe does not have a factory-made buttstock. Instead, the shotshell-firing gun features a unique pistol grip that is shaped similarly to an axe handle, thus lending the gun its name. Due to this unique attachment, the firearm is not designed to be fired from the shoulder, and thus receives the non-NFA, shotshell-firing firearm classification attached to other recent releases, including the Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington Tac-13.

“Even if you have a packed gun safe with all bases covered, the Lever Action Axe .410 is sure to put a smile on your face that won’t leave until the magazine is empty,” said Dan Clayton-Luce, Henry Rifles communications director. “Not all firearms need to fit neatly into categories like hunting, home protection, or good ol’ backyard plinking. We feel that simply being fun to pull out of the scabbard and shoot again and again should be a category all its own.”

The Henry Lever Action Axe .410-bore features the same receiver and tube magazine design as its larger .410-bore cousins. However, in keeping with the compact design of this firearm, the barrel is slightly less than 16 inches in overall length, contributing to an overall length that’s just over 26 inches. Despite its compact size, though, the magazine can hold up to five rounds of 2.5-inch .410-bore shotshells, just like the company’s full-size shotguns.

Other features found on the Henry Lever Action Axe .410-bore firearm include a brass-bead front sight, as well as Invector-style choke tubes. In addition to the removable magazine tube, the Axe .410 features a loading gate located on the right side of the receiver, so shooters can top the magazine off one round at a time while keeping the gun ready for action.

If the details from Shooting Illustrated aren’t enough, just take a look at the picture at the top of this article. If you grew up like me, this gun will bring a wave of nostalgia to you and make you want to check one of these out.



  1. I got a .22 cal. Henry, w/ large loop lever and octagon barrel, in carbine length, for Christmas. The action is so unbelievably smooth. It’s my first Henry, but it sure won’t be my last. That .410 would be perfect for home protection. Most firearms are so powerful, that fired indoors, wall penetration is a definite concern. The .410 with #4, or even #6 shot, would repel an intruder, without endangering kids down the hall, two sheetrock walls or more away. I was considering their .357 mag/ .38 spcl. but the .410 may well be my next one. That short stock is called The Mares Leg, like the cut down Winchester in Steve McQueen’s TV Series, BOUNTY HUNTER. I won’t be twirling mine!

  2. Yes this man stop this guy was a good thing! It should tell people that if u are a ccw person who has the training u sould be able to carry your weapon anywhere ! This could maybe save more live ! This reminds me of the joke ,a guy come in to a dinner to Rob it ,the next thing you hear is many click of gun hammer!

  3. Too bad the picture in the article is not of the AXE .410, I had to look it up, looks. Basically a mare’s leg, right, but a shorter barrel and smooth bore?

  4. I`m 78 years and still shoot Henry rifles will be traing 2 of my grandsons to due the. same . he did tell me papa when grow I will teach my son to do the same. on how to shoot Henry rifles…

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