(Not) Surprised: Cop Killer Couldn’t Legally Have Gun That He Used To Commit Murder


This is a sad story coming out of Sacramento, California (gun control paradise that it is). A man killed a police officer. That’s tragic enough, but, to make it worse, he couldn’t legally have the firearm that he used to commit the crime.

Yet, somehow, he did. Liz Kreutz writes,

The man accused of going on a deadly rampage, killing 22-year-old Davis police officer Natalie Corona before taking his own life, had been prohibited from possessing firearms, according to a court order obtained by ABC10.

Last year, Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, 48, received an assault charge for punching someone at the Cache Creek Casino Resort where we worked. The charge was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor. As part of that charge, he had to relinquish all his firearms.

Limbaugh returned a portion of his AR-15 to the Davis Police Department for destruction and, according to the court order, from then on “there was no indication that the defendant owns, possesses or has custody of a firearm.”

Even so, police are investigating how Limbaugh was able to obtain two semi-automatic handguns believed to have been used in the Thursday night attack in Davis.

That’s “the million dollar question,” Davis Police Department spokesperson Lt. Paul Doroshov told ABC10. “He does not have any firearms registered to him at this point, and where those two guns came from is really a question the investigation is supposed to answer,” he continued.



  1. This totally Proves why the Legal gun owners are so upset with the Anti gun crowd. Their ideas are NOT working. Focus on enforcement of Criminal laws and the rest of the laws on the books, this is where you start. Creating new laws doesn’t solve the problem only creates more for law abiding citizens.

  2. 90% of gun crimes are committed by people who are not supposed to have guns. Second check records all major shootings are Democrats. All school shootings have been Democrats! All major Gun Crime Cities are Democrat Controled! Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington D.C. Potland Oregon! The list goes on. But is Democrats trying to take our Legal Guns. 14 at black Caucus set in against guns there were 12 armed! Democrats Moto! Do as we say, not what we do!

    • Who is not supposed to have guns? Every Free Man shall not be debarred the use of arms. If this guy was that bad. He should not be on the street PERIOD. You support gun control. That bogus so called law came straight out of the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. No flipping wonder the so called politicians are coming after YOUR and everyone else’s guns. They know they have pulled the wool over your eyes. WAKE UP bright one. Living in a police state now puts you and everyone at high risk. Don’t beat your chest too much. You very well could reap what you sow. Next time try asking them why the MURDERER. Not felon was out in the first place. OH GOD that makes too much sense.

  3. Hate to tell you. But any FREE man or woman can have a gun. The B.S. that felons cannot have a gun is treason at it’s finest. If you support it. Don’t try to convince me that you do not support gun control. Since it came straight out of the 68 GUN CONTROL ACT. The person in question should not be on the street PERIOD. I’m sick of all this political intrusion. We are losing because they see you supporting their bogus unconstitutional laws. Take a bow. Maybe next time you should ask the question why this guy was on the street. I want the 68 GUN CONTROL unconstitutional law repealed. They have zero authority to tell ANYONE that they can or cannot own a gun. Welcome to the POLICE STATE. You obviously want it. Now everyone is a sitting duck. Be very careful what you do or say anymore. Or if you are in a area where something went down. You chest beaters. At least some of you are going to get a HUGE wake up call. Enjoy.

  4. Will the left never learn that a law does not remove guns from those who want them for evil purposes? How about learning the people commit crimes, not inanimate objects?

  5. Did someone say that “gun control” does not work? Just ask Hitler (13 million murdered), Stalin (40 million murdered), and Mao Tse-Tung (70 million murdered). They say that “gun control” works BEAUTIFULLY!
    Genocide USED TO BE localized to places like Nazi Germany, the USSR, and Communist China. And the USA USED TO BE immune to genocide, thanks to the First and Second Amendments to the US Constitution, BOTH of which the enemy want to abolish. The first sentence of my enlistment oath is to defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. AND IT HAS NOT EXPIRED.

    • I agree, but with the feckless, self serving a- holes in Congress and state legislators, the anti gunners may make the constitution just another piece of paper written by some old white men.

    • Jonathan, I’m right there with you, I never took an oath as the Vietnam Boondoggle was just about over when I was old enough for the draft. but as a Citizen of this great nation I will defend her against All Foreign and Domestic Enemies until the day I die.

  6. The stupid anti-gunners cannot grasp that there will always be illegal guns on the streets lunatics can get hold of. Simple as that…and their “red flag” proposal is just as stupid because government can’t be trusted to be honest and objective about it, for one. Besides that, many folks don’t have the physical capacity to defend themselves against those who use other weapons such as knives and clubs. All I can say is their parents were obvious failures at common sense.

  7. All Leaders of our country, regardless of what office they HOLD!, SHOULD , have to be required to be given the “OATH”, of office, YEARLY”, without having to be “RESCHOOLED”, on their OATHS. Any officer of the COURT, needs to full understand what that OATH intalls. The object of the court of LAW, needs to be fully UNDERSTOOD bye ALL.

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