What Gun Violence Data For The U.S. Really Shows


Do you know what the data on gun violence shows? I mean, really, do you know what the data is telling us about the relationship between gun control laws and gun violence?

Most people don’t, and anti-gunners are certainly clueless at best and dishonest at worst in that they simply look for a “researcher” who will tell them what they want to hear.

But it’s important that you know what gun violence statistics, in context of overall levels of violence and crime, really say that you can know in your heart and with certainty in your mind that you are taking both the rational and the morally right position on private gun ownership.


So, what do those statistics say? James Meagher gives us details:

Certain that yet another round of gun control laws are needed to reduce violent crime in the U.S., activists have forgotten two fundamental issues.  The first is that people who murder, rape, rob, or assault pay little attention to our laws.  Perpetrators of violent crime will not be stopped by anything but an opposing force.  The second issue is that gun control laws have never been shown to be effective.  Gun control advocates are adamant that the pages and pages of anti-2nd Amendment legislation are effective and the country needs more.  No proof is needed; they just know it.  The reality is that impartial data show that these activists are completely wrong.

While those passionately supportive of gun control have convinced the gullible that severe restrictions on firearms will eliminate violent crime in the U.S., this is just not true.  As we have been urged to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, we must examine the data, follow the science, and do the math on gun control and violent crime.  To accomplish this, consider the most recent full year of data from the FBI publication “Crime in the US, 2019” and a legal expert’s rating on the relative severity of gun control in each state from the Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States. 

 Meagher continues:

[I]t is obvious that there is no discernible relationship between the two data sets.  This means that there is no link between the rate of violent crime in a state and a state’s firearm freedom.  The only valid conclusion is that gun control does not have a predictable outcome regarding violent crime.

The facts are in and clear: gun control laws don’t impact gun violence in any meaningful way anywhere.

Meagher does indicate that the data shows a correlation between gun violence and rates of poverty in an area. In other words, the less people living in poverty, the less gun violence. So, maybe instead of wasting time and money trying to limit our Second Amendment rights, gun control zealots would be better served helping people learn how to rise out of poverty.



  1. Don’t need gun control, punish the people who does the crime. Get rid of all the illegal and stupid gun laws. Make sure the criminals don’t get guns. Already got a background checks if the Feds will do it.

    • Correct… Only idiots use the idiotic term of “gun violence”! Guns do nothing on their own… It’s always ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE !!! But Democrats love and protect their addictions! And use the idiotic term of “gun violence” to fool the stupid people…

      • And you are right as well. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned but is a very real threat is that the Hard Left has an agenda to take away our guns and then trash our Constitution. Those creeps are more than willing to arrange for those incidents to take place. Obama’s “Gun Free” zones are a prime example. They facilitate mass shootings by ensuring that nobody will be there to stop them.

  2. Criminals don’t buy guns in gun stores. They do not go through background checks. Why do you think they’re called criminals? If the laws that are already on the books were enforced 100% then we wouldn’t have a problem to begin with. All gun control is basically a Nazi or communist system to eliminate all resistance from a bad government. If you have no education of the past oh, then you are absolutely doomed to repeat it! Truth is truth!

    • Thank God for intellegent people.
      That is why the scholls are educating our children less and less. The politicians want a threpeat.

    • As I see it if you take the guns out of the hand’s God fearing, responseable individuals only the criminals will have them. People kill people. When someone gets the plan to kill in there heads, they’re going to get it done with whatever weapon they can find.Takeing the guns will not stop the killing.

  3. Gun violence is directly related to mental instability. Violence, any kind of violence. We must make using an illegal firearm puishable for upto 30 years. The problem with a law like that is a dirty cop will plant a gun on you. There are too many dirty cops and the good cops, that know a dirty cop, is adirty cop.
    They will kill you with a machette or a knife, or a rock, or a stick. Violence is not going away,especially Police violence, when all you have to do is lie.
    When that problem is cleaned up, you will have to protect yourself. You will be looking for firearms training.

