Southern Legislator Wants To Go Full Constitutional Carry During Covid-19 Situation


While some states have flipped out leaders in their governments when it comes to gun rights (I’m looking at you California, New York, and (now, sadly) Virginia), thankfully, there are a few people in state governments who actually care about your rights and doing the right thing.

One state is Georgia where one lawmaker wants to implement a gun policy which makes sense in this time of the Covid-19 virus panic. An unnamed writer at 2nd Amendment Daily News gives us the details:

[Georgia State Representative Matt] Gurtler is proposing that the the state of Georgia suspend the concealed carry paperwork during the Corona crisis.  Gurtler said, “It’s imperative that we suspend the enforcement of those weapons licenses,” Gurtler said.

While so many state’s governors are taking advantage of ’emergency powers’ to suspend elections or the right to assemble, why not have the Governor of Georgia use those same powers to override the Constitutional Carry laws?  And Gov. Brian Kemp’s ’emergency powers’ were at least granted to him by the Georgia General Assembly, who approved Kemp’s executive order.  The General Assembly met on March 16th for a special session to approve of Kemp’s assumption of emergency powers. 

All that to say, the legislature has already given Kemp a green light to change the rules as he goes.  Why not use that to gun owners advantage, instead of their disadvantage?

Gurtler agreed:  “We need to suspend enforcement especially during the state of emergency, when so many individuals need to be able to defend themselves and their families and their loved ones and their property.”  Gurtler said that his constituents don’t see how the current response has been Constitutional.  

After all, none of the paperwork and fees and classes were required when the Constitution was written.  Just because we’ve added extra requirements since that time doesn’t mean that we have to keep them.  The only thing that must be kept?   Gurtler explained, “It (the Second Amendment) says ‘shall not be infringed’, and we believe that is a no-compromise statement,” Gurtler said. 

Now, you want to talk about common sense when it comes to guns? Gurtler obviously has it. This is absolutely right.


Of course, anti-gunners flipped out at even the possibility that someone might be able to get a gun for any reason, but, frankly, they’ll continue to be wrong on this issue until they agree with us (it’s not arrogant if it’s true, right?).

If you’re in Georgia, make sure that you give State Representative Gurtler your support, and keep voting and educating others about the need for and the right of private gun ownership.



  1. It’s true!! No single or multiples of person in any single state should have power to make rules against the constitutional wrights of all people concerning OUR 2nd. Amendment wrights. They are Socialist power mongers determined to liberate their fanatic slavery on all Americans!!!
    They should be tried for treason….anyone who tries to overrule the Constitution. Our Constitution is the greatest on earth and No one should mess with it or our freedom because it’s guns that keep our liberty’s! Not a only a handful of political Power Mongers who are hell bent on taking over our country!!’

  2. Now if only there were other politicians, in other states, with the same kind of wisdom that God gave Representative Gurtler. It is too bad that so many liberal socialist Democrats have so little trust in those they represent as to let them exercise one of the most important inalienable rights in our Constitution. I’m sure that the founders are rolling in their graves.

  3. Five(5) things –

    1) WE allowed all this to happen starting in 1913 w/FED/IRS + everything since including chopping on “The 2nd-Amendment”.

    2) Now WE awake to many shackles put on us and those WE placed as stewards of our Rights have become our “OVER-LORDS” which they have no problem with.

    3) This actually now is our problem for any hope of a redo.

    4) “They’ve” been our masters now for 107yrs for WE caved in on everything “they`ve” done to us + taken from us.

    5) WE pretend “they’re” our “good servants” – but “they” see us as sheep they shear at will and drive before them whereever they choose = WE are slaves with a ruling class over us…

    * Please – REFUTE – this *

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