VA Anti-Gunners Show Themselves To Be Hypocrites


It’s no secret that anti-gunners typically lean to the left politically. This means that anti-gunners are also typically the same people who virtue signal constantly about issues of race, “income inequality,” gender, and other SJW (social justice warriors) issues.

And we could have a discussion with these folks about whether their policy positions are good or bad. That is, if they were consistent.

See, these are the same people who talked about women’s rights and supported the #MeToo movement but didn’t say anything when a President from their chosen political party, Bill Clinton, was the one abusing women.


And we see the same hypocrisy again with these people in Virginia. As you’ll remember, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam had a racism scandal recently. Isn’t it interesting how this wasn’t important to those on the political left when, all of a sudden, he became an especially vocal gun control advocate? Tom Knighton writes,

Among the many ways liberals try to frame themselves, though, is that they’re vehemently anti-racist. Ask a liberal why they hate President Donald Trump and I promise you, one of the accusations they’ll sling against him is that he’s a racist. They make it clear they despise racists with every ounce of their being.

Yet why are they celebrating Virginia Governor Ralph Northam?

A while back, the state of Virginia was rocked by a series of scandals, one of which included a photograph of Ralph Northam during his college days. Two figures, one in blackface and one dressed as a Klansman and one of which was Northam, was plastered all over the media. No one could ignore the fact that Northam did some pretty shady stuff in his past.

Considering that we live in a world where you never outrun your history, this should have been the end of Northam’s career. Instead, he seized on the horrible tragedy of a mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building and began preaching the gun control gospel.

Suddenly, Northam’s history was irrelevant. The overt racism of that act no longer mattered. All that mattered was that Northam became a champion of gun control, for them a shining beacon for the rest of the nation to follow.

The media that had been hounding Northam suddenly became his biggest ally.

Yet through it all, there’s been no remarks of contrition from Northam. He didn’t start by saying he was wrong, that he shouldn’t have done that in college. He hasn’t done any of the things one might expect a regretful man to do in order to atone for his past wrongdoing.

And the left simply doesn’t care.


The answer is really quite simple. They don’t care because racism really isn’t something they care about all that much. What they care is about is curtailing the rights of ordinary Americans. They care about gun control.

No one should be surprised, after all.

Historically gun control was the position of the racist. The first gun control laws weren’t created to combat crime, but to disarm blacks so they were unable to resist.

The particularly frustrating part about this whole situation is that the mainstream media will continue to give Northam a pass and will call pro-gun people the racists (never mind the fact that many folks who are members of minority groups were open carrying at the pro-gun rally in Richmond earlier this week in support of gun rights).

This hypocrisy and desire to micromanage the lives of other people is yet another reason that the #VAGunRightsRebellion started and is continuing.