No Surprise: More Lies From Biden About Guns


There are some things that all Americans should be appalled about, that we should all hate, regardless of political position. One of those things is being lied to by the people who (supposedly) represent us.

Now, I get it that most of us take it for granted at this point that politicians, especially those in Washington, D.C., are going to lie to us as a basic course of action. I also get that many people still actually believe what the mainstream media tells them is going on (God knows why) no matter how many times those organizations have been busted for lying, so there is a huge group of Americans (i.e. all of those on the political left) who have simply never heard the truth and, for some bizarre reason, have never recognized that their news sources lie to them constantly.

So, I’m not surprised that Joe Biden has been telling more lies about guns (even if he is just reading what he’s been told to read by his teleprompters). That doesn’t change the fact that these lies are infuriating. It would appear, though, that there are a few other people unhappy about Biden’s lies, too. Jack Phillips writes,


President Joe Biden’s claims that there are no background checks at firearms sales at gun shows have drawn criticism, with fact-checking websites saying that it is false.

Biden during a White House speech on Thursday asserted that a person could buy “whatever you want” at a gun show without a background check.

“Most people don’t know it, you walk into a store and you buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check,” Biden said.

Phillips continues:

Biden’s comment was declared false by “That’s wrong. In fact, federal firearm dealers must run a background check on a potential buyer at a gun show using the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or a similar state system.” It said that the president was likely referring to private sales between a non-dealer and an individual at gun shows.

“Hobbyists who sell weapons in one-off private transactions are not required to be licensed or to run background checks,” the ATF said in a news release last year in announcing the arrests of three Texas men who pleaded guilty to unlicensed gun dealing at gun shows.

Politifact also said the president’s claim was “mostly false.”

Still, because these fact checks show that Biden lied about guns yet again, don’t expect any of your anti-gunner friends to hear this truth from their news sources. It just doesn’t fit the anti-gun narrative of the mainstream media.

But you know the truth, so be sure to share this article with all of your anti-gun friends so that they can at least be informed about the situation in order to take an intelligent position on guns.



  1. Somebody call him a lying SOB to his face on T.V. with a couple of dealers to back up gun show checks or a couple of show sponsors.
    And go after Psaki about it too.

  2. It’s been said over and over that these people are not interested in truth or facts but in POWER and they will say and do anything to gain it. And, they have even been accused of murder, so we have governance by the MAFIA.

  3. He, Kamaltoe., Nazi Pig Lagosi, Schmucky Schumer, Shift, AOC, Omar, Talib and the rest of the Progressive Liberal Demoncrap Commies and RINOs in the Congresses, and Senate need to be labeled as a Seditious, Treasonous, Traitor and handed the same Fate as Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg. No Trial is needed as they have already proven their GUILT.

  4. We all should have learned by now, if the media, or the Democrat Party member I’d speaking it’s a lie. Very simple, infallible rule of thumb. No lie detectors needed. Lips moving = Lying.

  5. Any anti-gun politician who gets up to make a speech supporting their agenda is going to lie. They know they are endorsing nonsense, with either outright lies or very carefully edited statements. Actual facts do not support gun control. Our Bill of Rights outlaws any and all gun control, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means exactly that. And that is the end of the discussion, if they don’t want to lie about it.

    Firearms stop crimes, protect property, and save lives daily in America. The so called “news” just refuses to cover these stories.

    Firearms prevent crime. Multiple studies have proven this. Yet these studies’ results are being actively suppressed.

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