NYT Writer Goes Full Scale Stupid Saying That Coronavirus Will Cause More Deaths Because Of Guns


There is a saying in the part of the country where I live that seems appropriate when you hear or read what some anti-gunners have to say about owning guns.

The saying is “You can’t fix stupid,” and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to reporters from the New York Times. A writer going by the name of Bonchie gives us the details of the latest idiocy:

Never miss an opportunity to stroke one’s partisan wants, right?

Enter Nicholas Kristof, who is a long time op-ed writer for The New York Times. If you are trying to put a face with the name, he’s the same guy who went on a propaganda hop in North Korea some years ago and came back praising their “fun” and pizza to try to own President Trump.

Kristof is fretting that increased gun sales in the U.S. will lead to more murders, thereby being a major repercussion of the Wuhan virus.

Bonchie continues:


This comes after numerous reports that gun buying is up right now as people seek to protect themselves from any worst case scenario.

Again, from Bonchie:

You know who’s not buying guns right now? Criminals looking to go murder people. Kristof’s claim is nonsensical. Those buying right now are doing so to ensure they have the ability to defend themselves in the face of panic, specifically the possibility of looting. There’s a reason the increased sales are happening mostly in the urban areas hardest hit by the virus. These are people who rightly fear a failure by their local government to protect them and are getting prepared.

Some honesty from anti-gunners in the media and government would be nice, but I’ll see it when I believe it. The mainstream media has too much of a reputation for lying when it supports their preferred political viewpoints, and these tweets from a New York Times “reporter” are just more of that same fake news.



  1. To me it seems that the increase of deaths, in the rush to buy guns, would come almost entirely from auto accidents. Sue Detroit, Japan and Germany as well as those pesky South Koreans.

  2. The anti gun crowd has NEVER been in the least bit honest – about their prime goal (total civilian disarmament) nor any slimy tactic that they use to further that goal. Prime example is all of the folks who are now trying to buy guns – of any sort – and finding out that the have been lied to for decades – they are dumbfounded when they find out that it really is NOT ‘easier to buy a gun than a book or veggies’ or buy one over the intrawebz and have it shipped directly to their house. Add in the varying waiting periods as well as mandatory background checks and some are actually waking up to the fact they have consistently been LIED to.

  3. The keyword here is RESPONSIBILITY. The mainstream media has lost all sense of responsible journalism, so naturally they expect everyone else to abandon their personal sense of responsibility. The mainstream media may not realize, since they are elites after all, that most of the nation deplores this, but are helpless to change it since the elite big money interests own the media. Only after Trump’s third term will today’s fake journalists wake up.

  4. His comment is about as ignorant as saying that an increase in sales of swim suits would increase the number of drownings and water related deaths. Some truth and logic from the “Corporate Owned” MSM would be nice, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it. They’ve been little more than the propaganda arm of the democratic party for decades, and they’re not even trying to hide it any longer.

  5. Someone must have their head up their butt. Guns have never killed anyone, it’s the people behind it. Guns don’t even have a brain, but then, neither do many who pull the triggers. Ok, in all fairness, you’re right. More people might be killed obtaining a legal firearm, than not. Blame the vehicles we drive to the gun shop, grocery store, big box stores, hardware stores, pizza shops, etc. they kill and do much more damage than a gun. Are we going to do away with, run background checks, wait “X” amount of time to purchase a vehicle, require a permit to use it undercover ( a lot of people don’t have the required license or insurance to operate a vehicle, but they do anyhow).

  6. This is all bull shit you cannot blame people who want to protect them self. And if they are dangerous they don’t need a gun . You can make wepons out of anything.

  7. Pretty much most all I’ve read here in the comments I agree with. I just don’t understand people like this NYT writer. They are against Americans having the second Amendment rights and don’t realize that once that is infringed upon, the rest of the rights we have will also go away. This writer thinks he will be exempt from a subservient role once we have no more rights? He will no longer be able to write, unless he is ordered to write propaganda for the party. Chances are he will be just another useful idiot, destined for a mass grave once his usefulness comes to an end.

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