Ridiculous! Gun Paranoia Gets 10yo Arrested For Toy Gun


People do the stupidest things. Not all people, mind you, but it doesn’t take many busybodies to create a whole movement of idiocy.

For example, gun control paranoia in a few people causes headaches to people who haven’t done anything remotely wrong. People like… kids. Never mind that gun control is “for the kids.”

But that gun control hysteria got two ten year old boys arrested. I’m not joking. Courtney Fromm writes,


A Fort Carson family wants to share their story with others after their 10-year-old son was arrested and charged with Felony Menacing, a Class 5 felony, which has since been expunged.

“They came back over, told me my rights, and told me what was going to happen. They put handcuffs on me, and I got into the car,” 10-year-old Gavin Carpenter said.

The incident happened in July of 2019.

FOX21 exclusively interviewed the 10-year-old. Gavin said he and a friend were playing outside with toys near N. Powers Blvd and Constitution Ave. He said they were playing a version of the video game Fortnite.

“The toy bow was an orange Nerf bow. It didn’t work. Nothing could shoot out of it. Nothing would come out of it. The weapon, well toy I had, had an orange tip. It was also broken and couldn’t shoot anything out of it,” Gavin said.

Gavin stated they pretended to shoot at about 5 to 10 cars until one man stopped. He said he and his friend ran to his friend’s grandparents’ house.

“He slammed his breaks and started reversing as fast as he could,” Gavin said. “He came up and started getting very heated and was very mad. I was at the time, very scared.”

The man called the police. According to the Carpenter family, El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested both Gavin and his friend. He was handcuffed and taken to the Colorado Springs Police Department for mugshots and fingerprinting.

When the parents talked to the District Attorney, the DA gave them a no compromise answer. The DA would not drop the charges.

So, some anti-gun nutcase got two ten year old boys arrested for simply playing with a toy gun and a toy crossbow, the same kind of thing that elementary school boys do every day around the world. And the DA thinks this is the kind of thing to slap a felony charge on the kid for? This DA needs to be fired.

But that is the world of the anti-gunner. They think that it’s better to traumatize the kids than to be the adult and realize that kids are just being kids with no intent to ever really hurt another person.




    • Yes, and this bit of insanity should also get rid of the persecutor (and I use that word on purpose) as well as the cops who did this. Are the kids being locked up where they can come into contact with persons infected with Corona virus. By all means, win the case first and then sue those “anal pores” for millions. And include the county officials as defendants. What they are doing to children will likely leave permanent emotional scars.

  1. There was no criminal intent. Just another DA. thinking up ways to inflate his ego by having a one hundred percent conviction rate at other peoples EXPENCE to get re elected.

    • Lon – IIRC that ‘lack of criminal intent’ worked out pretty well for hillz – among a lot of others over the years. I guess this incident is special – or maybe the persecutor (intentionally used as did glock19 above) is the special one. Perhaps the real answer is to identify the snowflake (nut?) who got all enraged and find out WHY he did what he did. After all he is the catalyst for the entire episode.

  2. ban the video games in your homes like fortnite, grand theft auto, etc.. and your kids might not imitate them. I would have stopped my car also, however, not calling the cops.. and explained to the boy’s that the thing they were doing, wasn’t exactly something that would be seen as cool.
    The violence in these type of video games is crazy, if you hadn’t noticed. People say, “oh, it’s just games”.. I’m not advocating anything here, except common sense with what our kids watch, see, and then do.

    • Earl – while you are at it – why not ban all of the violent TV shows as well which are at least as bad or perhaps worse than the video games. That includes the nightly – actually 24/7 ‘news’ – especially lately. Lack of parental oversight and setting standards is likely more to blame than any other factor.

    • You forget, before the advent of video games, every kid on the block played “Army”, “Cowboys and Indians” and numerous other games with toy guns (some of which were quite realistic appearing) from the time guns were invented to recently. Those toys didn’t have orange tips. If I kid didn’t have a toy gun, then he or she used the old standby…a stick that was shaped like a gun. It has only be recently that an anti-gun minority has made headway to demonize toy guns. In the process, they have also been successful in the feminization of boys.

  3. I was a police officer in Colorado for a number of years and I have a four year degree in law enforcement. With the current attitude of the people in the country I am very glad that I no longer wear a badge. I truly loved being able to help people but now there is no way I would go back on the street.

  4. Both that driver and DA sound like the typical “Karen” type. Get a petition to have the DA removed and make the driver “Karen’s” life miserable as well. They can’t stand it when the shoe is on the other foot. They can dish it out but they sure can’t take it. They love to make other people lives miserable, but they can’t stand the slightest inconvenience at all.

  5. Are broken, nonworking toys more or less dangerous than a toaster pastry eaten into the shape of a gun??

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