Typical Leftist Logic: Anti-Gunners’ Assumptions About Colorado Mass Shooter Were All Wrong


People on the political left make a lot of assumptions about a lot of issues. They make assumptions about what is a problem and about what causes those problems.

What’s odd about those assumptions, though, especially around the assumptions around guns, is how quickly those anti-gun leftists jump to their conclusions without any evidence.

One perfect example of this happened around the March 22, 2021 mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. David Rutz writes,


Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece said Tuesday she assumed the suspected mass shooter in Colorado was a White man in part because he was taken into custody alive, leading to accusations she engaged in racial profiling.

Meena Harrris was forced to delete a tweet erroneously assuming the race of the suspected killer of 10 people in a Boulder grocery store, after it was revealed he was of Syrian descent.

“The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country,” Meena Harris tweeted on Monday.

Now, lest you think that the niece of the current rabidly anti-gun Vice President of the United States was the only one to jump to this conclusion, Rutz continues:

Deadspin editor Julie DiCaro wrote she was “extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not,” to which USA Today race and inclusion editor Hemal Jhaveri wrote, “it’s always an angry white man. always.”

Always? Except when it isn’t. Because the shooter in this mass shooting was not a white man.

And to further shred the anti-gun narrative about mass shooters, gun control efforts didn’t prevent this shooter from getting their hands on a gun. Patty Nieberg and James Anderson write,

The suspect in the Colorado supermarket shootings bought a firearm at a local gun store after passing a background check[…].

Yes, that shooter went through all of the legal stuff to get his hands on a firearm. It sure seems that gun control failed in that case, doesn’t it?

But we probably shouldn’t be surprised at either of these situations. Violence isn’t unique to a specific ethnic group. Gun violence, as a specific kind of violence, is no exception. And gun control doesn’t work. This tragic situation in Colorado just proves that leftist assumptions about gun control and mass shootings are wrong, but those assumptions are why we still need to get the truth out there to those folks.



    • POPS – just look at what is happening in merry olde formerly great Britain. The ever increasing ‘gun violence(tm)’ there resulted in a drastic increase in ‘knife violence’ and that resulted in severe restrictions on all knives and cutting implements such as scissors. IIRC ya can’t even take a butter knife out of the kitchen. Guess where the hoplophobes are pushing us.
      BTW – the brits don’t even to bother denying that their criminals won’t follow the draconian gun/knife laws………………

  1. The Mudscum get a FREE PASS. They are allowed to commit as many crimes as they want and nothing is done about it. As one had said ‘Someone did Something”. All of them should be rounded up and put on a ship back to where they came from with one stipulation: the ship sinks when it reaches a certain depth in the ocean.

    • Not sure why you both find his comment so offensive, he’s just stating his frustration because you have these people who happen to be foreigners or people who hate Americans, and they get easy access to firearms (due to government’s benevolence) and are allowed to unleash carnage on the American people, and no one gets held accountable for such carelessness, not even the alphabet agencies, involved or responsible, and it didn’t sound like he was going after Syrians or people descended from them who don’t commit crimes or are felons with a rap sheet. Free speech after all, but it dies if we can’t let people say what they want, nobody wins. Those are just his thoughts it’s not like he’s committing a crime or anything…People just need to chill for a sec.

  2. It must always be remembered in evaluating any Leftist assertion. If the Leftist mouth is open, not gorged with food, and constructing syllables, it is always intentionally lying to fit whatever narrative the Leftist wishes was the truth but is not.


    As usual, it has to be the white guy. Tell that to the black people of Africa. IKIZA- BURUNDI, AFRICA, 1972, 30000 murdered by HUTU. BAMBUTI GENOCIDE. ZAIRE, 1996-1997, 20000 HUTU murdered. BAMBUTI GENOCIDE,1998-1991,20000 murdered. BAMBUTI GENOCIDE, 2002-2003, NORTH KIVU, CONGO, 70000, 40% PYGMY population murdered. These are the number of Black African’s murdered, not by white’s, but by Black tribesmen, that comes to over 1.5 million murdered by their own people in the 20th century alone. If you go back in history, the number much worse. From the early 8th century to and through the 19th century, the number is close to 10 million. Remember CHAKA ZULU? How many of his own tribe did he murder, or impale?

  4. It sounds like the editor doesn’t know that most Syrians are of the Arab ethnic group which is Semitic and thus CAUCASIAN. The biggest sub group is Kurds with the 2nd being Turkmen.

    So TECHNICALLY, the shooter was a WHITE man.

  5. The Leftist always say that that its the white people are the racist yet its them that always say that it was a white person that did it , yet if it turns out to be some other race the story is dropped like a hot potato …
    Like all the black on black and other minority killings that go on in their democrat controlled city’s and most of them are done with ILLEGAL guns … Still they say nothing about them …

    • I can agree with you 100% about that Mr.Trier! Being born n raised in Brooklyn NY, I witnessed gun violence everyday! Yet NY has 1 of THE toughest gun laws! I can remember watching the evening news n hear the anchor person saying “Crime is down in NY by 20%!” If only everybody knew that he was talking about Manhattan cause all the robberies, shooting n stabbings that were happening in Brooklyn were unreported!

  6. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania, and I cannot remember of any brutal murders from the time I was old enough to understand what was happening, I would think that I was about
    7/8 years old through 1964 when I left that town. I must admit that I never went to school with any of the so called minorities, brown, red,or black. The only time was with a Foreign
    Exchange Student. Never had to worry about leaving my keys in my car while I done my shopping nor did we need ADT or any other Security System in our homes. The worse thing that kids done then was to sneak a cigarette, now and then. I remember my 8th grade teacher, taking us out at lunch time and he would give all of us a cigar to smoke with him.
    There were no school shootings and everyone had guns at home, at 12 years old, I could purchase my hunting license. WHAT HAS HAPPENED. THE CRONIES IN ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT, have placed restrictions on how you could punish your children for the wrong things that they may have done. The wrong things were very minor to what we see today, all do to a parent not being able to control their children. Now the parent gets thrown in jail for spanking his own kids WHY??? YOU JUST CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT AS TO WHAT IS WRONG, WHEN YOU ARE THE ONES THAT CREATED THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  7. When a mass shooting happens they always say gun control! That’s not the answer, don’t be taking our right to bear arms! We same people need them to protect our families! So my suggestion is when they do a background check, how about a mental test as well! That’s reasons for those shootings!! It doesn’t take much for a person who suffers from PTSD/mental illness to shoot and kill! Depending on what’s going on in their lives it doesn’t take much to pushed them over the edge!!!! And than there they go!!!!!

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