More Red Flag Law Abuse? Anti-Gunners Harass Pro-Gun Students With False Accusations


We knew that this was coming, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone (though, no doubt, anti-gunners will profess shock and horror about something like this).

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the abuse of gun laws to harass and infringe the rights of law-abiding gun owners and gun rights supporters.

The latest victims are politically conservative students at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. Kyle Hooten writes,


Several conservative students at St. Olaf College had their lives turned upside down Sunday after a false report that alleged that they had guns and ammunition in their dorm prompted campus public safety officers to enter their home and search it.

Despite the students telling the officers they had no guns and no ammunition and felt they were the victims of a malicious prank — as right-of-center students have faced open hostility on campus for several years — the officers continued to raid the dorm and upend some of its contents.

The officers had been unaware that they were headed into a dorm full of College Republicans as they initiated the search, according to Carl Lehmann, the college’s attorney.

The entire leadership of the College Republicans at St. Olaf College lives together in a shared pod-style dormitory comprised of several bedrooms with a common living room. It was this pod searched by officers Sunday afternoon.

“We essentially got swatted, it was just a prank or an attack, something made to intimidate us, something made to make it difficult for us to study for finals and to make us uncomfortable here on campus,” said Chris, one of the students who lives in the dorm.

“The raid on our pod was disruptive and caused needless anxiety, especially given that finals are ongoing,” said Nick, who also lives there.

Nick and Chris, as well as several other students interviewed by The College Fix who live in the pod investigated by officers, asked that only their first names be used to protect their identities from further harassment on campus.

Public safety officers at St. Olaf College are “charged with enforcing college policies as well as local and state laws where applicable that occur on college property,” according to the college’s website. Although they are not licensed police officers, they can make arrests pursuant to state laws governing citizens arrest, it states.

The officers came to the College Republicans’ pod after an anonymous report they had guns and were a danger to campus. A campus spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from The College Fix.

However a public statement to students put out by a dean on Tuesday actually praised those who called in the false threat, this despite the fact that officers had found nothing and the College Republicans told administrators they suspect they were targeted for their beliefs.

Yes, it sounds like exactly the kind of thing that has and will continue to happen with red flag laws: innocent people will be targeted for police harassment because an anonymous caller says that the innocent people are actually a danger.

And, so, innocent people have to deal with this harassment while the liar who called it in goes free.

But, of course, this kind of harassment of pro-gun people and other conservatives (it’s always targeted towards political conservatives, isn’t it?) is perfectly acceptable to the anti-gunners in politics, and this violation of our basic liberties is another reason that we need to vote anti-gunners out of office.



  1. So the yahoos that pulled thi prank get praised by the Dean. Wonderful. Now these idiots think this kind of action is condoned by the college. Stay tuned folks. There will be more of this crap, until some of these idiots get arrested by real cops, charged with malicious mischief, convicted, imprisoned, and sued by the victims.

    • The Dean proved it is condoned by the college when he praised the pranksters. The Republican students should now sue the college under amendment IV unlawful search.

  2. The dean should be run out of town on a rail and the Republicans should return the favor on the others and the dean, they are a threat to the rest of the school.

  3. Find out who these “A-holes” are and sued them for deafmation, libeal for everything them have and if the are under 21 theirs parents as well and go after the school officials as well

  4. Try again. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Turn about is fare play

  5. We are not a nation of laws. We are in fact a nation of lies. I hope everyone is happy now. Hang on. More to come. It’s going to get worse since they know either the people accept their treasonous acts. Or just flat out do NOTHING. ENJOY.

  6. The victims need to sue that bunch of creeps – including the dean – and the university as well for going along with that crap. Our Founders labored hard and long to establish “Innocent until proven guilty ***in a court of law*** and none of us should tolerate legislation that reverses that principle. There has also been an incident where an innocent citizen was victimized as a result of mistaken identy. Nonetheless, his property was stolen by government and will wind up in the private collection(s) of privileged person(s) who pay nothing for their loot.

  7. Libturds can dish it out but they cannot take it. These students need to find out who swatted them and return the favor. Swatting the governor might be fun and teach him a lesson.

  8. Hire civil rights attorney and sue the school or harassment and racists. Let sue and find out what the races of the persons call on you.

  9. I can’t understand why parents would waste the money sending there kids to collage when all they learn is socialism. That is all these professors know.You know what they say ,( those who can do,those who can’t teach).

  10. Better still: send your high-school graduate to a local community college for the first-year basics, or maybe the first two years, and only after that — and when the kid has some idea of what s/he wants to major in — send them to a state college that specializes in those topics. The kid will get a real education, and for tens of thousands less than a university would charge.

  11. Leftists have the cultural ability to use the government to initiate physical force, meaning commit criminal acts, upon those of their choosing. The government is their goon or hit man. They and the government are criminals. We must know this in determining how to respond.

  12. People why don’t you file charges against those that created the situation of falsified information with the public service of the local,state and federal agencies of your state without any evidence or prove in hand,promoting terrorism on campus properties with the intent to corrupt the community of innocent students to gather an education without fear of harassment,figure it out children,Go to the Law Library and look under the laws against those who do those crimes against people,come on now people use your heads

  13. Seems pretty simple to me – – – -A “red flag” complaint against the Dean, maybe a few against whatever board or committee oversee the police department, and a few leftist students for good measure.

  14. I wish you would use black for all printing! The blue is very hard to read. If i am not real interested I just delete my email with blue printing!

  15. Sieg Heil!! The Nazis have taken control of my Alma Mater. Too bad. It used to be an American school.

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