    • You have correctly pointed out another reason why simple possession must ***NEVER*** be a crime. That is a ruse that dictatorial governments have been notorious for using “planted” evidence to frame someone. In fact, NY’s Sullivan Act states that it is not necessary to know that a gun is in your car or slipped into your coat pocket in order to arrest and jail you. NY has no problem with that.

  4. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that the educated gentlemen who were the founders of this country and analyzed and put to paper those proclamations that defined us for so many years, knew and understood ALL ASPECTS of the need to clarify the rights and responsibilities of the citizenry. And in doing so, did clearly establish those freedoms of speech, religion, and the individual’s right to bear arms (w/o caliber or capacity limitations ;-)). The obsessive-compulsive weakling control freaks of the modern left can write their own do’s and don’ts when they have established their future colony on the MOON.

  5. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the clamoring for more gun laws is geared to the dumbest among us (as usual)! And with the percentage of those folks growing every year, just a matter of time before we’re drowned out and outvoted!! Remember, facts have no business being used in this debate!

  6. The libertarian’s keep releasing violent criminals out on the streets with no bail to commit more crime to get the money for a lawyer or get them a legal aid attorney. We don’t need more gun laws if they don’t enforce the ones that we all ready have. If a gun is used in a crime and the perpetrator is already a convicted felon, prosecute the offender in FEDERAL COURT and impose the stiffest possible sentence the law allows.


  7. If gun control laws worked , Chicago would be a large pleasant place to live. Instead, it is the violence capitol of the Midwest.
    We need idiot control, not gun control.

  8. Hey “editor” – There Is No Such Thing As “gun violence” so your faulty conclusion comes from a faulty premise. Yes, guns are used to commit crimes but they are under control of the CRIMINALS who are mis-using them. Inanimate objects cannot perform any action on their own.
    As others have noted, ‘gun control’ laws do not achieve the claimed goal of lowering crimes, especially since so many of the currently existing ‘gun control’ laws on the books are not being enforced.
    Give us Law Abiding Citizens a break and go after CRIMINALS.

  9. Ditto to William, he is right spot on. I would add to his comment that everyone should do their own diligence and research what other countries endured when their citizens were stripped of gun ownership by mass confiscation. Every “ism” “Fascism, Socialism, Communism” did in the past lead to total government control of their people. We are fortunate that our Forefathers foreseen that this could happen in our Country and introduced into our Constitution the 2nd Amendment. And this gives us that right to protect ourselves from that which other people in other countries were denied and as a consequence were brutally killed or exterminated and their freedoms forever were taken away from them. Today in Austria every household must have a firearm and any person of that household must be proficient in the use of a firearm. Crime in that country by their citizens is non existent. We have laws on the books which cover all aspects of crimes committed with a firearm. All we need to do is to enforce those laws and treat criminals for what they are “criminals”. Liberal politicians and crooked lawyers who downplay crimes committed by criminals are just as complicit in those crimes as the criminals are.

  10. Only idiots use the idiotic term of “gun violence”! Guns do nothing on their own… It’s always ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE !!! But Democrats love and protect their addictions! And use the idiotic term of “gun violence” to fool the stupid people…

  11. The people in office in the government are so drunk on power that they think they have “The answers to everything ” .they do not want to spend money to stop crime but they will go after the little guys ability to protect what he has worked hard for all his life while paying for t to keep punishing us ,the TAX PAYER .We need to vote these career politicians out of office and vote in some people who really want to help the working person , that is what govt. is supposed to do , is it not?

  12. but you can’t vote the liberals/dems out if they control the election fraud, right?!!

    • It would take lots of study of each candidate including said candidate’s record on honesty vis a vis Biden. If they’re all bad then the situation would look like Nazi Germany where the choice was Nazis or Communists. Not much of a choice! The Weimar Republic, Germany’s first attempt at establishing democracy had communists and fascists and their very own Antifa with a logo eerily similar to today’s Antifa. Their logo had two red flags to symbolize socialism or communism ahile today’s Antifa has a red flag for communism and a black flag for Anarchy. Even the names are similar: Antifaschisiche Aktion vs, Anti fascist Action. They are – and were – a bunch of bloody communists!

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