This Major City’s Mayor Needs To Explain Their Gun Violence Problem


Today, we have one question that we want answered. That question is: “What if the mainstream news media was honest?”

We know that they aren’t, and, frankly, most people (regardless of political preference) have finally realized that the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine and not actually a news machine.

But what if they were a group of honest news outlets? What stories would we see?


There are, no doubt, quite a few answers to this question, but one that would certainly come up would be taking Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to task for why Chicago’s gun control, which is strict there and which we’re told is the solution to reducing gun violence, is simply not working to reduce shootings there.

AWR Hawkins gives us the details, as of September 9, 2021, of the gun violence problem in Chicago:

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the more-than 3,100 shooting victims marks an increase of nine percent over the same time in 2020 and a 69 percent increase over the number of shooting victims witnessed at this time in 2019. posits the total number of shooting victims at 3,188.

In data that isolates homicides, the Sun-Times notes “there were 535 homicides in Chicago through Sept. 6,” which is a two percent increase over the number of homicides at this time last year and a 53 percent over the number witnessed at this point in 2019.

Breitbart News pointed out that at least 63 people were shot over Labor Day Weekend 2021 in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago.

A 69 percent increase over the same time period in 2019. Where is the outrage? Where are the calls to recall her from her office for incompetence? Certainly, Lightfoot’s (lack of) performance on the job would justify her being ousted from office.

Whatever the reason, the solution for the gun violence in Chicago is the same as it is for every part of the country: more private citizens who own firearms, are trained to use those firearms, and who carry those firearms with them.

Because you know what stops a criminal using violence? People on site who are able to respond to criminal violence with the force necessary to prevent more violence.



  1. While I would agree with your headline, your concluding sentences are devoid of support in your article: “Because you know what stops a criminal using violence? People on site who are able to respond to criminal violence with the force necessary to prevent more violence.” The perpetrators of gun violence in Chicago are criminals (gang bangers) who shoot other criminals and their associates/families. They shoot the non-criminals through carelessness or as a deliberate means of intimidation. Note, I did not use the word “innocents” since the majority of those shot are complicit in the criminal activity or are too timid to use the criminal justice system designed to protect them and punish the guilty. These same timid individuals would lack the temerity to stand up to a criminal with a lawfully owned gun and would likely get shot and/or killed and loose their firearm to a criminal in the process. Until there are people on site with the force, will, and in sufficient numbers to suppress lawlessness, Chicago needs more cops, especially trainees coming from those same neighborhoods. That is where you get the skill, will, and sufficient numbers to turn the tide of violence. You also need prosecutors who will prosecute, jurors who will serve, and judges who will convict. Lastly, you need politicians who will fund all of the above.

    • here again we see the pro-gun people using the anti-gun terms that are misleading, at best, but actually a LIE.
      It is violence with a gun.
      The solution is to allow people the opportunity to protect themselves with firearms AND to jail the gang members that survive.
      Chicago has a “catch and release” policy for criminals.

  2. I agree armed citizens are the best way to fight crime, the cops can’t be everywhere were crimes are being committed by the criminals!!!

  3. This is a typical democrat run city, look at all the democrat controlled cities in the United States. They all have high crime rates and you and others wonder why? The democrat party has had a war on poverty, a war on drugs, a war on gun control and just about everything else yet nothing ever happens, Why? Because they make too much money keeping it going. Look at the homeless situation in America and where it is and why. Why do the democrat city leaders allow the burning down and taking over of any part of a city? Because it makes the more money especially from the Federal government when their politicians get the “PORK” projects for their areas and yet nothing changes, do you ever wonder why. Oh the democrats aren’t the only ones but they are the most prominent.

  4. Who shooting who? Leftist are to cowardly to go March in Chicago! But want to hollow we need gun control! Without even knowing it doesn’t work! Only reason leftist want gun control is to keep conservative people from having protection! We saw that over the summer OF HATE! ANTIFA USE A CROWD OF THEIR FOOL TO ATTACK ONE OR TWO OTHER PEOPLE! The act of a coward! If these people were packing you could bet your candy a$$ a couple of antifa would be dead! Same gone in every city! A skateboard is a weapon with hard rubber tire! So conservative need to stay packing!

  5. Another item is to bring back teaching morals and values and responsibilities towards fellow mank

  6. There is no need to engage in the exhaustive process of recall or criminal prosecution to remove someone from public office [whether elected or hired]. The only legitimate public authority anyone has comes through their Oath to support the Constitution. If they are not bound by such Oath, they are impostor and can be ordered by any citizen to vacate or face prosecution. If they are bound by such Oath and are not faithfully performing that Oath [or are manifestly breaching it], any citizen can declare [by publication] the office/position officially vacant. Any wage or salary thereafter paid to that individual out of the public treasury is a criminal act of embezzlement.

  7. NOTICE, TREASONOUS TAX DODGING MEDIA never ever SAYS the “”””” ETHNICITIES “””” of the KILLERS or the KILLED!!!!!

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